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The most Reveren
late Arch Bishop of Cirna hury.

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Of Faith in general; its Nature, Of the Christian Faith; the

Cause, Degrees, Efficacy and Means of conveying the Kinds.

Christian Doftrine; and our of a Religious and Divine Faith, Obligation to receiv: it.

viz, a Perswalion of the Prin- of the Christian Faith conficiples of Natural Religion ; der'd as Sanétifying, Justifyand of things Supernatural ing, and Saving. and reveald.

of the Gulpci Covenant, and Tof the Faith or Perswafi- | its confitency with the Merit

on of a Divine Revelati- || on.

Of the Nature and Testimony of Of the Testimony of the Spirit Miracles, particularly those

to Divine Revelation. I wrought in confirmation of Of the Reasonableness, Useful Chriitianity,

nefs, and Efficacy of Divine of the Advantages of Truch, in Faith.

1. Opposition to Error,

By the. Most Reverend Dr. 7OHN TILLOTSON,

Late Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. Being The TWELFTH VOLUME,

Published from the Originals, | By Ralph Barker, D. D. Chaplain to his Grace.

LONDON, Printed for Ri. Chiswell, at the Rose and Crown • in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1703.

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