Sessional Papers - Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Nide 6


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Sivu 131 - The lowest, and at the same time the most expeditious, court of justice known to the law of England...
Sivu 126 - ... public station do not allow me to pay that attention to agriculture, and the objects attached to it, (which have ever been my favourite pursuit), that I could wish ; but I will put your queries respecting sheep into the hands of such gentlemen as I think most likely to attend to them, and answer them satisfactorily ; I must, however, observe, that no important information on the subject can be expected from this country, where we have been so little in the habit of attending, either to the breed...
Sivu 172 - It may be assumed that the object of subjecting a lot or lots of butter to such a process is to remove rancidity, sourness, mold, or other fault or feature which has impaired its merchantable quality, or to otherwise renew or improve the product so that the substance is truly "renovated," although such object is not expressed in the act.
Sivu 37 - ... factories and creameries, and to assist in the work of the dairy and food commission at such times and for such periods of time as may be required in the enforcement of the dairy and food laws.
Sivu 172 - made to resemble genuine butter" it must have restored to it the butter characteristics or similitude of texture, granulation, and flavor. For this purpose the processed or renovated butter is usually...
Sivu 172 - It may or may not have common salt or artificial coloring added. To "resemble genuine butter" the article must have passed through these or other processes, subsequent to melting, so that it looks, smells, and tastes like " butter," having a similar appearance, consistency, texture, and flavor.
Sivu 126 - ... mark of attention in transmitting these things to me, I flatter myself you will be assured that I consider the subject therein recommended as highly important to Society, whose best interests I hope will be promoted by a proper investigation, of them and the happiness of mankind advanced thereby. — I have to regret that the duties of my public station do not allow me to pay that attention to Agriculture and the objects attached to it, (which have ever been my...
Sivu 172 - renovated butter" is defined to mean butter which has been subjected to any process by which it is melted, clarified, or refined and made to resemble genuine butter, always excepting "adulterated butter" as defined by subsection (b) . (d) Manufacturer.
Sivu 37 - He may also appoint and employ not more than five expert butter and cheese makers, who shall, under his direction, examine and inspect butter and cheese factories, and attend at agricultural fairs, societies and meetings designated by the Commissioner, to impart thereat information as to the best and most improved method of making butter and cheese and improving the quality thereof.
Sivu 133 - Pence, in Quarter Sessions assembled, or the major part of them, shall from time to time, in their discretion, adjudge and determine to be paid; AND WE Do hereby give and grant unto the said Justices, or the major part of them, in Quarter Sessions assembled, as aforesaid, full power and authority to fix...

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