The Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States, Nide 4

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1889
Correspondence from the records of the Department of State, from family archives and from published memoirs. Designed to correct, complete and enlarge the Diplomatic correspondence of the American Revolution, Boston, 1829-1830, published by Jared Sparks under the direction of Congress. Published as a supplement to Wharton's Digest of the international law of the United States, taken from documents issued by presidents and secretaries of state [etc.] Washington, 1886.

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Sivu 505 - For this purpose you are to make the most candid and confidential communications upon all subjects to the ministers of our generous ally the King of France, to undertake nothing in the negotiations for peace or truce without their knowledge and concurrence and ultimately to govern yourselves by their advice and Opinion...
Sivu 348 - I have received the letter, which you did me the honor to write to me the 4th instant, as also those which accompanied it.
Sivu 589 - SIR, I have received the letter, which your Excellency did me the honor of addressing to me by the hand of Mr.
Sivu 805 - That the Ministers Plenipotentiary from the United States, if invited thereto, be and hereby are respectively empowered to accede to such regulations, conformable to the spirit of the said Declaration, as may be agreed upon by the Congress expected to assemble in pursuance of the invitation of Her Imperial Majesty.
Sivu 74 - ... humiliated with the idea of our running about from court to court begging for money and friendship, which...
Sivu 75 - Poor as we are, yet as I know we shall be rich, I would rather agree with them to buy at a great price the whole of their right on the Mississippi than sell a drop of its waters. A neighbor might as well ask me to sell my street door.
Sivu 81 - Russias, attentive to the freedom of commerce, and the rights of nations, in her declaration to the belligerent and neutral Powers, having proposed regulations, founded upon principles of justice, equity, and moderation, of which Their Most Christian and Catholic Majesties and most of the neutral maritime Powers of Europe, have declared their approbation ; Congress, willing to testify their regard to the rights of commerce, and their respect for the sovereign, who hath proposed and the Powers...
Sivu 23 - M. de Vergennes, who appears much offended, told me, yesterday, that he would enter into no further discussions with Mr. Adams, nor answer any more of his letters. He is gone to Holland to try, as he told me, whether something might not be done to render us less dependent on France.
Sivu 222 - Majesty at this Board, authorising the commissioners for executing the office of Lord High Admiral, or any person or persons by them empowered and appointed, to issue forth and grant letters of marque and reprisals to any of his Majesty's subjects, or others whom the said commissioners shall deem fitly qualified in that behalf, for the apprehending, seizing, and taking the ships, vessels, and goods...
Sivu 811 - The States of Holland and of West Friesland, to all those who shall see these presents, or hear them read, Greeting. As it is come to our knowledge, that notwithstanding the placards and ordinances, from one time to another, issued against the impression and dissemination of seditious and slanderous writings, there has been lately dispersed in various places of this Province, a certain very seditious and slanderous libel, entitled...

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