Shantung Christian University (Cheeloo)

United Board for Christian Colleges in China, 1955 - 281 sivua

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Sivu 4 - Those who quietly profess and teach these doctrines shall not be harassed or persecuted on account of their faith. Any person, whether citizen of the United States or Chinese convert, who, according to these tenets, peaceably teaches and practices the principles of Christianity shall in no case be interfered with or molested therefor.
Sivu 2 - Hankow, not exceeding three in number, as the British Minister, after consultation with the Chinese Secretary of State, may determine shall be ports of entry and discharge. ART. XI. — In addition to the cities and towns of Canton, Amoy, Foochow, Ningpo, and Shanghai...
Sivu 3 - They shall enjoy the same privileges, advantages, and immunities, at the said towns and ports, as they enjoy at the ports already opened to trade, including the right of residence, of buying or renting houses, of leasing land therein, and of building churches, hospitals, and cemeteries.
Sivu 54 - ... 1. To abolish the essay system of examination which had been in vogue for the last five hundred years. 2. To establish a University for the study of Western science in Peking, 3. To convert temples into schools for Western education. 4. To establish a Translation Board whereby books on Western learning are to be translated into Chinese. 5. To establish a Patent Office for the encouragement of everything that is new and useful. 6. To protect Christianity without any further evasions. 7. To make...
Sivu 2 - In affixing his signature to the convention of this day between Her Majesty, the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and the United States of America, the Earl Russell declares, by order of Her Majesty, that Her Majesty does not intend thereby to undertake any engagement which shall have any bearing, direct or indirect, on the internal differences now prevailing in the United States.
Sivu 73 - ... the language and literature of our country, but we have seen few Chinese who know much about Western literature; although they often meet face to face with foreigners, they do not seem to grasp their full meaning in conversation. In this way many opportunities are lost and much business is delayed. Generally speaking, English is the language of shopkeepers, and French is the language of diplomacy.
Sivu 3 - Cheh-Kiang and Shanghai in the Province of Kiang-su, and any other port or place hereafter by treaty with other powers or with the United States opened to commerce, and to reside with their families and trade there...
Sivu 14 - The little pupil is enlightened on the progressive nature of numbers ; the designations of the heavenly bodies ; the " three relations " between prince and minister, father and son, man and wife ; the four seasons ; the four directions ; the five elements ; the five cardinal virtues ; the six kinds of grain ; the six domestic animals ; the seven passions ; the eight kinds of music ; the nine degrees of relationship and the ten moral duties.
Sivu 124 - Some Suggestions for the Reform of Chinese Literature," which was followed by an article on "A Revolution in Literature
Sivu 73 - ... foreigner overcome him, he will not believe it ; should he devise means for his overthrow, he will not perceive it; should he warn him, he will not hear; should he be swallowed, he will not know it ; should the foreigner ruin him, he will not see it. If this is not being blind and deaf, what is it? Let the young men who have not yet entered upon their official career study foreign languages, and not be discouraged at the outset. The older men can learn from translated books. It is more expedient...

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