Black Sam and his master

Darton and Company, 1854 - 198 sivua

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Sivu 78 - The flow'r grew wild and rankly as the weed, Roses with thistles struggled for espial, And vagrant plants of parasitic breed Had overgrown the dial. But gay or gloomy, steadfast or infirm, No heart was there to heed the hour's duration ; All times and tides were lost in one long term Of stagnant desolation.
Sivu 78 - Ne'er look'd so gloomy as that Ghostly Hall, With its deserted portal ! The centipede along the threshold crept, The cobweb hung across in mazy tangle, And in its winding-sheet the maggot slept, At every nook and angle. The keyhole lodged the earwig and her brood, The emmets of the steps had old possession, And march'd in search of their diurnal food In undisturb'd procession.
Sivu 78 - Echo never mock'd the human tongue ; Some weighty crime, that Heaven could not pardon, A secret curse on that old Building hung, And its deserted Garden. The beds were all...
Sivu 69 - Zone lies between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, which are the northern and southern boundaries of the sun.

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