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Sivu 298 - The hunter still the deer pursues— The hunter and the deer a shade." To the Indian the prospect of his own paradise was CHAP. dear, "We raise not our thoughts," they would say —^ to the missionaries, " to your heaven ; we desire only the paradise of our ancestors.
Sivu 161 - and silence, he knelt down, And offered to the Mightiest solemn thanks And supplication." At the end of the half-hour, they went to seek him, and he was no more. The good missionary,
Sivu 415 - and English counteracting authority, unbiased by hostility to England, bore true testimony that "the British government constantly checked the attempts of Virginia to put a stop Madison to this infernal traffic.
Sivu 158 - sands the trail of men ; a little footpath was discerned 25. leading into a beautiful prairie ; and, leaving the canoes, Joliet and Marquette resolved alone to brave a meeting with the savages. After walking six miles, they beheld a village on the banks of a river, and two others on a slope, at a distance of a mile and a
Sivu 105 - parliament was asserted by declaring illegal, null, and void, every colonial act or usage, present or future, which might be in any wise repugnant " to this present act, or to any other law hereafter to be made in the kingdom, so far as such law shall relate to the plantations.
Sivu 157 - the Wisconsin. They reach the water-shed ;— uttering a special prayer to the immaculate Virgin, they leave the streams that, flowing onwards, could have borne their greetings to the castle of Quebec ;— already they stand by the Wisconsin. "The guides returned," says the gentle Marquette, "leaving us alone, in this unknown land,
Sivu 383 - exchequer, by the labor and produce of this kingdom, as immense quantities of every kind of our manufactures go thither ; and, as they increase in the foreign American trade, more of our produce will be wanted. This is taxing them more agreeably to their own constitution and laws.
Sivu 313 - with the skill and manners of the barbarians, the character of the drawing suggests its Algonquin origin. Scandinavians may have reached the shores of Labrador ; the soil of the United States has not one vestige of their presence.
Sivu 121 - colonized New England ; and religious enthusiasm founded Montreal, made a conquest of the wilderness on the upper lakes, and explored the Mississippi. Puritanism gave New England its worship, and its schools; the Roman church created for Canada its altars, its hospitals, and its seminaries. The influence of Calvin can be traced in every New England village;
Sivu 168 - framed a cabin on the first Chickasa bluff; as he raised the cross by the Arkansas ; as he planted the arms of France near the Gulf of Mexico;—he anticipated the future affluence of emigrants, and heard in the distance the footsteps of the advancing multitude that were coming to take possession of the valley.

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