The World, Nide 2

J. Dodsley, 1772
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Sivu 109 - And when it was day, certain of the Jews banded together, and bound themselves under a curse, saying that they would neither eat nor drink till they had killed Paul.
Sivu 287 - ... this occasion be so uncourteous, as to suspect me of being a hired and interested puff of this work ; for I most solemnly protest, that neither Mr. Johnson, nor any person employed by him, nor any bookseller or booksellers concerned in the success of it, have ever offered me the usual compliment of a pair of gloves or a bottle of wine; nor has even Mr.
Sivu 210 - For here is a gentleman, the son of a layman (I speak to general cases), is sent to the university, and takes orders. He has interest perhaps to get two or more livings, and hires a person, who is as deserving...
Sivu 284 - ... by and with the authority of one or other of our word-books.
Sivu 139 - And here, as he assures you the grass is short, you are led through all the pleasures of unconnected variety, with this recommendation, that it is but a little way from the Palladian portico to the Gothic tower; from the Lapland to the Chinese house; or from the temple of Venus to the hermitage.
Sivu 229 - I discovered that this cooling and refreshing draught was composed of the strongest mountain wine, lowered indeed with a very little lemon and water, but then heightened again by a quantity of those comfortable aromatics, nutmeg and ginger ! Dinner, which had been called for more than once with some impatience, was at last brought up, upon the Colonel's threatening perdition to the master and all the waiters of the house, if it was delayed two minutes longer. We sat down without ceremony...
Sivu 268 - WAS quite thunderftruck at this intelligence,and accufed the wretch who brought it me as the vileft of men. He fell upon his knees, conjuring me not to think him capable of any defign in. what was done, and vowing to facrifice his life and fortune to reinftate me in the good opinion of, my friends.
Sivu 159 - Every hour which was not appropriated to one of these accomplishments, was spent in the ensnaring practice of reading novels and romances : of which Clelia was her favourite, and the hero of it continually in her head. Whilst Clarinda was thus accomplishing...
Sivu 170 - I may be allowed to fpeak a little plainer. The privilege of high birth is to do every thing you have a mind to do. It is a maxim with the men to attempt every thing, and -with the women to refufe but one thing.
Sivu 285 - Europe, to the degree of making it almost an universal one, was always reckoned among the glories of the reign of Lewis the fourteenth. But be it remembered, that the...

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