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Lond Mag. Vol. XXIII


aut. Walker Inv, del et Sculp

On Wit and Learning the juft Prize beflow
(For Fame is all we can expect below)
Thefe ever new nor subject to Decays

Spraud and grow brighter by the Length of Days Pope.

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Panted for R Visaldwin at the Rofe in Pater Noster bow.

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F Wit and Learning be two of the greatest Ornaments that the People of any Country can boast, then every Thing that tends to their Production, Improvement, and Prefervation, must be approved and encouraged

by all true Lovers of their Country. That Our UNDERTAKING was originally calculated for this Purpofe, is manifeft; and from the increafing Sale of our MAGAZINE, and the compleat Sets daily called for, we flatter ourselves that we have fucceeded better in the Execution of our Defign, than any others who have gone upon a like Plan.

As we look upon ourselves in the Light of a Cook employed to drefs a Dinner for a numerous Company of all Ranks in Life, and confequently of very different Tastes, we have fometimes been obliged to defcend to what may have been, perhaps, thought too vulgar or low by fome of our Readers; but every one muft fee, that we have dealt lefs in this Sort of Cookery than any of our Rivals; and accordingly we find, that our MAGAZINE is fought after chiefly by thofe of refined Tate and Judgment. To fuch we fhall always be proud of doing any Thing that may




be agreeable, and therefore fhall continue to give all fuch original Pieces of folid Learning, or true Wit, as may be communicated to us by our Correfpondents, and, as often as we have Room, fome Extracts, by Way of Specimen, from fuch new Productions, both Foreign and Domestick, as may deserve either of thefe Characters.

By fo doing we fhall anfwer one of the chief Ends of our UNDERTAKING; for, from modern as well as ancient Experience, it is known, that a Book of infinite Merit may lie many Years neglected, if no proper Method be taken to recommend it to the Notice of Mankind; and as every Gentleman has by our Means a ready Way of giving a Proof of his Genius to the Publick, it is to be hoped, that the Number of our ingenious Correfpondents will daily increafe. To thefe we have been already, and fhall always think ourselves highly obliged, for the Communication of whatever they fhall think worthy of publick Notice.



RUTH recommending to FAME the LONDON MAGAZINE, on which VIRTUE beftows her Sanction and Applaufe. The Figure reprefenting FAME is enthroned under a ftately Canopy, and crowned with a Laurel Wreath. In the Distance is fhewn a Group of Figures, reprefenting the ARTS and SCIENCES, who, in their Approach to the Goddefs, trample under Feet the Implements of IGNORANCE and FOLLY, expreffed by hieroglyphick Emblems.

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