Beispielsammlung zur Theorie und Literatur der Schönen Wissenschaften: Poetische Erzählungen

F. Nicolai, 1788
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Sivu 438 - courts adorn ; See future fons, and daughters yet unborn, In crouding ranks on ev'ry fide arife, Demanding life, impatient for the fkies! See barb'rous nations at thy gates attend, Walk in thy light, and in thy temple bend; See thy bright altars throng'd with proftrate
Sivu 90 - Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride, And even his failings lean'd to virtue's fide : But in his duty prompt at every call, He watch'd and wept, he pray'd and felt for all, And, as a bird each fond endearment tries, To tempt its new-fledg'd offspring to the fkies, He try'd each art, reprov'd each dull delay, Allur'd to brighter worlds, and led the way.
Sivu 90 - to raife the wretched, than to rife. His houfe was known to all the vagrant train. He chid their wanderings, but reliev'd their pain. The long-remember'd beggar was his gueft, Whofe beard
Sivu 90 - broken foldier, kindly bade to flay, Sate by his fire, and talk'd the night away, Wept o'er his wounds, or, tales of forrow done, Shoulder'd his crutch, and fhew'd, how fields were won. Pleas'd with his
Sivu 157 - He vow'd to lead this vicious life no more ; Whether pure holinefs infpir'd his mind, Or dotage turn'd his brain, is hard to find. But his high courage prick'd him forth to wed, And try the pleafures of a lawful bed. This was his nightly dream, his daily care, And to the
Sivu 158 - hade : The Maker faw, took pity, and beftow'd Woman, the laft, the beft, referv'd of God. A wife ! ah, gentle Deities ! can he That has a wife, e'er feel adverfity? Would men but follow what the fex advife, All things would profper, all the world grow wife. 'Twas by Rebecca's aid that Jacob won His
Sivu 179 - By all thofe Pow'rs, fome frenzy feiz'd your • mind, " Reply'd the dame; «are thefe the thanks I find, Wretch that I am, that e'er I was fo kind !" She faid; a rifing figh exprefs'd her woe, The» ready tears apace began to flow, And as they fell, fhe wip'd from either eye
Sivu 162 - In all this world, much lefs in womankind ; But if her virtues prove the larger fhare, Blefs the kind Fates, and think your fortune rare. Ah ! gentle Sir, take warning of a friend, Who knows too well the ftate you thus commend; And, fpite of
Sivu 166 - and could take no reft: His tafk perform'd, he fadly went his way, Fell on his bed, and loath'd the light of day. There let him lie, till his relenting dame Weep in her turn, and wafte in equal flame. The weary fun, as learned poets write,
Sivu 438 - Nor ev'ning Cynthia fill her filver horn; But loft, diflblv'd in thy fuperior rays, "One tide of glory, one unclouded blaze O'erflow thy courts: the light himfelf

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