Clinical Parasitology: A Practical Approach


Now in full color and updated with new case studies, the second edition of this straightforward text is designed to help you excel in parasitology. Learn how to confidently perform the clinical procedures needed to collect specimens and obtain diagnostically useful parasitic samples to provide the most accurate results for patients. The user-friendly design, extensive illustrations, and clear descriptions of look-alike parasites help you hone your skills and prepare for situations you may encounter in practice.

  • Individual chapters cover various types of amebas, flagellates, hemoflagellates, malaria, miscellaneous protozoa, nematodes, filariae, cestodes, trematodes, and arthropods, commonly seen in the clinical setting.
  • Thorough descriptions of the different forms of parasites within that organism type aid in classification.
  • Numerous detailed drawings, with structures labeled illustrate the information in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Characteristics at a glance tables cover the most medically important parasite forms and include comparison drawings of look alike parasites.
  • Identification worksheets allow you to make your own drawings of parasites.
  • Individual parasite descriptions include concise information on life cycles, epidemiology, clinical symptomatology, laboratory diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control, notes of interest, and new trends.

  • Full-color photomicrographs included in the appropriate chapters help facilitate learning.
  • Quick Quizzes help you assess your knowledge of specific material.
  • Case Study: Under the Microscope gives you more real-world experiences to encounter and learn from.
  • Focusing In boxes and Looking Back boxes give an overview and summary of each chapter to help you better understand the material.
  • Case studies and quizzes coded to chapter objectives and level of difficulty to help you determine if you are meeting certain objectives.

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