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I have had the pleasure of examining the work written by the Rev. Dr. Giustiniani, entitled “PAPAL ROME AS IT IS, BY A ROMAN.”

Dr. G. treats of twenty-seven prominent subjects in the Roman Catholic system,-preceded by an account of his own conversion from the religion of Rome, in which he was born and educated, full of deep interest. On each of these leading articles of Romanism, he writes as one who knows his subject thoroughly, and feels most deeply. We perceive, at every step of his discussion, that we are listening to a man, who had been a Roman Catholic “dyed in the wool,” and who has, of course, had opportunities which no Protestant, perhaps, ever had of knowing the secrets behind the curtain; and who has had feelings deep and intense, such as we never knew who never wore the mental chains of Popery! He fails not to manifest the best spirit, and kindest sentiments, even while he is uttering the severest truths. He is anxious to reach the heart, as well as to gain the ear of the Roman Catholics, his former fellow disciples ; over whom his heart yearns (as did that of St. Paul,) to win them away from “ The Man of Sin” to The most Holy One,"_away from “ The cross of AntiChrist,” TO THE CROSS OF CHRIST Jesus HIS LORD.

His style is not that of a polished English scholar. It is that of a learned Italian Doctor, who is, indeed, master of his own beautiful and flowing Italian, but who is writing in a language foreign to him. And this, to my mind, carries with it an external evidence of the authenticity of the work. I therefore, beg leave to commend it to the public,

as a work exceedingly valuable, coming from such a man; and calculated, both from its mild spirit and rich materials, to do much good in opening the eyes of the Roman Catholics, and instructing Protestants under divine grace. Here is a witness from Rome, a former Priest, brought up under the eyes of the Pope and Cardinals, fully confirming all that we have been asserting of Rome, for years past.

W. C. BROWNLEE, Of the Protestant Reformed Dutch Church of New York. New York, March 22d, 1843.


BALTIMORE, March 30th, 1843, . I have carefully read Dr. Giustiniani's manuscript and most cheerfully recommend the book to all persons desirous of ascertaining the character of “POPERY AS IT IS.” The Dr. writes in a spirit of kindness and he aims at nothing else than an exposition of the errors which so long shrouded his own mind, but from which, by the grace of God, he has been delivered. His hope is to enlighten the minds of his Romish brethren in this country, in regard to the enormous corruptions of the system as they are manifested in a country where the parifying influence of Protestantism is not felt.


I have read with great interest the larger part of a manuscript submitted to me by Dr. Giustiniani, in which he narrates the gracious dealings of a merciful God with him --whereby he, being a native of Rome, and a Papal Priest, was brought, even in the city of Rome, to a saving knowledge of the truth as iť iš in Jesus. The manuscript contains, moreover, short and forcible discussions of a number of the errors and corruptions of Popery, and descriptions of many places, and practices in Rome, all of which have a vividness and force, which nothing but personal contact:

could impart. My opinion is that this work cannot fail to interest and instruct the reader-and I take much pleasare in recommending it to such as have any confidence in our judgment in such matters. I also add, with much sensibility, that having known the excellent author for some years, 1 rank him among our esteemed friends, and have the utmost confidence in him as an enlightened gentleman and warm hearted Christian.


Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Baltimore. March 27th, 1843.

I entirely concur in the views expressed by the Rev. Dr. R. J. Breckenridge, and will only add, that if Dr. G.'s work receives the circulation and attentive perusal which åt deserves, it cannot fail to become the instrument of great good in the cause of pure and scriptural religion.

B. KURTZ. Baltimore, March 28th, 1843.

BALTIMORE, March 28th, 1843. " PAPAL ROME AS IT is,” briefly but faithfully, presents Romanism to view as it exists and exerts its influence, in twenty-seven distinct and prominent points of light. It is from the pen of a native Roman, trained from infancy in that fallen church—for several years a Priest officiating in Rome itself, an eye and ear witness of the abominations he describes. It is the testimony of a most competent wit

His abandonment of Rome must have been the result of deliberate and enlightened conviction. He took every step surrounded with most imminent danger, and at the sacrifice of his worldly prospects of honor, wealth and power. His eye must have been single-his' motive pure -his aim the glory of God. His position gave him a commanding view of the whole subject, and the singular artlessness and simplicity of his statements present inter


nal evidence of the faithfulness of the narrative. Having attentively read the entire work in manuscript, I most unhesitatingly bespeak for it a faithful and candid perusal by both Protestants and Romanists. If the facts detailed be correct, Romanism should be at once abandoned as an incurable system of error, idolatry and moral pollution. If false, every dictate of decency, to speak of no loftier motive, demands that its false statements be exposed and overthrown. My personal acquaintance with Dr. Giustiniani, commenced some three and a half From the first, till now, I have found him the zealous devoted christian gentleman and faithful minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom “I love in the truth,” and am happy to have the honor of numbering among my highly valued christian friends. Let this litlle volume be read with prayerful attention and with a heart ready to take on the beautiful impress of truth.

JOHN S. MITCHELL, Agent of the American and Maryland Bible Societies.

years since.

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