History of England from the Earliest to the Present Time: The history of England to the end of the reign of Edward I


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Sivu 525 - Whether we consider the liberality and beauty of the illustrations, the charm of the writing, or the durable interest of the matter, we must express our belief that there is hardly to be found among the new books, one that would be welcomed by people of so many ages and classes as a valuable present.
Sivu 522 - Magazine. THE HANDBOOK OF ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM, and ACOUSTICS. New Edition. Edited by GEO. CAREY FOSTER, BA, FCS With 400 Illustrations. Post 8vo, 5^. cloth. " The book could not have been entrusted to any one better calculated to preserve the terse and lucid style of Lardner, while correcting his errors and bringing up his work to the present state of scientific knowledge.
Sivu 525 - Stellar Universe — The Tides — Colour — Common Things : Man — Magnifying Glasses — Instinct and Intelligence — The Solar Microscope — The Camera Lucida — The Magic Lantern — The Camera Obscura — The Microscope — The White Ants : their Manners and Habits — The Surface of the Earth, or First Notions of Geography — Science and Poetry — The Bee — Steam Navigation — Electro-Motive Power — Thunder, Lightning, and the Aurora Borealis — The Printing Press— The Crust...
Sivu 523 - ILLUSTRATIONS Of DISSECTIONS. In a Series of Original Coloured Plates, the size of Life, representing the Dissection of the Human Body. By GV ELLIS and GH FORD.
Sivu 525 - Influences — Common Things: Water— The Potter's Art— Common Things: Fire — Locomotion and Transport, their Influence and Progress — The Moon — Common Things : The Earth — The Electric Telegraph — Terrestrial Heat — The Sun — Earthquakes and Volcanoes — Barometer, Safety Lamp, and Whitworth's Micrometric Apparatus — Steam— The Steam Engine— The Eye— The Atmosphere— Time — Common Things...
Sivu 444 - ... against the estate of the Crown, shall be void and of no avail or force whatever ; but the matters which are to be established for the estate of our lord the King and of his heirs, and for the estate of the realm and of the people, shall be treated, accorded, and established in Parliaments, by our lord the King, and by the assent of the prelates, earls, and barons, and the commonalty of the realm ; according as it hath been heretofore accustomed.
Sivu 524 - It is capitally edited by Mr. Bright, who has succeeded in making this one of the most readable books extant on the Electric Telegraph. On the ground it takes up it is quite exhaustive ; and he who will carefully read the work before us, and can retain its chief facts in remembrance, may well be considered thoroughly posted up in all that appertains to the Electric Telegraph to date.
Sivu 328 - ... and for the assessing of scutages, we will cause to be summoned the Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots, Earls, and great Barons, individually by our letters. And besides, we will cause to be summoned in general by our Sheriffs and Bailiffs, all those who hold of us in chief...
Sivu 286 - ... himself with all the impetuosity of his fiery nature. Large sums of money were required for the expedition ; and such was his eagerness in the cause, that when remonstrated with on the ruinous methods which he adopted to raise them, putting to sale the crown revenues and most important offices of the kingdom, he replied, that he would " sell London itself if he could find a purchaser.
Sivu 435 - I do not know that England has ever produced any patriots to whose memory she owes more gratitude than Humphrey Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex, and Roger Bigod, earl of Norfolk. In the Great Charter, the base spirit and deserted condition of John take off something from the glory of the triumph, though they enhance the moderation of those who pressed no farther upon an abject tyrant.

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