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S. T.'s Sapphics would have found a ready place, had not their politics too deep a tinge of party. We trust the continuation of success against the enemy will enable us to say to bim :

Mitte civiles super urbe curas :

Occidit Galli Bonapartis agmen. P. R. may be assured that we have not lost sight of the republication of scarce and valuable Critical Tracts. We have a great number of Fasciculi of Classical Criticism by the first scholars on the Continent from Schrader to Wyttenbach, and in our own colintry, with which we shall gratify him, and many of our readers. But we must have variety, or we should too widely depart from our original plan, which we see no reason to alter.

Porson's Greek Ode sept by B. was inserted in our fifth number, p. 233.

T.'s Prize Poem on Mors Nelsoni will soon appear: it could not possibly be inserted in our present number, on account of previous promises.

Hermogenis Progymnasmata, number 3, is unavoidably postponed till our next.

We thank our friend J. T. for his hints relative to several articles in our pages. We shall not fail to profit by his remarks.

We think the verses of Lucius creditable ; a little reading and a little practice will enable him to distinguish himself. We recommend to him Mr. Tate's Observations on the structure of Greek Sapphics, in this nuniber of the Journal.

We shall give, as soon as possible, the Dissertations of Musonius, in the original.

A young student would feel much obliged to any gentleman, who would give an explanation of the following passage from Tacitus, An. L. 1. c. 61. Prima Vari castra, Jato ambitu, et dimensis principiis, trium legionum manus ostentabant:"-What is the signification of prima ? Was there any other camp besides this? It appears from the extent of the principia that there were three legions. What space of ground did an army of three legions occupy when encamped, supposing them to have their full supplements according to Vegetius ?

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES Will have an early Insertion in our future Numbers. 1. R. P. Knight's Nota et Prolegomena in Homerum with many

alterations and additions. 2. Notarum Romanarum ac Literarum singularium compendiique

scriptionis in antiq. codd. et monumentis obvii Interpretatio, ex variis auctoribus collecta.

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3. Observations on Falconer's Strabo. 4. Valckenaer's Oratio de Causis neglecta Literarum Gr. culturæ. 5. Translations of Boivin, Larcher, and Hardion's Papers, published

in Mem. de Litt. and in Hist. de l'Acad. des Inscript. 6. Herman. Dissert. de pronom. auto's. 7. Ruhnken's History of the Greek Orators. 8. Valckenaer's Notes on Callimachus. .9. Ten last books of Leopardus Emend. from the MS. in the Bod

leian. 10. Scholia on Aristoph. from Aldus Edit. 11. Reiske's Notes on the Greek Dramatists. 12. Palmerius's Notes on Aristophanes. 13. A Tract intitled: Fontes quos Tacitus in tradendis rebus ante se

gestis videatur sequutus paucis indicat. 1795. 14. Collation of Edip. Soph. in Trin. Coll. Camb. Library. 15. Account of all the Class. MSS. in Trin, Coll, and the Public

Library at Cambridge, with their Antiquity and Donors. Also of

the Bodleian at Oxford. 16. Bentley's Essay on the Utility of Classical Learning. 17. Dr. Pearson's smaller Tracts, chronologically arranged. 18. Porson's Review of Schutz's Æschylus. 19. Προλεγόμενα εις την του Πλάτωνος φιλοσοφίαν, e codice Bavarico

formerly in the possession of Wyttenbach.
20. Emendations of the text of Hippocrates, by Coray.

Also Critical Notices of the following Works.
Morier's Travels in Persia.
Walter Whiter's Etymologěcon Græcum.
Hamilton's Ægyptiaca.
Lumsden's Persian Grammar.
Marsden's Malayan Grammar.
Major Price's “ Retrospect of Mahommedan History."
Macdonald's Geographical Memoir of Persia.
Major Moore on Hindu Infanticide.
Moore's Hindu Pantheon.
Azuni sur l'origine de la Boupole.
Clavier's Histoire des premiers Temps de la Grèce.
Elmsley's Heraclidæ. &c. &c. &c.

Any Gentleman about to leave the University, and who may wish to take up his residence in the metropolis, can be accommodated with board and lodging in the family of a literary gentleman residing in an airy and fashionable situation, and who will superintend the studies of his inmate, and introduce him to the most eligible society. The Advertiser will also give instructions in the modern languages. He is particularly conversant with German literature. The most unexceptionable references as to character and talent will be 'given. Terms and other particulars will be communicated upon application (post paid) at Mr. VALPy's, Tooke's Court, Chancery Lane, London,

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*Ω φίλος, ει σοφός εί, λάβε μ' ές χέρας· ει δέ γε πάμπαν

Νηίς έφυς Μουσέων, ρίψον α μη νοέεις.


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Page 32. L. 30. read

sibi fidentes parum.

Prospectuses of Works Preparing for the Press may be inserted in the Pages at the end of this JOURNAL at a moderate charge to Authors.

No delay ought to occur in the delivery of this JOURNAL, as every Number is REGULARLY published on the First of April, July, October, and January; should any difficulty, however, be experienced in the due arrival of the Numbers, a Letter directed to the Printer shall remedy every inconvenience.

The former Numbers may be had of all the Booksellers. Price 6s. each.

Articles are requested to be sent one month at least before the day of publication, directed to Mr. A. J. Valpy, Tooke's Court, Chancery Lane, London,

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Notice of Iconographie Ancienne, ou Recueil des Portraits

authentiques des Empereurs, Rois et Hommes illustres de

l'Antiquité : M. Ennio-QUIRINO VISCONTI

Biblical Criticism, (J. BELLAMY.]

Miscellaneous Observations on several Ancient and Modern

Authors, [J. SEAGER.]

Epigram, (PROFESSOR Porson.]

Notarum Romanarum ac Literarum singularium compendiique

scriptionis in antiquis codicibus et monumentis obvii Interpre-


Palæographie — Memoire sur les Manuscrits d'Herculanum,


On the Tyrian Inscription

Notice of Æschyli Tragediæ quæ supersunt ac deperditarum

Fragmenta. Recensuit C. G. Schutz. Vol. I. [Prof. PORSON)


Notice of Teucher's Edition of Antoninus Liberalis

Biblical Criticism, Sir W. DRUMMOND.)

Classical Criticism

Critical Notice of ELMSLEY's Heraclidæ

Notice of MOOR's Hindu Pantheon

Egyptian Antiquities..

Notice of Allen's Elements of English Grammar.

Asonas of Theophylact

Carmina Homerica, llius et Odyssea, a Rhapsodorum Inter-

polationibus repurgata, et in pristinam formam, quatenus re-

cuperanda esset, tam ex veterum monumentorum fide et aucto-

ritate, quam ex antiqui sermonis Indole ac Ratione, redacta;

cum Notis ac Prolegomenis, in quibus de eorum origine,

auctore, et ætate ; itemque de priscæ maturitate, diligenter

inquiritur opera et studio RICHARDI PAYNE KNIGHT. Editio


This Edition, with many additions, is printed exclusively in The Class.

Jour.--A copy of the 1st edition, of which only 50 were printed, was

lately sold by auction for above 11.

Notice of Nonni Dionysiacorum Libri Sex, ab octavo ad deci-

mum tertium ; emendavit, omnium Nonni librorum argumenta,

et notas 'mythologicas, adjecit G. H. Moser, [DOCTR.


Biblical Criticism.

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