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Page 1. Ornamental Border to Title.-At are gathered together in thy 2 in. L. Now when John had heard the top, the Arms of Edw. VI., Name,' &c.

in the prison the works of Christ.' from a Gateway at Penshurst; . Interior of King's College Chapel, 74 St. John preaching.–STOTHARD, on the left, Portrait of Cran- Cambridge.

Initial Letter I am the voice of mer, from Picture at Lambeth; 38 Initial Letter-St. Athanasius.

one crying in the wilderness,' on the right, Portrait of Ridley,

75 Initial Letter-'By prayer and supafter Vanderwerf: at the bot


plication with thanksgiving.' tom, Lambeth Palace, from an 42 Interior of Westminster Abbey. » Initial Letter-When the Jews old Print.

Architectural · Border, composed seut Priests and Levites.' vii. Theologia.-RAFFAELLE.

chiefly from parts of the Abbey. 77 Nativity.--CARLO MARATTI. xxi. Interior of St. Paul's Cathedral. „Initial Letter That it may please . Initial Letter-The Holy Family.

Architectural Border composed thee to defend and provide,' &c. -From M. ANGELO.

chiefly from parts of the edifice. 47 Interior of St. George's Chapel, 78 Initial Letter And let all the xxvii, Exterior of St. Paul's Cathedral. Windsor.

angels of God worship him.' 48 Init. Let-From Flaxman's Illus- 79 Init. Let. There was a man sent MORNING PRAYER. trations of the Lord's Prayer

from God whose name was John.' 1 Interior of Canterbury Cathedral. • Forgive us our trespasses,' &c. 80 Martyrdom of S. Steph.-LE BRUN, » Architect. Border, composed chiefly Initial Letter Let us pray.'

Initial Letter-Murder of Abel. from parts of the Cathedral. 19 In L.- Glory be to the Father,'&c. 81 Initial Letter I see the heavens » Initial Letter Rend your heart ,, luitial Letter-Moses and Aaron opened,' &c. and not your garments,' Ahab, praying before Pharaoh.

Initial Letter-Death of Zacharias. 1 Kings xxi. 29.

50 Initial Letter–Our common sap- 83 St. John the Evangel.-A. DURER. 2 I. L.Christ exhorting his Disciples. plications unto thee.'

» Initial Letter Which is he that 3 Initial Letter and Ornament, Initial Letter-Blessing.

betrayeth thee?' Prayer and Confession.

„ Exterior of Westminster Abbey, 84 Init. Lei.- If we confess our sins.' 4 Initial Letter-Absolution.

85 In. Let.— Whatshall this man do.' 6 Init. Let.-From Flaxman's Illustra- PRAYERS AND THANKSGIVINOS.

86 Flight into Egypt-Repose.- Guido. tions of the Lord's Prayer -Our 51 Interior of Lincoln Cathedral.

Initial Letter--Rachel weeping for Father which art in Heaven.' Architect. Border, composed chiefly her children 7 Initial Letter-King David. From frum parts of the Cathedral. 87 Init. Letter--Vision of Mount Sion. Albert Durer's Prayer-Book. Initial Letter-Dearth.

88 Initial Letter-Flight into Egypt. 8 Exterior of Canterbury Cathedral. 52 Initial Letter-Sacrifice of Noah. 89 Angel appearing to Joseph. 9 Cherubin and Seraphin.-SIRJOSHUA » In. L.-Prodigal Son herding swine. Initial Letter-Virgin and Child. REYNOLDS. 53 Initial Letter-Elisha fed.

90 In. Let.- As long as he is a child." Initial Letter and Ornament~ To Initial Letter and Ornament-Des- 91 Initial Letter - Joseph 'was minded thee all angels cry aloud."

truction of the Assyrian camp, to put her away privily.'. 11 Initial Letter Oye children,' &c. 2 Kings xix. 35.

92 Adorat. of the Shepherds-Poussin. 13 Init. Let.-Zacharias, S. Luke i. 67. 64 Initial Letter--Destroying Angel. , In. L.- Presentation in the Temple. 14 Init. Let.- O be joyful in the Lord.' Initial Letter-Layiog ou of hands. 93 Initial Letter-Angel appearing to 15 Paith.-Sir J. REYNOLDS. 55 Tuitial Letter-'Give thy grace.'

Abraham. - Init. Let, and Ornament-Prayer. „ Initial Letter-Receive our humble 94 Initial Letter—'The shepherds said 17 Initial Letter-From Flaxman's petitions.'

one to another.' Illustrations of the Lord's Prayer 56 Initial Letter-Estates of the Realm. 95 Wise Men's Offering.-RUBENS.

-'Hallowed be thy Name.' » Initial Letter and Ornament-We or Initial Letter-Paul preaching to 18 Initial Letter-Emblem of Peace.

humbly beseech thee for all sorts the Ephesians. 19 Initial Letter and Ornament - De- and conditions of men.'

96 Initial Letter-Paul, the prisoner fend us with thy mighty power.' 57 Exterior of Lincoln Cathedral

of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles.' Initial Letter-Royal Arms. 58 Initial Letter and Ornament- 97 Initial Letter-Herod examining 20 Initial Letter-Prayer.

Thanks for abundance.

the Wise Men. 91 Initial Letter-Prayer. 59 Initial Letter-Harvest.

98 Christ with the Doctors in the Initial Letter-St Chrysostom. „ InitialLetter-Shepherd Boy --From Temple.- OVERBECK. 29 Initial Letter-Blessing.


Initial Letter-Infant Prayer. · Interior of Henry Vilth's Chapel. Initial Letter- Spoiling the tents of 99 Initial Letter-Paul preaching to

the Syrians, 2 Kings vii. 16, &c. the Romans. EVENING PRAYER.

60 Initial Letter-The Spanish Armada. Initial Letter—' And he went down 23 Interior of York Cathedral.

Initial Letter-Giving thanks for with them.' , Architect. Border, composed chiefly peace-Webless thy holy Name' 101 Marriage at Cana.

from parts of the Cathedral. 61 Init. Let.—Thanksgiving of Jonah. Initial Letter-The Widow's Mite Initial Letter-Jonah at Nineveh. Initial Letter- We offer unto thy -He that giveth, let him do it 25 Initial Letter-Exhortation.

Divine Majesty,' &c.

with simplicity.' Init. Let. and Orpam.-Confession. 62 Interior of Salisbury Cathedral. 102 In.L. -'Weep with them that weep.' 26 Initial Letter-Absolution.

103 Init. Let. Jesus saith unto them, 27 Initial Letter-Prom Flaxman's


Fill the waterpots with water.' Illustrations of the Lord's Prayer 63 Title.-A! the top, Peterborough 104 Christ curing the Leper. -Thy Kingdum come,' &c.

Cathedral and Ripon Minster; In. Let.-Christ and the Centurion. . Exterior of York Cathedral.

in the ceutre, Interior of Worces- 105 In. L.-If he thirst give him drink.' 98 Salutation of the Virgin.-ANDREA

ter Cathedral, and Malmesbury Initial Letter -' And Jesus put DEL SARTO.

Abbey Church; at the bottom, forth his hand.' Initial Letter and Ornament-The Exeter and Bristol Cathedrals. 107 Christ in the Storm. Annunciation.

65 Christ's Entry into Jerusalem. - Initial Letter-There met him two 29 Init. Letter Praise the Lord,' &c. OVERBECK.

possessed with devils.' 30 Init. Letter-Simeon in the Temple.

Init. Let.-Disciples, Ass, and Colt. 108 Initial Letter-'For this cause pay 31 In. Letter Thy saving health,'&c. 66 Initial Letter- It is high time to you tribute also.' 32 Paith.-RAFFAELLE.

awake out of sleep.'

Initial Letter-And they that kept Initial Letter and Ornament-67 Initial Letter-Christ driving out them fled.' Christ healing the Cripple.

the Money.changers.

110 Parable of Wheat and Tares. 33 Init. Let.--From Flaxman's Illustra- 68 Parable of the Fig-tree.

In. L.–An enemy hath done this.' tions of the Lord's Prayer - Give Initial Letter-And then shall they 111 In L.–And forgiving one another.' us this day our daily bread."

see the Son of Man,' &c. 112 Initial Letter - But gather the 34 Init. Letter That our hearts,' &c. 69 Initial Letter — Wherefore receive wheat into my barn.' 35 Sapplication-Infant Samuel. From ye one another,' &c.

113 They shall see the Son of Man Sir J. REYNOLDS.

70 Initial Letter Men's hearts fail- coming in the clouds of heaven.' Initial Leiter-Prayer.

ing them for fear.'

» Initial Letter-'All the tribes of the Init. Letter-Prayer for the Queen. 171 St. John in the Wilderness.-SIR earth mourn.' 36 lo. L-Prayer for the Royal Family. J. REYNOLDS.

114 Initial Letter-Holy Family. , Initial Letter—Prayer for the Clergy „ I.L.-"That at thy second coming.' In. Let.— He shall send his angels and Peuple.

72 In. Let. It is required in stewards with a great sound of a trumpet.' 37 laitial Letter-'When two or three that a man be found faithful.' 116 Labourers at the Eleventh Hour.

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Page 116 Initial Letter Why stand ye here 191 Initial Letter_The Entombment. 236 Initial Letter - Moses lifting up all the day idle?"

Ivitial Letter-Adam eating the the brazen Serpent. 117 Initial LetterThey do it to ob- forbidden fruit.

239 Lazarus at the Rich Mav's Gate.tain a corruptible crown.' 192 Mary Magdalen and the Disciples Adapted from Uwins. Initial LetterGo ye also into the at the Sepulchre - RAFFAELLE. Initial Letter - Carried by the vineyard.

Initial Letter-Christ with the keys angels into Abraham's bosom.' 119 Parab. of the Sower-DOMENICHINO. of Hell and Death.--BLAKE. 239 Initial Letter---Jacob and Esau.

Io. Let--Paulshaking off the Viper. 193 Initial Letter-Fleeing from Covet- 240 In.L.-Lazarus at the gate of Dives. 130 Init. Letter-Shipwreck of St. Paul.

242 A certain Man made a supper. 191 Io. Let. He spake by a parable.' Initial Letter-The two Disciples JOUVENET. 123 Christ and the Blind. S. Ricci. running to the Sepulchre.

Initial Letter I have purchased - I.L.-Charity.-From RAFFAELLE. 195 Christand the Disciples at Emmaus. five yoke of oxen.' 124 Init. Let. When I was a child,'&c. In. L-'We humbly beseech Thee.' 243 Initial 'Letter - Joseph's brethren 125 Init. Letter What wilt thou,' &e. 196 In. L-Peter teaching Cornelius. putting him into the well. 197 Penitence.

197 I. L.--The Disciples pressing Jesus 244 Initial LetterGo out into the Init. Letter-Turn ye even to me.' to lodge with them one night.

highways and hedges,' &c. 128 Init. Let. And rend your heart.' | 199 Resurrection.RUBENS.

245 The Prodigal Son.-L. SPADA. 129 Initial Letter - Where thieves In. Let. The destruction of Death. Init. Letter--The Lost Sheep found. Page


break throngh and steal.' 200 Initial Letter-Paul preaching in 246 Init Letter-Haman and Mordecai. 130 Christ in the Wilderness.

the Synagogue.

Initial Letter--Seeking for the lost Initial Letter If thou be the Son 201 Init. Let.-Jesus in the midst of his piece of silver. of God, cast thyself down.'

Disciples after the Resurrection. 248 The Blind leading the Blind.131 luit. Let.-Paul stoned at Lystra; 203 Jesus appearing to his Disciples

TINTORETTO. * chastened and not killed.

after the Resurrection.

Initial Letter - Forgive, and ye Initial Letter Command that Initial Letter-Peter and Philip shall be forgiven.' these stones be made bread.'

the Ethiopian Eunuch.

249 Initial Letter The whole creation 133 Woman of Canaan.-LE SURUR. 204 Initial Letter Victory that over groaneth and travaileth,' &c.

In. I.-David finding Saul sleeping. cometh the world, even our Faith.' | 250 Initial Letter --Jonah under the 134 Init. Letter-Isaac blessing Jacob. 205 Initial Letter - Jesus giving the gourd. Be ye therefore mereiful.' 135 Initial Letter-Woman of Canaan. Disciples power to remit sins. 251 Miraculous Draught of Fishes.136. The Dumb spake.' 206 The Good Shepherd.-MURILLO.

RUBENS. Initial Letter Seeking rest and Initial Letter The hireling fleeing Initial Letter-Jesus teaching the finding none.' in time of danger.

people from Simon's boat. 137 In L. - Walk as children of light.' | 207 Initial Letter--Martyrdom-Suf-252 lu. Let.-'For the eyes of the Lord Initial Letter When a stronger fering wrongfully.'

are open to the righteous,' &c. than he shall come upon him Initial Letter --The wolf among the Initial Letter - The fishermen and overcome him.' sheep.

washing their pets. 140 Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. 209 Mother and Child.-RAFFAELLE. 254 ' First be reconciled to thy brother.' -RATTAELLE.

Init. LetterThe woman crowned Initial Letter And thou be cast In L-Gathering up the Fragments. with twelve stars.

into prison. 171 Initial Letter-Agar and her chil: 210 In.L.-Pilgrim reading the Epistle. 255 Initial Letter Planted in the likedren in bondage.

lo. L.Ye shall weep and lament.' ness of his death.' 142 Initial Letter-Jesus distributing 212 Disciples weeping - Because I Initial Letter Whoever shall say, bread to his Disciples.

have said these things unto you Thou fool, shall be in danger of 144 Christ and the Jews.

sorrow hath filled your heart.

hell-fire.' Initial Letter--The Jews taking Init. Let.-Who alone canst order 257 Lord of all power and might'up stones to cast at Jesus.

the unruly wills and affections." FLAXMAN, 145 Initial Letter-The soldier piercing 213 Init. Letter Receive with meek- In. Let ---Jesus blessing the bread. the side of Jesus.

ness the engrafted word.' 258 Initial letter-Destruction of the 146 Initial Letter - Jesus reasoning Initial Letter-Elymas the Sorcerer cities of the plain-For the end with the Jews. smitten with blindness.

of these things is death.' 148 Christ rejected.-VANDYKE. 215 Peter visiting Dorcas.--LE SUETR. Initial Letter-A group partaking Initial Letter-Prayer.

Initial Letter-Elisha restoring the of the loaves and fishes. 149 Initial Letter-Jesus washing the Widow's Son to life.

260 The unfruitful tree hewu down. feet of bis Disciples.

916 In. Let.-Comforting the widowed, THURSTON. 150 Initial Letter-Jesus mocked.

Paol and Silas in prison.

Initial Letter For if ye live after 151 Christ in the Garden.-CORREOGIO. 218 The Ascension.-RURENS.

the flesh, ye shall die.' .. Initial Letter Who is this that Initial Letter May we also iu 261 Init. Let.-Philip caught up by the cometh from Edom.'

heart and mind thither ascend." Spirit after baptizing the Eunuch. 157 Initial Letter-Woman with box 219 Initial Letter - Why stand ye Initial Letter Do men gather of ointment. yazing up into heaven?"

grapes of thorns 162 Christ crowned with Thorns.- 220 Initial Letter-Jesus appearing to 263 Destruct. of Pharaoh and his Host. TITIAX.

the Disciples as they sat at meat. In. Let.--Moses striking the Rock. . In. Let.-The chief priests moved 221 Persecut. of Disciples.--LE SUEUR. 264 Initial Letter - The Israelites pass

the people that he should rather Initial Letter-The servant of the ing through the Red Sea. release Barabbas unto them.'

Lord of the Vineyard slain by 265 Init. Letter The Unjust Steward. 164 Initial Letter Jesus led out to the husbandmen.

266 Christ overturning ihe tables of be crucified."

999 Initial Letter Watch antoprayer.' the Money-changers. 167 Christ scourged.- RUBENS.

Initial Letter--Paul escaping from Initial Letter-The gifts of healing. In. L-Moses sprinkling the people. Damascus.

267 Initial Letter- False Prophets169 Initial Letter - * And there ap 294 Descent of the Holy Ghost.-RAF the Pythoness. peared an angel unto him,' &e.


268 Initial Letter--Casting a trench 174 Bearing the Cross.-RAYFAELLE. Init. Let Judas saith unto him.' around Jerusalem.

Initial Letter The Lord's Supper. 225 Initial Letter -- * They were all 269 Publican and Pharisee. 176 Initial Letter The women of Je- amazed, and marvelled." 970 Init. Letter-Paul led to Damascus

rusalem lamenting Jesus. 296 Init. Let-Peter, lovest thon me?" after he had been struck blind. 180 The Crucifixion.--VANDYKE. 298 Christ walking on the Sea.-P. 271 Initial Letter-The Pharisee. Initial Letter - This thy family.' GÖTTING.

272 Christ healing the Deaf. 181 laitial Letter-Prayer.

Initial Letter For every one that Init. Letter-The deaf shall hear Initial Letter-Jesas weeping over doth evil hateth the light.'

the words of the book.'-Isaiah. Jerusalem. 299 Init. Letter Cornelius baptized. 973 Init. Letter-Moses descending

the 182 Initial Letter - The law having a 230 lo. L.-- Massacre of the louocents. Mount with the Tables of the Law.

shwlow of good things to come. 231 Peter and John at Emmans.-LX Initial Letter -Men publishing the 184 Initial Letter--The soldiers casting BRUN.

Name of Jesus. lote for Christ's garments.

Toit Lat.-Ahar and the Prophet. 275 Good Samaritan.- REMBRANDT. 188 Entotnbm. of Christ.-RATTAELLE. 232 Initial Letter-The Apostles going In. Letter The Thieves attacking luitial Letter-Descent from the to Samarin.

the Traveller. Cross --RUBENK

luitial Letter-The thief breaking 276 Initial Letter-Moses asconding to 189 Initial Letter-The disobedient in into the fold

Mount Sinai, the days of Noah.

234 Jesus and Nicodemus. - TINTO'977 Init. Let.-The Good Samaritan. .. loitial Letter--The two Marys at

979 The Leper kneeliog before Christ. the Sepalehre.

.. Init. Letter And immediately Ia. L-Saul and the witch of Budor. 191 laitial Letter-Sprinkling the door! was in the Spirit.'

280 lait. Letter-Idolater worshipping post with the blood of the Lamb 236 luit. Let-The Elders in Heaven the Sun.


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Page 281 Loitial Letter The Lepers etired. 326 Initial Letter Who may abirle 368 Sermon on the Monnt. 289 Paul preaching to the Galatians. the day of his coming?"

Initial Letter-And I saw another lo.L - Behold the fowls of the

air.' In L.-Anna entering the Temple. angel ascending from the East." 983 Initial Letter-Paul writing the 328 la thos: days Peter stood up in 369 Init. Letter - And he cried with a Epistle to the Galatians. the midst of the disciples.

loud voice to the four Angels,' &c. » Ipirial Letter Consider the lilies Initial Letter-'Let his habitation 370 Init. Let. And when he was set, of the field." be desolate.

his disciples came unto him.' 285 Raising the Widow's Son.-BIRD. 329 Initial Letter-Death of Jadas. 371 Interior of Exeter Cathedral.

Initiat Letter For this cause I 330 Initial Letter-At that time Jesus
bow my knees."
answered and said.'

THE HOLY COMMUNION. 286 Init. Letter-David's meo fainting 331 The Annunciation - OVERBECK. 373 Title to the Administration of the in the pursuit.

Initial Letter The Lord spake Lord's Supper.-At the top, Sem987 Init.Let.--The House of Moarding. again unto Ahaz.'

pringham Priory, Lincolnshire, 988 Christ eatiog bread in the house of 332 Initial Letter-Virgin and Child. and Bosham Church, Sussex ;

the Pharisee.-PAUL VERONESE. Initial Letter-Angel Gabriel ap- in the centre, Interior of South Init. Let - When thou art bidden pearing to Mary.

well Minster, Nottinghamshire, to a feast take the lowest seat, &e 334 St. Mark.-RUBENS.

and Interior of Hereford Cathe989 Init. Let. Keep the unity of the Initial Letter When he ascended dral ; at the bottom, Bromyard spirit in the bond of peace.' up on high."

Church, Herefordshire, and Init Let-Anox fallen into a pit.' | 335 Initial Letter-Roman triamph

Austin Friars, London. 991 Christ and Pharisees.

• He led captivity captive.' 375 Last Supper.-RAFFAELLE. Io. Let.-David composing Ps. 110. 336 Initial Letter-Burning the unfruit- 376 Initial Letter–From Flaxman's 292 Init. Let.-Waiting for the coming ful branches.

Hlustrations of the Lord's Prayer of our Lord. 337 Fortitude.-REYNOLDS.

But deliver us from evil.' Initial Letter-Daniel in the lions' , Initial Letter-James, a servant Init. Letter-Cleanse the thoughts den- Love the Lord.' of God,' &c.

of our hearts.' 994 Christ curing the sick of the palsy. 338 Initial Letter-The twelve tribes Initial Letter-Stoning the Sab-F. VERDIER. receiving Jacob's blessing.

bath-breaker Init. Letter--The sick man taking 339 Initial Leiter – In my Father's 378 Initial Letter Thy chosen serup his bed and walking house are many mansions.'

vant Victoria.' 295 Initial Letter-Gehazi, the servant 340 Pant and Barnabas at Lystra- Init. Letter-- The hearts of Kings of Elisha, smitten with leprosy. RAFFAELLE.

are iu thy rule and governance.' 296 Initial Letter - Jesus passing over Init. Let.Great dearth through- 379 The Creed.-WESTALL. in the ship.

out the world.

. Initial Letter- Maker of heaven 297 Temperance. -Sir J. REYNOLDS. 341 Initial Letter-- In those days came and earth.' Tuit. Letter—The Marriage-fenst.

prophets from Jerusalem, &c. 380 luterior of Wells Cathedral. 998 Init Letter-Noah in his Vineyard | 342 Initial Letter-'And the bandof the 386 Administration of the

Lord's – Be not drunk with wine.'

Lord was with them;'Actsxi. 21. Supper.-WESTALL. Init. Let.-The Siege of Jerusalem. -Peter escaping from prison. 391 In. Let.-From Flaxman's Mustra300 Christ and the Nobleman of Ca 343 Johu baptizing Christ.-RUBENS. tions of the Lord's Prayer For pernaum.

Initial Letter He shall gather thine is the kingdom,' &c. Init. Letter--- The Recovery of the the lambs with his arm, &c. 400 View of Christ Church Cathedral, Nobleman's Son.

344 Initial Letter-He shall feed his Oxford. 301 Initial Letter Put on the whole flock like a sliepherd.' armour of God.'

345 Initial Letter-Zacharias writing OFFICES OF THE CHURCH. 302 la. L-His servants met him and

the name of Johu.

401 Title to Offices of the Church.told him, saying, Thy son liveth. 347 The Angel releasing Peter.-Do- At the top, Tewkesbury Church, 303 A certain King and his Servants.


Gloucestershire, and the Abbey Init. Letter--The Wicked Servant. Initial Letter Upon this rock I (or Holy Cross) Church, Shrews. 304 Toit. Let.-The Servant bringing will build my Church.'

bury; in the centre, the Interior, his talent with interest.

348 Init. Letter--Peter knocking at the with the Font of Inthlingborough Init. Let.- Jesus addressing Peter. door after his escape from prison, Church, Northamptonshire, and 306 The Tribute Money.- REMBRANDT. 349 In. L.-Peter condemning Adanias. the Interior, with the Font, of Init. Letter-Peter finding the Tri-350 Death of St. James.

Walsingham Church, Norfolk; bute-money in the fish's mouth. Toit. Let.--Arresting of St. Peter.

at the bottom. LeominsterChurch, 307 Initial Letter For our conversa- 351 Init.Let.-And he killed James the

Herefordshire, and Cirencester tion is in Heaven.'

brother of John with the sword.' Church, Gloucestershire. The Pharisees 'sent out unto him Initial Letter-Then came to him 403 Publick Baptism.-WESTALL, their disciples.'

the mother of Zebedee's children 410 Ruins of lona. 309 Raising the Daughter of Jairus.- with her sons.

420 Catechism.--Adapt. from WEST ALL. OVERBECK.

353 Solomon's Porch.-N. POUSSIN. 425 Ruins of Tintern Abbey. Initial Letter–There came a cer. Initial Letter Laid them on beds 426 Confirmation.-WESTALL. tain ruler and worshipped him.' and couches.'

429 Ruins of Netley Abbey. 310 Initial Letter Partakers of the 354 Initial Letter-They brought forth 430 Matrimony.-WESTALL. inheritance of the saints in light.' the sick into the streets.

437 Ruins of Fountains Abbey. 311 I. L-The diseased woman touch- Init. Letter-And sit on thrones.' 438 Visitation of the Sick.-WESTALI ing the hem of Christ's garment. 356 St. Matthew.-RUBENS.

446 Ruins of Byland Abbey. 312 Miracle of the Loafes and Fishes. Init. Letter As we have received 447 Burial of the Dead. --Adapted from

Initial Letter— A king shall reign, merey we faint not.' Disciples WESTALL.
and prosper,' &c.

plucking the ears of corn. 453 Ruins of Melrose Abbey.
313 In. L.- Israel shalldwell safely. 357 Init. Let -- For we preach not our- 456 Ruins of Rivaulx Abbey.
... Init.Let.— There is a lad here, &c. selves, but Christ Jesus the Lord.' 462 Exterior of Ely Cathedral.
315 Calling of St. Andrew and Simon 358 Init. Letter-The Angel troubling
the waters of Bethesda.

The Psalms. In. L-Preach the Gospel of peace.' 359 St. Michael and Satan.-RAFFAELLE. 463 Title to the Psalms of David.-At 316 Initial Letter How shall they Initial Letter-And Jesus called

the top, the Cathedrals of Herepreach except they be sent?' a little child unto him.'

ford and Llandaff; in the centre, 317 James, John, and Zebedee mepd-360 Init.Let- Therefore rejoice, ye hea. the Cathedrals of Norwich and ing their pets. vens, and ye that dwell in them.'

Lichfield; at the bottom, the 318 Incredulity of St. Thomas.-RUBENS. 361 Init. Letter Whoso shall receive

Abbey of St. Alban's and the 1o. I.- Blessed are they that have one such little child.

Cathedral of Carlisle. not seen, and yet have believed. 362 St. Luke.-CORNEANS. 319 Iaitial Letter - Ye are no more Init.

Letter The Lord appointed Subject

'The whole series, consisting of a strangers and foreigners.' Initial Letter--Diseiples informing 363 Initial Letter - Do the work of an ning of the Morning Psalms, and of Thomas of the Resurrection.

and Initial Letter at the begin,


Initial Letters to the other Psalms, are 321 St. Paul.- ALBERT DURER. 364 Init. Let.—Peace be to this house.' from original designs by W. HARVEY. Init. Læt--Conversion of St. Paul. 365 Christ exhorting bis disciples,

The Subject prefixed to the first Morn329 Initial Letter-Saul journeying to Init. Letter-Afterward destroyed ing Psalm has reference to some passage

in the Psalms of the day, as will be Damascus.

them that believed not.' 324 Initial Letter-Lot's wife.

366 Initial Letter-"The angels which indicated in the following list:325 The Presentation in the Temple. kept not their first estate.' Page

F. BARTOLOMEO DI S. Marco. 367 Initial LetterLove one another;' 466 First Day-Ps. 1. ver. 6. Day of Init. Let.-Offering of Purification Jonathan and David.




466 Initial Letter-Ps. i. v. 3.
535 Initial Letter-Ps. lix. v. 6.

the ruins of Jerusalem upon their 467 Initial Letter-Ps. ii. v. 2. 536 Initial Letter-Ps. lx. v. 1.

return from the Captivity. 468 Initial Letter--Ps, iii. v. 1. David 537 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixi. v. 3.

Initial Letter-Ps. cxvi. v. 12. mourning.

538 Twelfth Day-Ps. Ixv. v. 14. 617 Initial Letter-Ps. cxvii. v. l. 468 Initial Letter--Ps. iv. v. 2. Shimei Initial Letter-Ps. Ixii. v. I. 613 Initial Letter - Ps, cxviii. v. 22. carsing David. 539 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixiii. v. 2.

Christ rejected. 469 In. Let.-Ps.v. v.6. 11. Ahithophel. 540 Initial Letter-Ps. lxiv v. 4. 619 Initial Letter-Ps.cxix. Aleph. 470 Initial Letter-Ps. vi. v. 6.

541 Initial Letter--Ps. lxv. v. 6. 7. 620 Initial Letter-do. Beth. 471 Initial Letter-Ps. vii. v. 2. 542 Initial Letter--Ps. Ixvi. v. 5.

Init. Letter-o. He, v.35. Moses 472 Initial Letter-Ps. viii. v. 6. 543 Initial Letter-Ps. lxvii. v. 6.

with the Tables of the Law. 473 Second Day-Ps. X. v. 9.

544 Thirteenth Day-Ps. Ixviii. v. 1. 621 Initial Letter-do. Gimel. Initial Letter-Ps. ix. v.5. David David dancing before the Ark. Initial Letter-do. Daleth. with the head of Goliath.

Initial Letter-Ps. lxviii. v. 5. 622 Twenty-fifth Day-do. v. 55. 474 Initial Letter-Ps. x. V. 8.

547 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixix, v. I and 2. 623 Initial Letter-do. Vau. 476 Initial Letter-Ps. xi. v. I. 549 Init. Letter-Ps. lxx. v. 3. Death

Initial Letter-do. Zain. luitial Letter-Ps. xii. y. 5. Dives of Absalom.

624 Initial Letter--do. Cheth. and Lazarus.

550 Fourteenth Day-Ps. lxxii. v. 1. Initial Letter-do. Teth. 477 Initial Letter-Ps. xiii. Daniel, a Solomon appointed King with 625 Initial Letter-do. Jod. Psalm of the Captivity.


626 Initial Letter-do. Caph. 478 In. L.-Ps. xiv. Belshazzar, Ditto. Initial Letter-Ps. Ixxi. v. 20.

Initial Letter-do. Lamed. 479 Third Day-Ps. xviii. v. 14. The 552 Init. Letter-Ps. Ixxii. v. 4, 10, 11. 627 Initial Letter-do. Mem, v. 97.

last War with the Philistines. 553 Initial Letter--Ps. Ixxiii. v. 16. 628 Twenty-sixth Day - do. v. 147. , Initial Letter-Ps. xv. v. 1. 555 Initial Letter--Ps. Ixxiv. v. 8,9.

• Early in the morning do I cry 480 Initial Letter-Ps. xvi. v. 11. The 557 Fifteenth Day-Ps. lxxviii. v. 15.

unto thee.' Resurrection.

Iuit. Letter--Ps. lxxv. v. 12. De- Initial Letter-do. Nun, v. I. 481 Initial Letter-Ps. xvii. v. 8.

struction of Sennacherib.

629 Initial Letter--do. Samech. 482 Initial Letter -- Ps. xviii. v. 40.558 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxvi. v. 6.

Initial Letter-do. Ain. War with the Philistines.

559 Init. Let.-Ps. lxxvii. v. ll. Moses 630 Initial Letter-do. Phe. 485 Fourth Day-Ps. xxii, v. 18.

with the Tables of the Law.

Initial Letter--do. Tzaddi. Init. Letter-Ps. xix. v.5. Sunrise. 560 Init. Letter-Ps. lxxviii. v. 64, 65. 631 Initial Letter-do. Koph. 486 Initial Letter-Ps. xx. v. 8. Sub-565 Sixteenth Day - Ps. lxxix. v. 1. 632 Initial Letter-do. Resch. mission of the Syrians.

Desolation of Jerusalem.

Initial Letter-do. Shin. 487 Initial Letter-Ps. xxi. v.i. Roman Initial Letter-Ps. Ixxix. v. l. Ditto 633 Initial Letter-do. Tau. Triumph.

566 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixxx. v. 13. 634 Twenty-seventh Day-Ps. cxxviii. 488 Init. Letter-Ps. xxii. v. 7. Christ | 568 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixxxi. v. 3.

v. 3 and 4. mocked. 569 Initial Letter--Ps. Ixxxii. v. 3.

Init. Letter-Ps. cxx, v. 4. Tents 490 Initial Letter--Ps. xxiii, v. I.

Initial Letter - Ps. lxxxiii. v. 9. of Kedar. 491 Fifth Day - Ps. xxix. 1, 5. Job Jael slaying Sisera.

635 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxi. v. 3. and his friends. 571 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixxxiv. v. 3.

Initial Letter- Ps. cxxii. v. 4. Initial Letter-Ps. xxiv. v. 4. 572 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxv. y. 10. 636 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxiii. v. 2. 492 Initial Letter--Ps. xxv, v. 8. 573 Seventeenth Day-Ps. lxxxix. y. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxiv. v. 6. 493 Initial Letter-Ps. xxvi. v. 6.

21. Anointing of David. 637 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxv. v. 2. 494 loitial Letter-Ps. xxvii. v. 3.

Initial Letter- Ps. lxxxvi.

Initial Letter--Ps. cxxvi. v. 7. 496 Initial Letter-Ps. xxviii, v. 2. 574 In. Let.-Ps. Ixxxvii. v. 3. Rahab. 638 Initial Letter - Ps. cxxvii. v. 5. 497 Initial Letter-Ps. xxix, v. 8. 575 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxviii. v. 1. loitial Letter-Ps. cxxviii. v. 3. 498 Sixth Day-Ps. xxx. v. 12. David Moses praying to the Lord. 639 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxix. v. 6. dedicating the Altar.

576 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxix. v. 21. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxx. v. 1. Initial Letter-Ps. xxx. v. 7. 580 Eighteenth Day- Ps. xciv. v. 6. 640 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxi. v. 3, 499 Init. Let.-Ps. xxxi. v. 3. David

Destruction of Jerusalem by the 641 Twenty eighth Day-Ps. cxxxviii. pursued by Saul. Assyriaos.

v.1. By the waters of Babylon 501 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxii. v. 1.

Initial Letter-Ps. xc. v. 6.

we sat down and wept' 509 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxiii. v. 2. 581 Initial Letter-Ps. xci. v. 9. The Initial Letter - Ps. cxxxii. v. 5. 503 Initial Letter--Ps. xxxiv. v. 7. Nativity,

• Removal of the Ark.' Hagar and Ishmael.

583 Initial Letter-Ps. xcii. v. 9. 642 Initial Letter - Ps. cxxxiii. v. 2. 505 Seventh Day-Ps. xxxv. v. 6. 584 Initial Letter--Ps. xciii.

Aaron anointed. Initial Letter-Ps. xxxv. v. 14.

Initial Letter-Ps. xciv. v. 6. 643 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxiv. v. 3. 507 loit. Letter-Ps. xxxvi. v. 4. Arab | 586 Nineteenth Day-Psal. xev. v. 8. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxv, v. 10. Robber.

Moses striking the Roek. 645 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxvi. v. 9. 508 loitial Letter-Ps. xxxvii. v. 36. Initial Letter-Ps. xcv. v. l.

646 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxvii. v. 2. 511 Eighth Day-Ps. xlii. v. I.

587 Initial Letter-Ps. xcvi. v. 12. 647 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxviii. F. 8. Initial Letter-Ps, xxxviii. v. 6, 588 Initial LetterPs. xcvii. v. 2. 648 Twenty-ninth Day-Ps. exlii. v. 7. 512 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxix 5.589 Initial Letter--Ps. xcviii. v. 6.

David in the Cave of Eugedi. Absalom's Tomb. 590 Initial Letter--Ps. xcix. v. 7.

Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxix. v. 13. 513 Initial Letter - Ps. xl. v. 16.

Initial Letter-Ps. e. v. 2.

• Marvellous are thy works.' 515 Initial Letter-Ps. xli. v. I. 591 Initial Letter-Ps. ci. v. I.

650 Initial Letter-Ps. cxl. v. 3. 516 Init. Let.-Ps. xlii. v. 8. David 592 Tweotieth Day-Ps. civ. v. 18. 651 Initial Letter-Ps. cxli, v. 8. in Hermon.

Initial Letter--Ps. cii. v. 6.

652 Initial Letter-Ps. cxliii. v. l. 517 Init. Let.--Ps. xliii. v. 5. Ditto. 594 Initial Letter-Ps. cili. v. 13. The 653 Init. Letter-Ps. cxliii. v. 2. Job. 518 Ninth Day-Ps. xlv. v. 10. Mir Prodigal Son.

664 Thirtieth Day-Ps. cxlis. v. 13. ringe of Solomon. 596 Initial Letter-Ps. civ. v. 11.

Init. Letter-Ps.cxliv. v. 12, 13, 14. Initial Letter--Ps. xlie. v. 17. 598 Twenty-first Day-Ps. cv. v. 17. 655 Initial Letter Ps. exlv.v.. 520 Initial Letter--Ps. xlv. v. 4, 5, 6. Joseph sold.

657 Initial Letter-Ps, cxlvi. v. 7. 621 Tuit. Let. Ps. xlvi. v. 1. Jebosa * Initial Letter P. es. v. 10. Ja- 658 Initial Letter--Ps. cxlvit, v. 9. 1 phat': Triumph yter Moab.

cob's vision.

659 Initial Letter-Ps. cxlviii. v. 12. 529 In tin Letter Ps. xlvii. v. 4. 601 Initial Letter--Ps. evi v. 19. 660 Initial Letter--Ps. cxlix. 1.3. 523 Initial Letter -- Ps. xlviii. v. 2. 604 Twisty-second Day-Ps. cvii. v. Initial Letter-Ps, cl. v. 3 and 4. Mount Zion.

23-n. 524 Initial Letter-Ps. xlix. v. 10.

Initial Letter-Ps. evii, v. 90. The Forms of Prayer, &c. 525 Tenth Day-Ps. li. 1. Nathan Brazen Serpent

661 Title to“Forms of Prayer.' AC-At reproring Darid.

607 Init. Letter-Ps, eviti. v. 9, "Ju the top, St. Patrick's Cathedral , Initial Letter-Ps. 1. 2. 3.

duh iw an old lion."

nad Laiddon Church, Essex ; 527 Inil. Let,-Ps. It. y. 7. Hyssop. 608 Initial Letter-Ps. cix. v. 9.

in the centre, Ship at Sea and 528 luit. Lt.-P. ll. v. 9. Oilve Tree 610 Twenty Chira Day-Pscxiii. t. 8. Westminster Hall: at the bottom, 529 laitial letter-Ps. lib. y. 6.


Stew Kley Church, Bucks, and 530 In. 1.-Ps. th. v. 1. David in Ziple Initial Leturpkex, vi 9.

Cranham Church, Bssex. Initial Latter-Ps. Iv. v. 6. 611 Initial Letter-Ps. exi. v. 6. Spies 669 Interior of Winchester Cathedral. 532 Eleventh Day-Ps. Ivil. v. 7. David

and Grapes.

Architect. Border composed chilly cutting the Skirt of Saul's Gar 612 Initiati.


from parts of the Cathedral. ment

695 Exterior of Winchester Cathedral. Initi Letter- P.Ivi v. 6. 614 Init. Letter-Pacxiv, : 3 Pass: 686 luterior of Durham Cathedral 633 Initial Letter-Pr. Irfi. v. 5. David

Architect. Border, composed ehlutly in Engedi. Initial Latter-Ps. cxv. v. 12.

from parts of the Cathedral. 834 Initial Letter-Ps. Ivill. v. 5. Ser 616 Twenty-foarth Day- Pa.cxvi. v. 16. 703 Exterior of Darhain Cathedral. pent Charmer.

The Israelites sacrificing amid 411 Interior of Ely Cathedral.

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IN no instance have Christians been more indebted to the use of a scriptural and well-arranged Liturgy than the members of the Church of England. During the changes produced in men's circumstances and tempers by the lapse of time, religious opinion is exposed to many trials, and often undergoes modifications in the minds of influential members of society which tend greatly to injure the purity, or simplicity, of evangelical' faith. When such is the case, it is an invaluable privilege for the people to possess a Liturgy which, drawn up at a period of great religious intelligence, and by men of the profoundest wisdom and piety, may be readily appealed to as a standard of opinion.

While this is manifestly true in regard to seasons of change and difficulty, it is scarcely less so in reference to the ordinary wants of a Church and its

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