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any of you should seem to come SHORT of

it. 11. Let us LABOUR therefore to ENTER into

that Rest, left any Man FALL after the same

Example of UNBELIEF. Romans i. 16. I am not ASHAMED of the Gos

PEL of Christ: for it is the Power of God unto SALVATION to every one that believ


Rer. v. 9, 13. BLESSING and HONOUR, and

Glory, and Power be unto Him that httèth upon the THRONE, and unto the LAMB for ever and ever : For thou wast SLAIN, and hast REDEEMED us to God by tby BLOOD, out of every Kindred, and Tongue

, and People, and Nation. Amen. Hallelujah.

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Christ is tempted by the Devil : To which is annexed,

the Temptations that Believers are subject to 33 The Calling of the Disciples

36 Christ's INSTRUCTIONS to bis Disciples

38 The Preaching of the Gospel in Galilee by our Saviour 43 The Doctrine of Repentance and Faith

45 1. Of Repentance, and its Effects

46 II. Of Faith, its Nature and Effects


56 58


Christ's SERMON on the Mount

53 Wherein is expressed the Blefledness of 1. The Poor and Humble in Spirit

54 2. Those that mourn for their Sins 3. The Meek 4. Those that hunger and thirst after Righteousness 59 5. Those that are merciful

60 6. The Pure in Heart

61 7. The Peace-makers 8. Those that are perfecuted for Righteousnef's fake

ibid. Of Alms

76 Of Prayer

77 Of Fafting

78 Of Heavenly-mindedness, and against Covetoufness and anxious Cares

79 Against rasha y udging Holy Things not to be exposed to the Contempt of the Profane

85 Of false Prophets and Teachers

87 Christ's Discourse with Nicodemus, of the Necesity of

being born again by the SANCTIFYING and enlightning Influences of the Holy Ghost. To which is annexed, The Description of the New Covenant, or Covenant of Grace in the Old and New Testament

91 of the infinite Mercy of God, in giving his only Son

Christ Jesus to be the Redeemer of the World. And of the Love of Christ, in becoming the Saviour of



all that believe in him, and obey his Commands 94 Christ comes into Judea, where he baptizes. John the

Baptist declares to the Jews, that Jesus was the Mef

fiak that came down from Heaven John the Baptist's Imprisoument by Herod, and is be

headed by his Order Herod's Opinion of Christ


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The MIRACLES wrought by our Saviour. From whence, in many Instances, is represented the

much greater Things that should be effected upon the Souls of those that believe in him

104 Water turned into Wine

ibid. Dispossessing of Devils

105 How BELIEVERS are delivered from the Snares and Power of the DEVIL

ibid. Christ passeth into the Country of the Gergesenes, rebuketh the Winds, &c.

107 He by his Word having allayed the Winds and Waves,

beals the Polesed of Devils in the Country of the Gergefenes

108 A dumb Man possessed of a Devil is healed Christ casteth a Devil out of a lunatick Man, which the Disciples could not cast out

ibid. He cafts out a Devil, and confirms it to be done by

a DIVINE POWER Our Saviour's Discourse of the Blessedness of those that

bear the Word of God and keep it, and the Judgment that foould come upon the impenitent, and those that reject the Light of the GOSPEL

113 The Daughter of the Woman of Canaan vexed with a Devil, is healed




Healing all manner of Sicknesses and Diseases
Christ beals the Ruler's Son
Peter's Wife's Mother is healed of a Fever

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IIS ibid.

116 Divers

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Divers sick Persons healed

ibid. Christ went about all Galilee, preaching the Gospel, and healing all manner of Diseases

117 He cureth a Man of the Palfy

118 A Man that had a withered Hand is healed on the Sabbath Day

119 A Leper healed in Galilee A Leper healed How the Leprosy of Sin is healed and purified ibid. Christ goes through Samaria into Galilee, and healeth

ten Lepers by the Way The Centurion in Capernaum intercedes for his Ser.

vant, that he might be cured of the Palsy 123 Christ returns to the Sea of Galilee, and cures one that was deaf and dumb

I 24 An infirm Woman healed on the Sabbath Day 125 In the Pharisee's Hoase, He heals one of the Dropsy on the Sabbath Day

ibid. Jesus on the Sabbath Day cures him that had an Infirmi

ty Thirty eight Tears, and lay at the Pool of Bethesda. At which the Jews being enraged, Jesus Avows his Deity, that all Judgment was committed to him, and that whosoever BELIEVED on him should have everJASTING Life ; and that he was the promised Messiah, of whom Moses wrote

126 JOHN VI. Christ feedeth Five thousand ; walks upon

the Sea, and commands the Winds and the Waves to be fill. Many are healed by the Touch of bis Garment. He reproveth the fleshly Hearers of his Word;

and declareth bimself to be the Bread of Life 130 Ibe People that were miraculously fed, following Christ

, are instructed not to LABOUR only for the Meat that perisbeth, but chiefly for that SPIRITUAL Food of DiVINE GRACF, which is compared to the Manna with which the Israelites were for forty Tears subfifted in the Wilderness

133 He fødeth Four thousand with seven Loayes 137


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