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will look up.

I will (6)

(6) Heb. x1.6. He that comETH come into thy Presence in to God, must believe that he is; the Multitude of thy MER- and that he is a REWARDER of Cies, and in thy Fear will

them that diligently SEEK him. Ch, v. 14, 15, 16.

Seeing then I WORSHIP (c) thy GLO- that we have a great High-Priest, RIOUS MAJESTY. Lead me, that is passed into the Heavens, feO Lord, in thy Righteouf- fus the Son of God, let us hold fast

our Profession: For we have not ness, because of mine Ene- an High-Priest which cannot be mies: Make thy Way straight touched with the feeling of our Inbefore me, for in thee do I firmities ; but was in all Points

tempted like as we are, yet without put my TRUST,

Sin. Let us therefore COME BOLD(d) SAVE

me from all LY unto the Throne of GRACE, mine INIQUITIES, and de- that we may obtain MERCY, and liver me from them that per- need. Heb. ix. 24.

find GRACE to help in time of secute me ; for my DEFENCE (c) John iv.24. God is a SPIRIT, is only from thee, O God, and they that WORSHIP him, must who (e) SAVEST the Up- Truth. Heb. X111. 28. Wherefore

WORSHIP him in Spirit and in RIGHT in HEART.

we receiving a Kingdom which cano let the Wickedness of not be moved, let us have Grace, the Wicked come to an End, whereby we may serve God accepbut establish the Just; for Faly, with Reverence and godly thou, () God, trielt (f) the (d) Matt. 1. 21. Thou shalt call Heart and Reins. Thou hast his Name Jesus, for he shall SAVE

his people from their Sins. Joh. proved my Heart, thou hast

1. 8. If we say we have no Sin, tried me in the Night; I am we deceive our felves, and the

Truth is not in us. Aits v. 31. Him purposed not to offend.

hath God exalted to be a PRINCE Give © Ear unto my Pray- and Saviour, to give REPENer, which goeth not out of TANCE and REMISSION of Sins. feigned Lips. Preserved me,

(e) Heb. VII. 25. He is able to o God, for in thee do I put come unto God by him ; seeing he

SAVE them to the uttermolt, that my (8) Truft. (h) Thou ever liveth to make Intercession for

them. (f) Heb iv, 12, 13. For the Word of God is quick and powe ERFUL, and SHARPER than any two-edged Sword, TIERCING even to the dividing asunder of Soul and SPIRIT, and of the JOINTS and MARROW, and is a Discerner of the Thoughts and Intents of the HEART. Neither is there any CREATURE that is not MAINFEST in his Sight, but all Things are naked and opened unto the Eyes of him with whom we have to do.

(8) 7ob x111.15. Though ke say me, yet will I put my Trust in him. Ifai. XXVI. 4. Trust ye in the Loun for EVER : for in the Lord JEHOVAH is EVERLASTING STRENGTH. Prov. 111. S. Trust in the Lord with all thine HEART, and lean not to thine own UNDERSTANDING.

(h) Heb. 11. 6. What is Man that thou art MINDFUL of him, or the SON of Man that thou VISITEST him!

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art my Lord, my Goodness (i) Matt. v1.21. For where your extends not unto thee, but to TREASURE is, there will your

HÆART be also. the Saints, in whom is all

(k) lieb. XI. 27. For he ENDURmy Delight, (i) Thou art xD, as SEEING him who is invithe Portion of mine Inheri- SIBLE. 2 Cor. v.7. For we walk tance, therefore will I bless by Faith, and not by Sight.

(1) Foha xvII. 13. That they thee, O Lord, who haft gi- might have my Joy fulfilled in ven me Counsel: My Reins themselves. also inftruet me in the Night Confidence and the rejoicing of the

(m) Heb. 111. 6. Hold fast the Season; (k) for I have set Hope firm unto the End. thee, O Lord, always before (n) lleb..11. 14, 15. Forafmuch me, and I shall not be mov- of Flesh and Blood, he also himself

then as the Children are Partakers ed. Therefore (1) my Heart likewise took part of the fame ; is glad, and my Glory re- that through DEATH he might dejoiceth ; my Flesh also shall Atroy him that had the Power of (m) reft in Hope: For (n) liver theni who through Fear of

Death, that is, the Devil; and dethou wilt not leave my Soul Death, were all their Life-time subin Hell, but wilt Shew me ject to Bondage. the Path of Life; for in thy Salvation ; I will trust and not be

(0) Isai. xii. 2, 3. God is my Presence is Fulness of Joy, afraid, for the Lord JEHOVAH and at thy right Hand are is my Strength and my Song, he - Pleasures for evermore. fore with Juy shall be draw Waters

also is become my Salvation. ThereTherefore will I praise Thee, out of the Wells of Salvation. 2 O Lord, for thy (p) Righte- Cor. 11. 9: Eye hath not seen, nor ousness: I will ling Praises Ear heard, neither have entered in

co the Heart of Man, the Things unto thy Name, thou Moft which God hath prepared for them High.

that love him. Rev. XXI.6. I am

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End : I will give unto him that is athirst, of the Fountain of the Water of Life freely. Chap. XXII. 17. And the Spirit and the Bride fay, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come : And let him that is achirst come; And whosoever will, let him take the Water of Life freely.

(P) Gal. 11. 21. I do not frustrate the Grace of God: For if RIGHTEOUSNESS come by the Law, then Christ is dead in vain. Fer. xxI11. 6. This is the Name whereby he shall be called, THE LORDOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Phil. ul. 4. I count all Things but Loss for the Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord; for whom I have suffered the Loss of all Things, and do count them but Dung, that I may win Christ. Ver. 9. And be found in him; not having mine own Righteousness, which is of the Law, but that which is through the Faith of Chrift; the Righteousness which is of God by. Faith.

e Psalm xvi. O Father of Mercies, and God of all Confolation, I do

not present these my Supplications for my Righteousness, but for thy great Mercy's Sake, through the in


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finite Merits of Jesus Chrift our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, World without end. Amen.



An Evening Prayer.



900/21062 EAR : me, O

(a) Rom. III. 21, 22. The RIGHH

God of my (a) TEOUSNESS of God is manifelted,

being witnessed by the Law and

the PROPHETS, even the RIGHTEhave Mer

OUSNESS of Gud, which is by faith cy upon me, and hear my of Jesus Christ, unto all them that Prayer. Enlarge (6) me from believe. Jer. XX111. 6. This is the my Distreffes, for thou, O THE LORD OUR RIGH

Name whereby he shall be called, Lord, art a Shield for me, TEOUSNESS. my Glory, and the lifter (6) Ifai. LX1. 1. and Lake iv. 18. up of my

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, therefore

because he hath anointed me to I will not be afraid, (c) tho' preach the Gospel to the Poor; he Ten Thousand should rise hath sent me to heal the BROKEN up against me: I will lay to the CAPTives, and recovering

HEARTED, to preach Deliverance me down and Neep, for thou, of sight to the Blind; to set at O Lord, wilt sustain me. Liberty them that are BRUISED. For thou, O Lord, art (d)

(c) Ifai. XII. 2. Behold, God is

my SALVATION, I will TRUST my SHEPHERD, therefore I and not be afraid: For the Lord shall not want.

Jehovah is my STRENGTH and my O Lord, e restore my Soul, Song, and he is become my Sala and lead me in the Paths of

(d) Job. x. 27,28,29. My SHEEP Righteousness, for thyName's hear my Voice, and I know them, fake ; for though I walk and they follow me, and I give un

to them eternal Life, and they shall through the Valley of the never perish. neither shall any plock Shadow of Death, yet will them out of my Hand. My Father

which I fear no Evil, for thou art gave them me is greater than with me, thy Rod and thy out of my Father's Hand. Ifai.

all, and none is able to pluck them Staff comfort me. Thou XL. 11. Ke Thall feed bis Flock prepareft a Table before me, ther the LAMBS with his arm,

like a SHEPHERD; he shall gain the Presence of my Ene

and carry them in his Bosom, and mies: Surely Goodness and fhall gently lead those that are with Mercy Mall follow me all young. Joh. x.14: I am the good the Days of my Life, that I Serhern, and give my Life for

the Sheep. & Pf. iv. b PS 111. cPf. iv.

Pf. xX111. ?. ? Verse 3.



may dwell in thy (e) House, (e) Job. xiv. 2. In my Father's O Lord, for ever,

House are many MANSIONS,; if Arife, O Lord, save me, you. I go to prepare a place for

it were not lo, I would have told O my God; for (f) Salva


Ver. 23. If a Man love me, tion belongs unto thee, and he will keep my Words; and my thy Blessings are upon thy Father will love him, and we will People. I will offer the Sa- come unto him, and make our A

. crifice of (8) Righteousness, (f) As IV. 12. Neither is there and will put my Trust in SALVATION in any OTHER; for

there is none other Name under thee, O Lord: For 8 when Heaven given among Men, whereothers fay, (b) Who will by we must be saved. Chap. v. 31. fhew us any Good ? O Lord, Him hath God exalted with his lift thou up the Light of thy Saviour, for to give Repentance

right Hand, to be a Prince and a Countenance upon me; for unto Israel, and Forgiveness of this will put more Gladness Sins. into my Heart, than all the fice and Offering thou wouldest not,

(8) Heb. x: 5,6,7,8,9,10. SacriIncrease of Riches: I will but a Body haft thou prepared me: therefore lay me down (i) in In Burnt Offerings and Sacrifices Peace and sleep; for thou, Then said I, Lo, I come to do thy Lord, only, makeft me to Will, o God. Above, when he dwell in Safety

faid, Sacrifice and Offering, and

Burnt-Offerings, and Offering for Sin thou wouldeft not, neither haft Pleasure therein, (which are offered by the Law:) Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy Will, O God: He taketh away the First, that he may establish the Secund: By the which will we are fan&tified, through the Offering of the Body of Jesus once for all.

(b) Matt. V1.21. For where your Treasure is, there will your Heart be also. Ver. 33 Scek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his RighteousDels, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt. x111. 45. The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a Merchantman seeking goodly Pearls; Ver. 46. Who when he had found onc Pearl of great Price, went and fold all that he had, and bought it.

(1) Ifai. XXVI. 3. Thou wilt keep him in PERFECT Peace, whose Mind is staid on thee, because he trusteth in thee. John XIV. 27. PEACE I leave with you, my PEACE I give unto you; not as the World giveth, give l unto you. Let nor your Heart bé troubled, neither let it be afraid. * Psalm 111.

& Psalm iv. These Supplications I present unto thy Divine Majesty,

Ibrough the infinite Merits of Christ Jesus our only
Mediaror and Advocate, who liveth and reigneth with
Thee and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, World without
ent. Amen.


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TE LORD, * rebuke

(a) Heb. XII. 6. For whom the me not in thine Lord loveth he cHASTENETH, and Anger, neither (a) SCOURGETH every Son whom he

receiveth. Rev. 111. 19. As many CHASTEN me in as I love I REBUKE and CHASTEN ; thy Displeasure: Have Mer- be zealous therefore, and repenc.

(6) 2 Cor. 1.9. But we had the cy upon me, O Lord, for I am weak,

Sentence of Death in our felves, and Soul is my

that we should not trust in our also fore vexed; but thou, felves, but in God which raiseth O Lord, how long? Return, the Dead. O Lord, deliver my Soul; then that we have a great High

(c) Heb. iv. 14, 15, 16. Seeing O save me for thy Mercies Priest, that is passed into the Heafor in Death (6) there vens, Jefus the Son of God, let us

hold fast our Profession ; for we is no Remembrance of thee,

have not an High-Priest which or in the Grave who shall

cannot be touched with the feeling give thee Thanks? I am of our Infirmities, but was in all weary of my Groaning, all Points tempted like as we are, yet

without Sin. Let us therefore the Night make I my


come BOLDLY into the Throne of to swim : : (c) But thou, O GRACE, that we may obtain MERLord, wilt hear the Voice of cy, and find GRACE to help in my Weeping, thou wilt hear time of need.

(d) Ifai.XL.31. They that wait my Supplications, and re. upon the Lord shall renew their ceive my Prayer.

Sirength, they shall mount up with Unto'o thee, O Lord, do 1 Wings as Eagles, they shall run and

not be weary, and they shall walk lift up my Soul; O my God, and not faint. I trust in thee, let me not (e) Heb. 01. 17,18,19,20. Wherebe ashamed, let not mine in God, willing more abundantly

to show onto the Heirs of Promise Enemies triumph over me: the Immutability of his Counsel, Shew me thy Ways, O Lord, confirmed it by an Oath; that by lead me in thy Truth and two immutable Things, in which

it was impossible for God to lie, we teach me, for thou art the might have a strong Consolation, God of my Salvation. who have Aed for Refuge, to lay (d) On thee do I WAIT which Hope we have as an Anchor

hold che Hope set before us; all the Day long, therefore I of the Soul, both sure and STEDwill love thee, (e) O Lord, Fast, and which entereth into that my Strength. Thou art my

within the Veil, whither the ForeRock, my FORTRESS, and made an High-Priest for ever.

runner is for us entered, even Jesus, : Psalm vi. b Psalm xxv.



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