The life and adventures of Lazarillo de Tormes, Nide 2


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Sivu 3 - Scotia; or, Portraits of Forest Trees Distinguished for their Antiquity, Magnitude, or Beauty, drawn from Nature, with 50 highly finished etchings, imp.
Sivu 10 - Reeves, DD, MRIA, translated by the late AP Forbes, DCL, Bishop of Brechin, with Notes arranged by WF Skene, LL.D.
Sivu 5 - Gaelic Names of Plants (Scottish and Irish). Collected and Arranged in Scientific Order, with Notes on their Etymology, their Uses, Plant Superstitions, &c., among the Celts, with copious Gaelic, English, and Scientific Indices. By JOHN CAMERON, Sunderland.
Sivu 1 - Stephen, portrait, 12 vols, 8vo, cloth extra, impression strictly limited to 750 copies (pub £6 6s), £2 5s. London. Sent Carriage Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of Postal Order for the amount. JOHN GRANT, 25 & 34 George IV.
Sivu 6 - Christopher North ;' A Memoir of John Wilson, late Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Compiled from Family Papers and other sources, by his daughter, MRS. GORDON. Third Thousand. 2 vols. crown 8vo, price 24s., with Portrait, and graphic Illustrations.
Sivu 2 - NOW REMAINING IN ENGLAND, from the Earliest Period to the Reign of Henry VIII.; consisting of Statues, Basso-relievos, Sculptures, &c., Brasses, Monumental Effigies Paintings on Glass and on Walls ; Missal Ornaments : Carvings on Cups, Croziers, Chests, Seals ; Ancient Furniture, &c. &c. With Historical and Critical Illustrations by DOUCE, MEYRICK, DAWSON TURNER, and JOHN BRITTON.
Sivu 5 - History of the Scottish Highlands, Highland Clans, and Highland Regiments, with an Account of the Gaelic Literature and Music by...
Sivu 2 - Marlborough, illustrated by 108 full-page engravings, chiefly by Bartolozzi, with Letterpress Descriptions in French and Latin by Jacob Bryant, Louis Dutens, &c., 2 handsome vols, folio, half crimson morocco, gilt top (selling price £10 IDs), £2 I2s 6d. John Murray, 1844. The most beautiful Work on the
Sivu 6 - Sent Carriage Free to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of Postal Order for the amount. JOHN GRANT, 25 & 34 George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh. 25 &* 34 George IV. Bridge, Edinburgh. 7 Scottish Literature— continued:— Douglas...
Sivu 7 - The latter part of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth century, a period almost barren in the annals of English poetry, was marked by a remarkable series of distinguished poets in Scotland. During this period flourished Dunbar, Henryson, Mercier, Harry the Minstrel, Gavin Douglas, Bellenden, Kennedy, and Lyndesay.

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