Culture and Customs of Hungary

ABC-CLIO, 22.9.2011 - 212 sivua
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This book provides a one-stop introduction to the history, culture, and personalities of Hungary, a fascinating country located at the heart of Europe and born at the crossroads of civilizations.

Hungary today is most certainly a Central European nation in terms of a modern geopolitical and cultural understanding of Europe. Additionally, it has occupied a central position in the constellation of European kingdoms for centuries. The story of Hungary is about a country at the heart of Europe, geographically as well as culturally, and of a people quite distinct from their eastern and western neighbors yet irrevocably intertwined with them in terms of their histories and futures. Culture and Customs of Hungary is an absolute must-have for high school, public, and undergraduate library bookshelves.

Readers will explore Hungary's fascinating contemporary life and culture in this unique and all-encompassing reference work that highlights the most important Hungarian historical personalities and explains their role in the development of Hungarian culture and society, as well as their standing in modern Hungary. Topics covered include history; art, including literature, architecture, film, and music; customs and traditions; modern society and culture; media; gender roles; language; and religion.

  • A chronology of key events in Hungarian history starting with the first traces of human existence through modern day
  • Photographs ranging from Hungary's outstanding personalities to customs and traditions
  • A bibliography of selected works on major aspects of Hungary's culture
  • A glossary explains key terms concisely


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1 Context
2 Religion
3 Language
4 Gender
5 Customs
6 Media
7 Literature
8 Cinema
9 Music
10 Architecture
Selected Bibliography
About the Authors and Contributor

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Oksana Buranbaeva is coauthor of the books Cultures of the World: Dagestan and Greenwood's Culture and Customs of Europe: Ukraine and is research associate with the United Nations University, Bonn, Germany.

Vanja Mladineo is coauthor of Greenwood's Culture and Customs of Europe: Ukraine and executive director of Centre for Democracy and Law Miko Tripalo, an independent research and policy think tank in Croatia.

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