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" AND. nothing, certainly, will more in« cline Men to believe that we live in an

age of Prodigies, than that there should be

any such in the Christian World, who should “ account it a piece of Gentilicy to DESPISE " RELIGION, and a piece of Reafon to be “ ATHEISTS. For if there be any such Thing “ in the World as a true Height and MAG

NANIMITY of SPIRIT; if there be any so"LID REASON and depth of JUDGMENT ;

they are not only consistent with, but only “ attainable by a true generous SPIRIT of Re


“ BUT if we look at that which the LOOSE " and PROPHANE World is apt to account the greatest GALLANTRY, we shall find it made

up of such pitiful Ingredients, which any “ rational Mind will be ashamed to plead for, “ much less to mention them in Competition " with. TRUE GOODNESS and UNFEIGNED PI

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“ FOR, how easy is it to observe such, who " would be accounted the most HIGH and GALLANT SPIRITS, to quarry on such mean

Preys, which only tend to satisfy their bru" tilh Appetites ?

“ DOTH now the CONQUEST of Pas

SIONS, FORGIVING INJURIES, DOING GOOD, " SELF-DENYAL, HUMILITY, PATIENCE un« der Crofles; which are the real Expressions " of Piety, speak nothing more NOBLE and “ GENEROUS, than a luxurious, malicious,

proud, and avaritious Spirit ? Is there nothing more becoming and agreeable to the

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« Soul of Man, in exemplary Piety, and a “ holy well-ordered Conversation, than in the

VANITY and DEBAUCHERY of those whom « the World accounts the finest Gentlemen?

“IS it not more HONOURABLE and GLQ« RIOUS TO SERVE that God who COMMANDS « the WORLD, than to be a SLAVE to those « Paffions and Lufts which put Men upon « continual HARD SERVICE, and TORMENT ► them for it when they have done it?

“ WERE there nothing else to commend ♡ Religion to the Minds of Men, besides that “ TRANQUILLITY and CALMNESS of SPIRIT, " that SERENE TEMPER which follows a good “ Conscience, wherever it dwells; it were “ enough to '

make Men welcome that Guest, “ which brings such good entertainment with “ it. Whereas the HORRORS and ANXIETIES e of Mind, which at one time or other, haunt Şce such who prostitute their Consciene to a « Violation of the Laws of God, and the “ Rules of RECTIFIED REASON, may be

enough to perswade any rational Person, " that IMPILTY is the greatest Folly, and “ IRRELIGION, MADNESS. “IT cannot be then but Matter of

great Pity to consider ; that any Persons, whose “ BIRTH and EDUCATION hath raised them “ above the common People of the World, « Mould be so far their own Enemies, as to

observe the FASHION more than the Rules of RELIGION; and read lewd Plays and • ROMANCES, more than the SACRED SCRIP“ TURES, which alone are able to make tbem wise to Salvation.


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“ WHAT certain DIRECTIONS for PRAC“ TICE should we have, what Rule to judge " of OPINIONS by, had not God, out of his “ INFINITE GOODNESS, provided and preserved « chis AUTHENTICK INSTRUMENT of his Will

to the World? What a strange RELIGION « would CHRISTIANITY seem, should we « frame the Model of it from


other Thing « than the Word of God? Without all con

troversy, the DiSESTEEM of the SCRIPTURES, upon any Pretence whatsoever, has been, and “ is the chief Cause of the DECAY of Reli

GION ; and through many Windings and

Turnings leads Men at last to the very " Depths of ATHEISM. Whereas the frequent " and serious conversing with the Mind of « God in his Word, is incomparably useful, “ not only for keeping up in us a true NOTION

of RELIGION (which is easily mistaken, when " Men look upon the Face of it in any other “ Glass than that of the Scriptures) but like“ wise for maintaining a POWERFUL Sence of " RELIGION in the Souls of Men, and a DUE « Valuation of it, whatever its Esteem or En« tertainment be in the World. For though “ the true genuine Spirit of CHRISTIANITY u should grow never so much out of Fashion “ with the World, yet none who heartily BE“ LIEVE the SCRIPTURES to be the Word of " God, and that the Matters revealed therein

are INFALLIBLY TRUE, will ever have the « less Estimation of it.

“ IT must be confessed, that the CREDIT " of RELIGION hath much SUFFERED in the



Age we live in, through the VAIN PRETEN“ CES of many to it, who have only ACTED " a Part in it, for the sake of fome PRIVATE « INTEREST6 of their own.,

“ NOTHING enlarges more the Gulph « of ATHEISM, than that wide Passage which « lies between the Faith and LIVES of Men


“ I MUST needs say, there is nothing seems w more strange and unaccountable to me, than is that the PRACTICE of the unquestionable « Duties of CHRISTIANITY should be pue " out of Countenance, or slighted by any who


CIPLES of it. Can the PROFESSION of that “ be HONOURABLE, whose PRACTICE is not? «' If the PRINCIPLES be TRUE, why are they

not PRACTISED? If they be not TRUE, why are they PROFESSED?


I AM sensible that there may be Imperfections in this Essay; and that some of the REFERENCES, at the first View, may be thought nat sa properly applied; but am in hopes, that upon a closer Consideration, there will not many be found that are justly liable to this Objection.

THE more I have APPLIED my thoughts to the STUDY of the SCRIPTURES, the more I am CONVINCED, that the comparing one Part with another, is the surest and most satisfactory Way of arriving to the KNOWLEDGE of it,

by by viewing the EXACT HARMONY that is to be found in these SACRED ORACLBS; especially what relate to those DOCTRINES and PRECEPTS, which contain the Rule both of our Faith and PRACTICE.

THO' this Nation has been blessed with many EXCELLENT Books


RELIGIOUS SUBJECTS; yet it must be acknowledged, that there is such a Divine FORCE and ENERGY in the Holy SCRIPTURES, that is infinitely superior to any human Composition.

THE most proper CONCLUSION I can make, is in the Words of the APOSTLE.

Heb. ii. 1. We ought to give the more EARNEST

HEED to the Things which we bave HEARD,

left at any time we should let them SLIP. 2. For if the WORD spoken by ANGELS was

DISOBEDIENCE received a juft Recompence of

reward; 3. How shall we ESCAPE, if we NEGLECT so great SALVATION, which at the first began to be spoken by the LORD, and was CONFIRM

ED unto us by them that HEARD him; 4. God also bearing them WITNESS, both with

SIGNS, and WONDERS, and divers MIRACLES, and Gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own Will? Chap. iv. 1. Let us therefore FEAR, lest a Pro. MISE being left us of entring into his Rest,


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