John Murphy Company, 1916 - 199 sivua

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Sivu 74 - No part of any vessel shall be required by the preceding section to be measured or registered for tonnage that is used for cabins or state-rooms, and constructed entirely above the first deck, which is not a deck to the hull.
Sivu 58 - That nothing in this Act contained shall be so construed as to abrogate or in any manner impair or affect the provisions of the treaty of...
Sivu 160 - Every ship holding a certificate issued under Article 49 or Article 50 is subject, in the ports of the other contracting governments, to control by officers duly authorized by such governments in so far as this control is directed towards verifying that there is on board a valid certificate, and if necessary, that the conditions of the vessel's seaworthiness correspond substantially with the particulars of that certificate...
Sivu 114 - Can this navy be had without restoring the merchant shipping? It is doubtful. History has proved that such a purely military sea power can be built up by a despot, as was done by Louis XIV.; but though so fair seeming, experience showed that his navy was like a growth which having no root soon withers away.
Sivu 58 - The act of 1913 endeavored to revert to the policy of shipping protection by providing "that a discount of 5 per cent on all duties imposed by this act shall be allowed on such goods, wares, and merchandise as shall be imported in vessels admitted to registration under the laws of the United States.
Sivu 52 - Stat., 809,) and it provides : " that from and after the termination of the war in which the United States are now engaged with Great Britain, it shall not be lawful to employ, on board of any public or private vessels of the United States, any person or persons except citizens of the United States, or persons of color, natives of the United States.
Sivu 52 - European war brought forcibly home to all the embarrassing situation in which we were placed by our own legislation. This legislation embarrassed us in the use of our own property at sea, which had been forced by it to employ flags and registers which conformed to statutes but not to actual ownership. Accordingly, the act of August 18, 1914, was passed.
Sivu 53 - ... which shall be proved to the satisfaction of the collector of the district where such boat or vessel shall belong, to be citizens of the United States, or persons not the subjects of any foreign prince or state.
Sivu 160 - ... return voyage to its own country, and then only in cases in which it appears proper and reasonable so to do. The extension cannot have effect for more than five months, and the ship shall not thereby be entitled to leave its own country again without having obtained a new certificate.
Sivu 114 - Such an interest in sea power does not exist, cannot exist here without action by the government. How such a merchant shipping should be built up, whether by subsidies or by free trade, by constant administration of tonics or by free movement in the open air, is not a military but an economical question.

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