Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays, Niteet 1–2


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Sivu 255 - eloquent, on nobles and priests they looked down with contempt: for they esteemed themselves rich in a more precious treasure, and eloquent in a more sublime language, nobles by the right of an earlier creation, and priests by the imposition of a mightier hand. The very meanest of them was a being to whose fate a
Sivu 254 - treasure. The Puritans were men whose minds had derived a peculiar character from the daily contemplation of su perior beings and eternal interests. Not content with acknowledging, in general terms, an overruling Providence, they habitually ascribed every event to the will of the Great Being, for whose power
Sivu 364 - of the Queen ! Dryden truly said, that " Shakspeare's magic could not copied be: Within that circle none durst walk but he." It would have been well if he had not himself dared to step within the enchanted line, and drawn on himself a fate similar to that which, according to the old
Sivu 379 - heroic poets, Shakspeare is not more decidedly the first of dramatists, Demosthenes is not more decidedly the first of orators, than Boswell is the first of biographers. He has no second. He has distanced all his competitors so decidedly that it is not worth while to place them. Eclipse
Sivu 255 - and terrible importance belonged, on whose slightest action the spirits of light and darkness looked with anxious interest, who had been destined, before heaven and earth were created, to enjoy a felicity which ihould continue when heaven and earth should have passed away. Events which short-sighted politicians
Sivu 233 - battle was fought for no single generation, for no single land. The destinies of the human race were staked on the same cast with the freedom of the English people. Then were first proclaimed those mighty principles which have since worked their way into the depths of the American forests, which have roused Greece
Sivu 261 - Ihe old unpolluted English language, no book which shows so well how rich that language is in its own proper wealth, and how little it has been improved by all that it has borrowed. Cowper said, forty or fifty years ago, that he dared not name John Bunyan in his verse, for fear of moving a sneer. To our refined
Sivu 260 - FAITHFUL. May I speak a few words in my own defence ? "JUDGE. Sirrah, sirrah! thou deservest to live no longer, but to be slain immediately upon the place; yet, that all men may see our gentleness to thee, let us hear what thou, vile
Sivu 354 - us that he is insensible to fame and obloquy: " 111 may such contest now the spirit move, Which heeds nor keen reproof nor partial praise." Yet we know on the best evidence that, a day or two before he published these lines, he was greatly, indeed childishly, elated by the compliments paid to his
Sivu 401 - Whig. Why all this childish jealousy of the power of the crown ? The crown has not power enough."' One of the old philosophers, Lord Bacon tells us, used to say that life and death were just the same to VOL. ii. 18 him.. " Why then,'' said an objector,

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