Flower's Political review and monthly register. (monthly miscellany) [afterw.] The Political review and monthly mirror of the times, Nide 3

Benjamin Flower
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Sivu 182 - These were, an internal wooden coffin, very much decayed, and the body, carefully wrapped in cerecloth, into the folds of which a quantity of unctuous or greasy matter, mixed with resin, as it Seemed, had been melted, so as to exclude, as effectually as possible, the external air. The coffin was completely full; and, from the tenacity of the cerecloth, great difficulty was experienced in detaching it successfully from the parta which it enveloped.
Sivu 183 - ... of the reign of King Charles, was perfect. The shape of the face was a long oval ; many of the teeth remained ; and the left ear, in consequence of the interposition of the unctuous matter between it and the cere-cloth, was found entire.
Sivu 18 - The plan of excluding my daughter from all intercourse with the world, appears to my humble judgment peculiarly unfortunate. She who is destined to be the sovereign of this great country, enjoys none of those advantages of society which are deemed necessary for imparting a knowledge of mankind to persons who have infinitely less occasion to- learn that important lesson ; and it may so happen, by a chance which I trust is very remote, that she should be called upon to exercise the powers of the crown,...
Sivu 128 - I hope again to have the happiness of throwing myself, in filial duty and affection, at your majesty's feet. Your majesty will easily conceive that I reluctantly name so distant a day as Monday, but I do not feel myself sufficiently recovered from the measles, to venture upon so long a drive at an earlier day.
Sivu 183 - When the head had been entirely disengaged from the attachments which confined it; it was found to be loose, and without any difficulty was taken up and held to view.
Sivu 18 - ... But while I do not venture to intrude my feelings as a mother upon your Royal Highness's notice, I must be allowed to say, that in the eyes of an observing and jealous world* this separation of a daughter from her mother, will only admit of one construction-— a construction fatal to the mother's reputation. Your Royal Highness will also pardon me for adding, that there is no less inconsistency than injustice in this treatment.
Sivu 18 - I willingly hope that your own parental feelings will lead you to excuse the anxiety of mine for impelling me to represent the unhappy consequences which the present system must entail upon our beloved child. " Is it possible, sir, that any one can have attempted to persuade your royal highness, that her character will not be...
Sivu 18 - Those who have advised you, Sir, to delay so long the period of my Daughter's commencing her intercourse with the world, and for that purpose to make Windsor her residence, appear not to have regarded the interruptions to her education which this arrangement occasions ; both by the impossibility of obtaining...
Sivu 18 - That, however, was reduced to our meeting once a fortnight ; and I now learn that even this most rigorous interdiction is to be still more rigidly enforced.

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