Border Wars of the West: Comprising the Frontier Wars of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Wisconsin ; and Embracing Individual Adventures Among the Indians, and Exploits of Boone, Kenton, Clark, Logan, Brady, Poe, Morgan, the Whetzels, and Other Border Heroes of the West

C.L. Derby & Company, 1854 - 608 sivua

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Sivu 118 - At once there rose so wild a yell Within that dark and narrow dell, As all the fiends, from heaven that fell, Had pealed the banner-cry of hell...
Sivu 391 - When we were come to the fire the colonel was stripped naked, ordered to sit down by the fire, and then they beat him with sticks and their fists. Presently after I was treated in the same manner. They then tied a rope to the foot of a post about fifteen feet high, bound the colonel's hands behind his back and fastened the rope to the ligature between his wrists.
Sivu 139 - The supplicating tears of the women and moving petitions of the men melt me into such deadly sorrow, that I solemnly declare, if I know my own mind, I could offer myself a willing sacrifice to the butchering enemy, provided that would contribute to the people's ease.
Sivu 309 - Acting upon this impression, and yielding to the urgent necessity of the case, they summoned all the women, without exception, and explaining to them the circumstances in which they were placed, and the improbability that any injury would be offered them, until the firing had been returned from the opposite side of the fort, they urged them to go in a body to the spring, and each to bring up a bucket full of water.
Sivu 537 - We must and will be victorious ; but we must conquer as men who owe nothing to chance, and who, in the midst of victory, can still be mindful of what is due to humanity ! " We will commence the campaign by an inviolable attention to discipline and subordination.
Sivu 425 - The establishment of such a post is considered as an important object of the campaign, and is to take place in all events. In case of a previous treaty, the Indians are to be conciliated upon this point, if possible ; and it is presumed, good arguments may be offered, to induce their acquiescence.
Sivu 167 - Captain Cresap, What did you kill my people on Yellow Creek for? The white people killed my kin at Conestoga,* a great while ago; and I thought nothing of that. But you killed my kin again, on Yellow Creek, and took my cousin prisoner. Then I thought I must kill too; and I have been three times to war since: but the Indians are not angry; only myself.
Sivu 368 - It is conjectured that there are many pieces of cannon and military stores, to considerable amount, at that place ; the taking and preservation of which would be a valuable acquisition to the State.
Sivu 508 - I saw, by throwing off part of the roof that joined the block-house that was on fire, and keeping the end perfectly wet, the whole row of buildings might be saved, and leave only an entrance of eighteen or twenty feet for the Indians to enter after the house was consumed ; and that a temporary breastwork might be erected to prevent their even entering there.
Sivu 270 - Duqiicsnu, after many, very many pretty periods about the " bienfaiiance et humanite" which should accompany the warfare of civilized beings, at length informed Boone, that it was a custom with the Indians, upon the conclusion of a treaty with the whites, for two warriors to take hold of the hand of each white man. Boone thought this rather a singular custom, but there was no time to dispute about etiquette, particularly, as he could not be more in their power than he already was; so he signified...

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