The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Nide 23

R. Baldwin, 1754
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Sivu 194 - Whose herds with milk, whose fields with bread, Whose flocks supply him with attire; Whose trees in summer yield him shade, In winter, fire. Blest, who can unconcern'dly find Hours, days, and years, slide soft away In health of body; peace of mind; Quiet by day ; Sound sleep by night; study and ease Together mix'd; sweet recreation, And innocence, which most does please With meditation.
Sivu 194 - ... shade. In winter fire. Blest, who can unconcern'dly find Hours, days, and years slide soft away. In health of body, peace of mind, Quiet by day. Sound sleep by night; study and ease, Together mixt; sweet recreation: And innocence, which most does please With meditation.
Sivu 285 - This commander is a knight of the military order of St. Louis, and named Legardeur de St. Pierre. He is an elderly gentleman, and has much the air of a soldier. He was sent over to take the command immediately upon the death of the late general, and arrived here about seven days before me.
Sivu 351 - Doctor he was come to dine with him. He thanked his Excellency for the honour he conferred on him, and invited him to walk into his (beautiful) gardens; which his Excellency did, with great good humour. They took a turn or two, when the servant came to inform them that dinner was on the table.
Sivu 293 - Tis guilt alarms his foul, and confcience wounds his ear, The village fwain whom Phillis charms, « Whofe breaft the tender paffion warms, Wifhes for thy all-fhadowing veil, To tell the fair his lovefick tale : Nor lefs impatient of the tedious day, She longs to hear his tale, and figh her foul away. Oft by the covert of thy made LEANDER woo'd the THRACIAN maid ; Through foaming feas his paffion bore, Ncr fear'd the ocean's thund'ring roar.
Sivu 520 - Britain, in parliament affembled, beg leave to return your majefty our unfeigned thanks for your moft gracious fpeech from the throne ; and to...
Sivu 285 - I was capable, and told him, I did not think their company agreeable, as I had heard him say a good deal in dispraise of Indians in general: but another motive prevented me from bringing...
Sivu 364 - Profperity, and whofe condition you, fo much envied, after having experienced the error of his choice, is at laft releafed by death from the moft wretched of lives.
Sivu 113 - March last a considerable balance remained in the hands of the vice-treasurers or receivers-general of the kingdom, or their deputy or deputies, unapplied ; and it will be for your majesty's service, and for the ease of your faithful subjects in this kingdom, that so much thereof as can be conveniently spared should be paid, agreeably to your majesty's most gracious intentions, in discharge of part of the national debt.
Sivu 468 - SIPHONS with a calculation, of which they cannot dispute the truth, and will not, I believe, deny the moderation ; and yet perhaps they will be surprised when they see the gross sums.

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