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BLESSED is thy presence, Lord ! while lowly bending,

Abased by sin, we humbly seek thy face : On children of the dust, thy love descending,

Shall bid us rise, and fill us with thy grace.

Hallowed thy presence, Lord ! before thee kneeling,

Pure thoughts and holy transports fill the soul : Thy peace within our troubled spirits stealing,

Far off life's storms and ocean billows roll.

Heavenly thy presence, Lord ! while here before thee

In faith we see the mansions of the just, Enraptured join the angelic host to adore thee,

And feel thee all our joy, our hope, our trust.

And let thy blessed presence, Lord, attend us,

While struggling in the world with sin and care! Oh may thy everlasting shield defend us!

May all our hearts be thine, our thoughts be prayer !



ABRAHAM heard : believing God,
Duty's onward path he trod :
Trusting him whose word could bless,
Won the meed of faithfulness.
Christian pilgrim, Zion ward,
True disciple of thy Lord !
May his spirit to thy heart
Kindred faithfulness impart.
Thou mayest hear a voice within ;
Let that voice attention win:
Doubt not, fear not, trust its word ;
Follow on to know the Lord.
At his bidding, sacrifice
More than country's, kindred's ties:
These may still be spared to thee;
Let thy heart thy Master's be.
Daily, hourly, labour there;
Waiting, watching unto prayer :
Wait to know thy Master's will ;
Watch and pray, and do it still.
Faithful to the end endure:
Then thy calling shall be sure ;
Then, whene'er thy Lord shall come,
Death shall only lead thee home.

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IS there a lone and dreary hour
When worldly comforts lose their power?
My Father ! let me turn to thee,
And set each thought of darkness free.

Is there a time of fear or grief,
Which sees no prospect of relief?
My Father ! break the cheerless gloom,
And bid my heart its calm resume.

and joy,

Is there an hour of

peace When hope is all my soul's employ? My Father! still my hopes will roam, Until they rest with thee, their home. The noon-tide blaze, the midnight scene, The dawn, or twilight's sweet sorene, The sick, nay, e'en the dying hour, Shall own my Father's grace and power.

O GOD, all-holy, and all just !

Thy mercy we adore,
Which bids us in thy promise trust,


and sin no more.

When humbled, Lord, before thy face,

Or with despondence tried, We see the tokens of thy grace

In Jesus crucified.

His word hath power to make us whole,

And life and light impart, To sanctify the inmost soul,

And heal the broken heart.

Our life's best praise, O God, be thine,

For this effulgent ray,
Sent from thy glorious light to shine,

And turn our gloom to day.


( For the Lord's Supper. ) FROM the table now retiring,

Which for us the Lord hath spread, May our souls, refreshment finding,

Grow in all things like their head.

His example by beholding,

May our lives his image bear : Him our Lord and Master calling,

His commands may we revere. Love to God and man displaying,

Walking stedfast in thy way, Joy attend us in believing,

Peace from God through endless day.


( For the Lord's Supper. ) JESUS, the Friend of man,

Invites us to his board ;
The welcome summons we obey,

And own our gracious Lord.

One faith, one hope, one Lord,

One God alone we know ; Brethren we are; let every heart

With kind affections glow.

Warmed with our Master's love,
And thine unmeasured

Lord ! let our thankful hearts expand,

And all mankind embrace,

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107. TIS mercy

calls :—let all their tribute bring Of grateful homage to our heavenly King :

In strains of joy proclaim abroad
The boundless mercies of our God
The mercies shown us from above,
The wonders of redeeming love:
Tis mercy calls :-in sacred chorus raise
To God, the God of all, a song of heartfelt praise.
That glorious Being reigns enthroned on high,
Yet views the wretched with a pitying eye :

beholds each anxious care,
The lonely sigh, the silent tear :
He sees the widow's streaming eye ;

He hears the hungry orphan's cry:
Depending worlds his sacred bounty share ;
All creatures find a place in their Creator's care.
Hear this, ye pious but dejected minds,
Whom error darkens, or whom weakness binds !
Lift from the dust

your mournful

eye, And know, the Lord, your help, is nigh : These sorrows from your breast shall roll,

And comfort bless the humble soul : Let cheerful hope in every bosom spring, For boundless mercy dwells with heaven's immortal

King. All уе,

who bend beneath the stroke of time,
And ye, whose cheeks confess their healthy prime,

Your Maker and Presei ver praise
For early and for lengthened days:
The pious and the grateful song
Shall lisp upon the infant's tongue;
While heavenly mercy soothes the mourner's care,
And bids the saint rejoice, the sinner not despair,

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