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In offering this book to you, I ask indulgence for any errors or omissions. The difficulty of limiting such an important and varied subject to so few pages is my excuse for asking this consideration.

If the facts set forth arouse your interest in the re-establishment of our American merchant marine my mission will be fulfilled.

Could not an adequate merchant marine give to our country its share of world commerce and also train a naval reserve which would make our navy a factor in securing the future peace of the world?

Bernard. Nädalt. Ballers.


January 15th, 1916.




No longer is it necessary for men of patriotic impulses-men whose highest interest is in their country's interest-to plead the importance or preach the necessity of re-creating an American merchant marine. The day for that is past. The ignorant or indifferent condition of the public mind affecting this great national problem has ceased to exist. In its place has come a nation-wide demand that we achieve again our trade independence; that we release ourselves from commercial bondage; that we rehabilitate our shipping industry, and that we once more assume our old position as a sea power.

The pressure of this demand is felt on every hand. The force of this re-awakened sentiment is manifest in every section of the country, east, west, north and south. Whereever American business men gather, whether

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