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fin': being conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost, in the womb of the Virgin Mary, of her substance". So that two whole, perfect, and distinct natures, the Godhead and the manhood, were inseparably joined together in one person, without conversion, composition, or confufion. Which person is very God and very man, yet one Christ, the only mediator between God and mano.

III. The Lord Jesus, in his human nature

I Heb. 2. 17. Wherefore in 4. 4. See letter k immediately all things, it behoved him to foregoing. be made like unto his brethren; n Luke 1. 35. See letter m that he might be a merciful immediately foregoing. Col. and faithful high priest in 2. 9. For in him dwelleth all things pertaining to God; to the fulness of the Godhead bomake reconciliation for the fins dily. Rom. 9. 5.

Whose are of the people. Heb. 4. 15. For the fathers, and of whom as we have 100 an high priest concerning the fish, Christ which cannot be touched with came, who is over all, God the feeling of our infirmities; blessed for ever. Amen, i Tin. but was in all points tempted 3. 16. And without controlike as we are, yet without in. versy, great is the mystery of

m Luke 1. 27, 31, 35. To godliness; God was nianifeft in a virgin espoused to a the flch. whose name was Joseph, of o Rom. I. 3, 4 Concernthe house of David; and the ing his Son Jesus Christ our virgin's name was Mary. - Lord, which was made of the And behol thou shalt conceive feed of David according to the in thy womb, and bring forth ficth :-And declared to be the a fon, and shalt call his name Son of God with power accordJesus. And the angel answer- ing to the Spirit of holiness, by ed, and said unto her, 'The the resurrection from the dead. Holy Ghost shall come upon

I Tim 2. 5. For there is one thee, and the power of the God, and one mediator between Highest fhall overshadow thee: God and men, the man Chrift therefore also that holy thing Jesus. which shall be born of thee, ihall be called the Son of God. Gal,


thus united to the divine, was fanctified and anointed with the Holy Spirit above measure”; having in him all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge', in whom it pleased the Father that all fulness should dwell' : to the end that being holy, harmless, undefiled, and full of grace and truth', he might be thoroughly furnished to execute the office of a mediator and surety. Which office he took not unto himself, but was thereunto called by his Father'; who put all power and judgment into his hand, and gave him commandment to execute the fame".

III. p Pfal. 44. 7. -God anointed Jesus of Nazareth thy. God hath anointed thee with the Holy Ghost and with with the oil of gladness, above power ; who went about dothy fellows. John 3. 34. For ing good, and healing all that he whom God hath sent, speak- were oppreffed of the devil : eth the words of God: for God For God was with him. Heb. giveth not the Spirit by measure 12. 24. -And to Jesus the meunto bim,

diator of the new coveuant, 9 Col. 2. 3. In : hom are hid and to the blood sprinkling, all the treasures of wisdom and that speaketh better things than knowledge.

that of Abel. Heb. 7. 22. By r Col. I. 10. For it pleafed so much was Jesus made a surety the Father, that in him should all of a better testament. fulness dwell.

v Heb. 5. 5. Su also Christ [ Heb. 7. 26. For such an glorified not himself, to be high priest became us, who is made an high priest: but he holy, harmless, undefiled, se- that said unto him, Thou art parate from finners, and made my Son, to day have I begotten higher than the heavens thce. John 1. And the Word w John 5. 22, 27. For the was made flesh, and dwelt a Father judgeth no man : but mong us (and we beheld his hath committed all judgment glory, the glory as of the ovly to the Son :---And hath given begotten of the Father) full of him authority to execute judggrace and truth.

ment also, because he is the t Acts 10. 38. How God Son of man, Mat. 28. 18. And


IV. This office the Lord Jesus did most witlingly undertake*, which, that he might discharge, he was made under the lawy, and did perfectly fulfil it', endured most grievous torments imme. diately in his soul”, and most painful sufferings in his bodyb; was crucified and died'; was buried, and remained under the power of death, yet faw no corruption". On the third day he arose from the dead“, with the same body in which he suf

of me.

Jesus came, and spake unto an agony, he prayed more them, saying, All power is earnesly: and his Iweat was given unto me, in heaven and as it were great drops of blood in earth.

falling down to the ground. IV. x Pfal. 40. 7, 8. Then Mat. 27. 46. And about the faid I, Lo, I come; in the vo- ninth hour, Jesus cried with a lume of the book it is written loud voice, saying Eli, Eli,

I delight to do thy Lama Sabachthani; that is to will, O my God, yea, thy law fay, My God, my God, why is within my heart. Phil. 2. 8. haft thou forsaken me? And became obedient unto b Mat, 26 and 27 chapters. death, even the death of the c Phil. 2. 8..--He humbled cross.

himself, and became obedient y Gal. 4. 4. But when the unto death, even the death of fulness of the time was come, the cross. God sent forth his Son, made d Acts 2. 24, 27. Whom of a woman, made under the God hath raised up, having law,

loosed the pains of death : bez Mat. 3. 15. Thus it be cause it was not possible that cometh us to fulfil all righte. he should be holden of it.---ousness. Mat. 5. 17. am Because thou wilt not leave my not come to destroy, but to foul in hell, neither wilt thou fulfil.

fuffer thine holy One to see cora Mat. 26. 37, 38. And ruption. Acts 13. 37. But he he took with him Peter, and whom God raised again, faw no the two sons of Zebedee, and corruption. began to be sorrowful and very e I Cor. 15. 4. He was buheavy.---.Then faith he unto ried, and that he rose again the them, My soul is exceeding third day, according to the forrowful, even unto death. fcriptures. Luke 22. 44. And being in

fered'; with which also he afcended into heaven, and there fitteth at the right hand of his Father", maketh intercession"; and shall return to judge men and angels, at the end of the world.

V.. The Lord Jesus, by his perfect obedience and facrifice of himself, which he through the eternal Spirit once offered up unto God, hath fully satisfied the justice of his Father"; and pur

f John 20. 25, 27.-But he As therefore the tares are gasaid unto them, Except I shall thered and burned in the fire; see in his hands the prints of fo fhail it be in the end of this the nails, and put my fingers world. The Son of man fall into the prints of the nails, and send forth his angels, and they thrust my hand into his side, shall gather out of his kingdom I will not believe. Then saith all things that offend, and them he to Thomas, Reach hither which do iniquity.--And shall thy finger, and behold my całt them into a furnace of fire; hands; and reach hither thy there shall be wailing and hand and thrust it into my gnafhing of teeth. Jude 6. fide: and be not faithless but And the angels which kept not believing

their first eltate, but left their g Mark 16. 19.-He was own habitation, he hath rereceived up into heaven, and served in everlasting chains un. sat on the right hand of God. der darkness, unto the judg

h Rom. 8. 34.-. Who is e ment of the great day. See alven at the right hand of God, fo 2 Pet. 2. 4. and also maketh interceffion V. k Rom. 5. 19. For as by

Where one man's disobedience many fore he is able also to save them were made finners, so by the to the uttermost, that come un- obedience of one, full many be to God by him, seeing he e made righteous. Heb. 9. 14, ver liveth to make interceflion 16. How much more shall ene for them.

blood of Christ, who through i Rom. 14. 9, 10.

For to the eternal Spirit, offered himthis end Christ both died, and self without spoć ro God, purge rose and revived, that he your conscience froin dead might be Lord both of the works to serve the living God? dead and living. For we shall Rom. 3. 25, 26. Whom God all stand before the judgment. hath set forth to be a propitiatifeat of Christ. Acts 1. I1. and on through faith in his blood; IV. 42. Mat. 13, 40, 41, 42. to declare his righteousness for

for us.

Heb. 7. 25 •

chased not only reconciliation, but an everlasting inheritance in the kingdom of heaven, for all those whom the Father hath given unto him'.

VI. Although the work of redemption was not actually wrought by Christ till after his incarnation, yet the virtue, efficacy, and benefits thereof, were communicated unto the elect, in all ages successively from the beginning of the world, in and by those promises, types and sacrifices, wherein he was revealed and fignified to be the feed of the woman, which ihould bruise the serpent's head, and the lamb slain from the beginning of the world, being yesterday and to-day the same and for ever".

the remission of sins that are haft given him. See also Heb. past, through the forbearance 9. 12, 15. of God;---To declare, I say at VI. m Gal. 4. 4, 5.

But this time his righteousness: when the fulness of the time that he might be just, and the was come, God fent forth his justifier of him that believeth Son made of a woman, made in Jesus. Heb. 10. 14. For by under the law, to redeem ene offering he hath perfected them that were under the law, for ever, then that are fancti. that we might receive the afied. See all Eph. 5. 2. doption of sons. Gen. 3. 15.

Eph. I. II, 14. In whom And I will put enmity between also we have obtained an inhe. thee and the woman, and beritance, being prcdestinated tween thy feed and her secd : according to the purpofe of it fail bruise thy head, and him who worketh all things thou shalt bruise his heel. after the counsel of his own Rev. 13. 8. And all that will.--. Which is the earnest of dwell upon the earth shall worour inheritance, until the re- fhip him, whose names are not demption of the purchased pof- written in the book of life of feflion, unto the praise of his the lamb slain from the founglory. John 1?. 2. As thou dation of the world. Heb. 13. haft given him power over all 8. Jesus Christ the same yesflesh; that he should give e- terday, and to-day, and for ternal life to as many as thou


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