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O Death where is thy sting!
O Grave, where is thy | victory!

Thanks be unto God, who giveth | us the f victory, Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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and moon,

O ALL ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord!
Praise him, and magnify him for ever.
Ove angels of the Lord, bless / ye the Lord !
Praise him, and magnify him for ever.
O ve heavens, bless ve the Lord !
Praise him, and magnify him for ever.

ve powers of the Lord, bless | ve the | Lord !
Praise him, and | magnify | him for ever.
ye sun,

and stars of heaven, bless ýe the | Lord ! Praise him, and magnify him for ever. O let the earth | bless the | Lord ! Yea, let it praise him, and magnify | him for lever: ye

children of men, bless / ye the Lord!
Praise him, and ( magnify | him for ever.
Oye servants of the Lord, bless / ye the Lord !
Praise him, and magnify him for ever.

ye spirits and souls of the righteous, bless / ye

the Lord ! Praise him, and magnify him for ever.

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ye holy and humble men of heart, bless / ye the

Praise bim, and maguify him for ever.


WE praise thee, O God:
We acknowledge thee to be the Lord.
All the earth doth worship | thee,
The Father everlasting.
To thee all angels I cry a loud :
The heavens, and all the powers there | in.
To thee Cherubim and Seraphim
Continual | ly do cry:-
« Holy, I holy, holy,
Lord | Gard of Sa 1 banth?
Heaven and earth are full
Of the majesty of thy glory."
T'he glorious company of the apostles
Praise i -1:-1 thee.
The godly followship of the prophets
Praise--1-. tice.
The noble army of martyrs
Praise |-:1:. thee.
The holy church throughout all the world
Doth 1 : acknowledge thee.
The Father, of an infinite majesty,
The only | wise 1. GOD.
Thine honourable, true, and I only | Sofie
Also the Loly Spirit, the comforter.

Thou art the king of glory, O Christ!
Thou art the everlasting ( Son of the Father,
When thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death,
Thou didst open the kingdom of heaven to all be


Thou sittest at the right hand of God,
In the glory of the Father.
We believe that I thou shalt | come
To be our judge.
We therefore prav thee, O God | help thy l servants,
whom he hath redeemed | with his precious | blood,
Make them to be numbered | with thy | saints
In ) glory | everlasting.

O Lord I save thy | people,
And | bless I thine inheritance.
Gol -

vern | them,
And lift them up for ever.
Dav | - by 1 day
We magnify thee:
And we , worship thy | name
Ever world without end.

Vouch / safe, () | Lord,
To keep us this day with out sin.
O Lord, have mercy up I on us,

O Lord, let thy mercy | lighten up / on us,
As our trust is in i thee.
O Lord, in 1 thee have I trusted,
Let me | never I be con I foundedo.


93 THE rose is sweet, but it is sur | rounded with

thorns ; The lily of the valley is fragrant, but it springeth 1 up

a mong the brambies. The spring is pleasant, but it is l soon past : The summer is bright, but the winter des / troyetá.

the beauty there of. The rainbow is very glorious, but it soon vanish | eth

ļa / way; Life is good, but it is quickly / swallowed | up in

death. There is a land where the roses are with | out | thorns, Where the flowers | are not / mixed with | brambles. In that land there is eternal spring, And light with out any cloud. The tree of life groweth in the midst there of: Rivers of pleasure are there, and I flowers that |

never | fade. Myriads of happy / spirits are there, And surround the throne of God with a per i pe

tual hymn. The angels with their golden harps sing | praises

continually, And the cherubim | fly on | wings of fire. This country is | Heaven : it is the country of those that are I good; And nothing that is wicked Must | • in | habit | there. The toad “ust not spit its venom among | lurtle

doves ; Nor the poisɔnous henbane / grow a / mongst sweet!


Neither must any one that doethill,
Enter into that good land.
This earth is pleasant, for it is God's earth,
And it is filled with | many de | lightful | things.
But that country is | far better;
There we shall not grieve any more, nor be sick any

more, nor do I wrong i any | more.
There the cold of winter | shall not | wither us,
Nor the heats of summer | scorch us.
In that country there are no i wars or | quarrels,
But all love one another with dear | love.
When our parents and friends die, we see them i

here no | more ; But there we shall embrace them again, and I live

with | them for ever. There we shall meet | all good | men, Whom we | read of in | holy l books. They loved God on earth; They | praised | him on earth ; But in that country they will praise him | better, And I will love him more. There we shall see Jesus, who is gone before us to

that happy / place ; And there we shall behold the glory / of the high !

We cannot see him here, but we will love him here ;
We must be now on earth, but we will I often | think

of heaven.
That happy land | is our | home;
We are to be here but for a little while,
And there for | ever,
Even for ages of e | ternal / years.


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