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Thou waterest the ridges thereof abundantly ;
Thou / settlest the furrows there | of:
Thou makest it | soft with showers ;
Thou | blessest the springing there of.
Thou crownest the year with thy I goodness ;
And thy | paths 1 - drop | fatness.
They drop upon the pastures of the wilderness :
And the little hills rejoice on every side.
The pastures are | clothed with | flocks ;
The valleys also are covered | over with corn;
They shout for | joy ;
They | . . | also sing.

Psalm LXV.

GOD be merciful unto / us, and bless us ;
And cause his face to | shine up I on us.
That thy way may be known upon | earth,
Thy saving | health among all | nations.
Let the people praise thee, O God;
Let | all the people / praise thee.
O let the nations be glad and sing for joy :
For thou shall judge the people righteously, and

govern the nations / upon | earth.
Let the people praise thee, O God;
Let | all the people praise thee;
Then shall the earth yield her | increase ;
And God, even our own | God, shall | bless us.
God | shall bless us ;
And all the ends of the earth shall | fear | him.

Psalm LXVII.


IN thee, O Lord, do 1 | put my | trust :
Let me | never be i put to con i fusion.
For thou hast been my hope, 1 0 Lord | God;
Thou hast been my | trust | from my youth.

Cast me not off in the time of old | age ;
Forsake me not | when my strength , faileth.
O God, be not far | from me;
O my God, make | haste for my help.

I will go in the strength of the Lord God;
I will make mention of thy righteousness, | even !

of thine only. O God, thou hast taught me | from my / youth ; And hitherto have I declared thy | wondrous |


Now also when I am old | and grey | headed,
O God, for / sake me | not ;
Until I have showed thy strength unto this gene

And thy power to every | one that I is to come.

Thy righteousness also; O God, is | very | high,
Who hast done - great things :
O God, who is like ther,
Who hast showed me , great and / sore | troubles.
Thou wilt quicken | me a / gain,
And wilt bring me up again | from the depths

the earth.
Thou wilt increase my / greatness,
And comfort

me on every | side.


My lips shall greatly rejoice, when I sing unto thee,
And my soul | which thou hast redeemed.
Thou wilt guide me with thy counsel,
And afterwards re | ceive | me to glory.
Whom have I in heaven but | thee!
And there is none upon earth that I de | sire bel

side thee, My flesh and my heart faileth: But God is the strength of my heart, I and my i

portion for ever,

Psalms LXXI. 1,5,9,12,16–21,23, LXXIII. 24-26.

OH give thanks unto the Lord; call up / on his/

name ; Make known his deeds among the people, Who can utter the mighty acts of the Lord ? Who can I show forth | all his 1 praise ! For he appointed a law in Israel, Which he charged our fathers to make | known to

their children,
That the generation to come might I know them,
Even the children which should be born:
That they should arise and declare them to their

children ;
That they might | set their | hope in | God,
And not forget the works of God,
But | keep his com | mandments.
He called for a famine up on the I land ;
He , brake the whole staff of bread.


He sent a | man be / fore them,
Even Joseph, who was | sold | for a | servant :

Whose feet they | hurt with | fetters,
Until time that the word of the Lord | tried

The king / sent and I loosed him,
And made him | lord of his , house.

Israel also | came into | Egypt;
And Jacob sojourned | in the land of | Ham.
And he increased his į people greatly,
And made them stronger than their enemies.

He sent Moses his servant,
And Aaron, whom he had chosen.
They showed his signs a | mong them,
And wonders in the land of Ham.

He sent darkness, and I made it | dark;
And they re ! belled not a ' gainst his | word.
He turned their waters into blood,
And | slew | • their | fish.
Their land brought forth | frogs in a | bundance,
In the chambers of their kings,
He spake, and there came divers | sorts of flies,
And lice in / all their | coasts.

He gave them | hail for | rain, .
And flaming fire in their land.
He smmote their vines also and their | fig trees,
And brake the trees of their coasts.

He spale, and the locusts | came,
And caierpillars, and that with out | number

He smote also all the first born / in their , land;
The chief of all their / srength.

He divided the Red sea, and caused them to / pass |

through ;
And he made the waters to I stand | as a | heap»
But the foods | covered their l enemies,
There was not one of them | left,

In the daytime, he led them with a cloud,
And all the night with a | light of fire.
He clave the rocks | in the wilderness,
And the waters | gushed | out.

He rained down manna up / on them to eat,
And sent them meat | to the l. full.
He caused feathered fowls to alight in the midst of

their | camp;

Round a l bout their | habi | tations,

So he gave them their request,
But sent | leanness | into their soul.
The wrath of God | came up | on them,
And smote down the chosen | mep of Israel

They soon for I got his works,
And I waited | not for his counsel.
But made a | calf in | Horeb,
And / worshiped the molten | image.

They flattered God with their mouth,
And they lied un | to him with their | tongues.
But he, being full of compassion, for I gave their

And I destroyed them | nota,

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