Some queries to Protestants answered: And an explanation of the Roman Catholick's belief in four great points considered. I. Concerning their church. II. Their worship. III. Justification. IV. Civil government

Printed by J.H. for Luke Meredith, 1686 - 39 sivua

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Sivu 19 - But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gofpel unto you, than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accurfed^.
Sivu 13 - ... for the edifying of the body of Chrift ; till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the meafure of the ftature of the fulnefs of Chrift.
Sivu 28 - God's justice d ; not by which he -himself is just, but by which he makes us just: wherewith being endowed by him, we are renewed in the spirit of our minds; and are not only reputed, but are made truly just, receiving every man his own measure of justice, which the Holy Ghost divides to him, according to each man's predisposition of himself and co-operation'.
Sivu 37 - That the fathers did not so much as touch the matter or thing of transubstantiation," said the Jesuits in prison, as is reported by the author of the ' Modest Discourse;' and the great Erasmus,6 who lived and died in the communion of the Church of Rome...
Sivu 32 - ... granted. But these things are sufficiently known by the complaints of the injured persons. But not only to heretics, but to our friends also we may break our promises, if the pope give us leave. It is a public and an avowed doctrine, that if a man have taken an oath of a thing lawful and honest, and in his power, yet if it hinders him from doing a greater good, the pope can dispense with his oath, and take off the obligation. This is expressly affirmed by one of the most moderate of them, Canush,...
Sivu 32 - Canush, bishop of the Canaries. But beyond dispute, and even without a dispensation, they all of them own it, that if a man have promised to a woman to marry her, and is betrothed to her, and hath sworn it, yet if he will, before the consummation, enter into a monastery, his oath shall not bind him, his promise is null; but his second promise, that shall stand. And he that denies this is accursed by the council of Trent '. Not only husbands and wives espoused may break their vows and mutual...
Sivu 32 - ... that if a man desires carnal pollution, that he may be eased of his carnal temptations, or for his health, it were no sin " : that it is lawful for a man to expose his bastards to the hospital, to conceal his own shame °." He says it out of Soto, and he from Thomas Aquinas : " That, if the times be hard, or the judge unequal, a man that cannot sell his wine at a due price, may lawfully make his measures less than is appointed, or mingle water with his wine, and sell it for pure, so he do not...
Sivu 10 - Extra ecclesiam, nulla solus, and the ancient faith, " he that hath not the Church for his mother cannot have God for his father," would be horrible and shocking to their conceptions.
Sivu 37 - Power he may change Kingdoms, and take them from one and give them to another ; hearsay make and alter, fiifpend and abrogate Civil Laws, as the Chief Spiritual Prince,.
Sivu 33 - Judges, but according to fome true ienie. of their own ; ie which was made true by the help of a Mental.

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