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P A T E N T S.

From January 2nd to December 30th, 1855.

These Patents all bear date as of the day on which the Patents for the several Inventions were sealed.

It is frequently difficult to make an abstract of the lengthy descriptions given by the patentees of their inventions, sufficiently short for the purposes of this list and yet sufficiently accurate to indicate exactly the nature of the invention. It is hoped, how. ever, that sufficient is given to afford to an inquirer the means of making more accurate researches in the official records.

Abadie, screw propellers, Feb. 20

Arkell, purifying oils, Mar. 23
Abbott, stays, Aug. 3

Armelin, ploughs, Nov. 16
Abell, writing instrument, April 18 Armitage, sail cloth, &c., Oct. 30
Abraham, draining, May 22

Armstrong, railway chairs, &c., May 8 Acklin, looms, Oct. 30

Arnold, ornamental bricks, Mar. 6 Acres, wheat drying, Feb. 9.

Arrive, safety valves, June 12 Acres, atmospheric air, Oct. 30

Ashton, safety valves, April 24 Adams, ventilator, Jan. 23

Ashworth, railway apparatus, Jan. 12 Adams, railway rails, &c., Mar. 20

Ashworth, spinning, &c., June 22 Adams, fire-arms, Mar. 20

Ashworth, spinning machine, Nor. 9 Adams, printing machines, April 3 A spinall, sugar refining, &c., Nov. 9 Adams, elastic springs, April 13

Asprey, dressing-case handles, May 4 Adams, vessel propulsion, July 10

Atherton, yarn machinery, Jan. 12 Adcock, tobacco stalk application, May 1 Atherton, fabric temples, June 12 Adcock, alcoholic liquids, Oct. 26

Atkin, water measuring, Mar, 27 Addenbrooke, envelope folding, Nov. 23 Atkinson, sulphate of soda, Nov. 16 Adkins, bleaching, June 12

A ubury, portable gas, June 1 Alexandre, organ pianos, April 24 Austen, night lights, &c., Nov. 9 Allman, generating steam, December 28 Avery, metallic cutting, June 5 Aitken, spinning machines, Sept. 7 Avery, heavy weight conveyance, Sept. 4 Alderman, invalid couches, &c., Oct. 5 A very, steam engines, Dec. 7 Aldridge, liquid meters, Nov. 9

A visse, revolving shafts, Aug. 14 Alexandre, concertinas, Jan. 26

Babcock, printing presses, Sept. 25 Allan, electricity, April 3

Bach, sash frames, May 25 Allan, motive power, July 29

Bachhoffner, fire places, June 8 Allen, bar iron rolling, Aug. 3

Bagary, sawing apparatus, May 18 Allen, steam engines, Oct. 15

Bagray, knitting machinery, Oct. 12 Allen, steam valves, Oct. 19

Bailey, knitted fabrics, Sept. 25 Allen, air valve, Oct. 26

Baines, railways, Aug. 10 Allen, alkaline salts, Oct. 26

Baker, sewing machines, Nov. 9 Alleyne, railway breaks, Nov. 16

Bakewell, hot air, Dec. 7 Amies, thread winding, July 3

Bakewell, fire-arms, Dec. 7 Andemars, vegetable fibres, April 17 Balan, transporting passengers, Oct. 19 Anderson, sewer purifying, June 12 Balk, grain crushing, July 27 Anderson, locomotive engines, April 13 Ball, drills, Jan. 12 Anderson, advertisement exhibiting, July 13 Ball, warp fabrics, Sept. 25 Anderson, ship steering, July 20

Balmain, chemicals, Sept. 14 Anger, metallic alloy, Sept. 14

Banks, railway stoppers, Mar. 2 Anger, vegetable preserving, Sept. 28 Banks, bleaching yarns, &c., July o Archer, chemicals, June 12

Bauwens, soap, Jan. 8 Aresti, stone drawings, Oct. 5

Barber, mangles, Nov. 20

Barclay, telescopes, Feb. 27

Bellford, steam engines, Dec. 7 Barling, steam engines, Dec. 21

Bellford, screw fastenings, Dec. 7 Barlow, fibrous cleaning, Feb. 27

Bellford, pulverizing quartz, Dec. 7 Barlow, cotton machine, July 31

Bellford, heating gases, Dec. 18 Barnard, vegetable cutters, April 5

Belmer, warming apparatus, May 11 Barmingham, railway rails, June 22 Bemrose, paper perforating, June 8 Barraclough, clog soles, &c., Mar. 23 Ben 'Jamin, gas, Dec. 21 Barrett, threshing machines, May 29 Bennett, gold leaf, Mar. 27 Barrows, loaf, &c. cutters, Jan. 16

Bensen, sugar refining, May 18 Barrows, treating wool, Nov. 26

Bentall, steam engine, Apr. 3 Barsham, mineral crushing, April 13 Bentall, harrows, June 26 Bartlett, stone drilling, Nov. 13

Benvenuti, typography, Dec. 7
Basebe, paper, Dec. 7

Berard, gas, Feb. 9
B:sford, coal gas purifying, Sept. 18 Bere, steam boilers, Sept. 18
Bataille, weaving looms, Aug. 28

Bergh, rotary engines, Mar. 9
Baudouin, electric telegraphs, June 19 Bernard, boots and shoes, Feb. 9
Baxter, reaping machines, Nay 4

Bernard, combs, Feb. 13 Bazaine, railway on roads, April 20

Bernard, boots and shoes, Feb. 23 Beard, labels, &c., June 26

Bernard, feet protectors, May 11 Beardmore, railway axles, Jan. 12

Bernard, boots and shoes, Sept. 7 Beasley, gun barrels, Jan. 26

Bernot, cutting files, Mar. 27 Beauclerk, tilling, &c. machinery, Sept. 26 Berry, spinning mules, May 8 Beaumont, revolvers, May 11

Bertinetti, safety projectile, Dec. 21 Beaumont, wheat flour meal, Oct. 30 Bertram, iron ships, &c., June 12 Beckett, spiuning machine, Dec. 28 Besley, metallic alloy, Nov.9 Behn, casting moulds, May 29

Besnard, print fixing, April 24 Bell, air springs, April 24

Bessemer, guns, Jan. 26 Bell, lucifer matches, June 12

Bessemer, iron and steel, Mar. 27 Bellay, china, &c. manufacture, Nov. 23 Bessemer, ordnance, Apr. 17 Bellford, engraving, Jan. 26

Bessemer, screw propellers, Dec. 18 Bellford, combustible gas, Jan. 30

Bessemer, cast steel, Dec. 18 Bellford, washing paper, Mar. 6

Bessemer, ordnance, Dec. 18 Bellford, fire-arms, Mar. 9

Bessemer, shaping metals, Dec. 18 Bellford, electro clocks, Mar. 9

Bessemer, railway wheels, Dec. 18 Bellford, mathematical instruments, Mar. 9 Bethell, preserving, Dec. 28 Bellford, stone drilling, Mar. 9

Betjemann, extending tables, Nov. 13 Bellford, tanning, Mar. 13

Betteley, ship fastenings, May 1 Bellford, sliding door lock, April 19 Betteley, ships' anchors, Dec. 7 Bellford, trip bammers, April 24

Betteley, iron knees, Dec. 11 Bellford, cementing, &c., May 8

Bickerton, gaslight regulator, Feb. 6 Bellford, sewing machines, May 15

Bickerton, oil lubricator, Nov. 26 Bellford, paddle wheels, July 13

Biddell, grinding machine, Nov. 26 Bellford, forging nuts, &c., July 13 Biden, smoke prevention, May 8 Bellford, vessel hulls, July 13

Biden, marine steam engines, Sept. 14 Bellford, railway breaks, Aug. 24

Bielefeld, saddle-trees, Dec. 28
Bellford, soda manufacture, Aug. 24 Biggart, engine regulator, Mar. 27
Bellsord, oscillating steam engine, Aug. 24 Billing, castors, Feb. 27
Bellford, butt hinges, Aug. 24

Billing, water-proof paper, Mar. 2
Bellford, wind instruments, Sept. 12 Binks, water raiser, Mar. 30
Bellford, engine governor, Sept. 18 Binns, steam valves, July 17
Bellford, pumps, Oct. 9

Birch, iron, Dec. 29 Bellford, seamless garments, Oct. 19 Bird, reverberating furnaces, Jan. 12 Bellford, gas regulator, Oct. 23

Bird, biscuits, Nov. 13
Bellford, weighing machines, &c., Oct. 23 Bishop, parcel labelling, Jan. 9
Bellford, slide valves, Oct. 26

Bishop, hinges, June 22
Bellford, steam engine regulator, Nov. 3 Black, axles, shafts, &c., Oct. 12
Bellford, ordnance, Nov. 3

Blackburn, pipes, Apr. 17
Bellford, grinding mills, Nov. 13

Blackburn, pipes, Aug. 28 Bellford, envelope machinery, Nov. 23 Blaikie, machine driving belts, Apr. 24 Bellford, bats for felting, Dec. 7

Blair, hats, &c., June 22 Bellford, rotary engines, Dec. 7

Blake, door, &c., frames, Jan. 26

Blake, collision at sea prevention, Apr. 3 Blakeley, ordnance, May 18 Blanchard, motive power, Apr. 24 Blanchard, timber bending, Sept. 25 Blumenthal, meat preserving, May 29 Blundell, surgical apparatus, Feb. 9 Blunt, artificial fuel, June 29 Blyth, papier maché trays, &c., Nov. 13 Blythe, soda, &c., manufacture, Apr. 20 Boase, substance drying, Sept. 25 Boby, winnowing machines, Aug. 28 Bodley, revolving cannon, Apr. 20 Bodmer, rotary steam engines, Oct. 30 Boissonneaud, artificial eyes, Jan. 23 Bonnall, oil-holding apparatus, Apr. 13 Bonnet, weaving, Dec. 21 Booth, fabric dressing, June 29 Borland, spinning machines, Jan. 23 Botta, beer brewing, Oct. 2 Botta, mixed furnaces, Nov. 23 Boucher, powder flasks, Nov. 26 Bougereau, roasting coffee, Dec. 18 Bourne, photographic apparatus, Sept. 25 Bousfield, machinery, Jan. 12 Bousfield, wheels and pulleys, Jan. 12 Bousfield, steam boilers, Feb. 23 Bousfield, leather splitting, Mar. 2 Bousfield, looms and rollers, Apr. 13 Bousfield, hydro-carbon lamps, July 10 Bousfield, wool preparing, July 24 Bousfield, wrought nails, July 24 Bousfield, cutting wood, Dec. 21 Bouwens, rotary engine, A pr. 17 Bow, foundry blacking, June 22 Bowden, book headbands, June 29 Bowley, boots and shoes, Aug. 28 Bowron, glass tiles, Oct. 30 Boyd, ship's course indicator, Oct. 26 Boyd, letter-press machine, Nov. 30 Boyle, light reflectors, June 5 Brade, gold lace, &c., Apr. 20 Bradshaw, time-pieces, April 24 Brandon, fabric cutting, May 29 Brandon, warming apparatus, Oct. 23 Brant, railway rail-laying, Nov. 16 Branwell, steam engines, Mar. 6 Brazier, revolving fire-arms, June 5 Brickless, woven fabrics, Aug. 14 Bridge, power looms, June 26 Bridgewater, railways, Dec. 11 Bridson, fabric finishing, June 29 Briggs, yarn, &c., gassing, May 11 Briggs, fuel, May 29 Briggs, carriage springs, July 27 Bright, lamps, Sept. 18 Bright, fluid supplies, Nov. 26 Britten, writing copyer, June 22 Britten, chimney machine, Sept. 10 Broadbent, steam engines, July 6 Broadbent, cutting machine, Dec. 28 Brodie, tongs, vices, &c., Aug. 24

Brooke, smoke consumers, Feb. 6 Brooman, heating fabrics, Jan. 12 Brooman, machinery, Jan. 19 Brooman, motive power, Feb. 9 Brooman, spinning frames, Feb. 13 Brooman, centrifugal machines, April 17 Brooman, thread, May 4 Brooman, gums, &c., June 26 Brooman, hydraulic power, July 17 Brooman, bottle, &c., stoppers, Aug. 7 Brooman, spinning rollers, Aug. 14 Brooman, projectiles, Aug. 28 Brooman, fatty matters, Oct. 5 Brooman, cotton, &c., dyeing, Nov. 13 Brooman, mortar, &c., casting, Nov. 23 Brooman, figured net, Nov. 26 Brown, velvet cutting, Mar. 20 Brown, silk preparing, May 29 Brown, paper, Aug. 10 Brown, printing machinery, Aug. 17 Brown, metal casks, Dec. 28 Browne, wrapper or coat, April 3 Buchanan, weaving, Mar. 13 Buchanan, weaving, heddles, &c., Sept. 14 Buckler, fencings, Nov. 3 Bullough, looms, May 18 Bullouch, warping, Dec. 28 Bulmer, wool combing, &c., July 3 Buncle, resinous soap, Aug. 3 Bunning, steam engines, Sept. 18 Burch, pulp manufacture, Feb. 23 Burdess, oil feeders, Oct. 12 Burgess, reaping, &c., machines, Jan. 26 Burke, pulp for paper, Dec. 7 Burke, preparing fibres, Dec. 7 Burley, dovetailing, June 26 Burnard, superphosphate lime, July 3. Burnard, boots and shoes, Sept. 14 Burns, ship ventilation, Jan. 26 Butcher, forge hammers, Nov. 3 Butt, night lights, May 29 Butt, rotary steam engine, Nov. 13 Caddick, furnaces, July 3 Caird, steam engines, Nov. 16 Caldow, vegetable cutting, Sept. 4 Callan, iron protectors, Jan. 12 Callan, galvanic batteries, Feb. 27 Callan, galvanic batteries, May 4 Calvert, iron slags, &c., Jan. 30 Calvert, iron slags, Nov. 13 Calvert, copper slags, Dec. 21 Campain, corn, &c., sacks, Oct. 30 Campion, knitting machinery, May 29 Cantelo, ordnance, Feb. 2 Carless, paper cloth, Aug. 14 Carlhian, moderator lamps, July 24 Carlhian, soda water, &c., Oct. 5 Carlhian, moderator lamps, Nov. 30 Carnell, bricks, May 29 Carney, power loom, Feb. 2 Carpenter, buckle, Jan. 26

Carr, steering apparatus, Jan. 30
Carr, railway crossings, June 29
Carre, ornamenting fabrics, July 31
Carrett, motive power, July 3
Carter, fire-arms, April 24
Carter, furnaces, &c., June 26
Cartwright, steam cock, Nov. 9
Cartel, lamp burners, July 24
Castels, chemicals, Jan. 19
Chabot, air furnaces, Mar. 20
Chalmers, railway breaks, Mar. 30
Chambers, cotton beetling, Mar. 20
Chameroy, metal pipes, Jan. 9
Chance, glass tubes, &c., April 17
Chance, glass, May 22
Chance, glass flattening, Nov. 13
Chance, casting, Nov. 26
Chantrell, charcoal, Dec. 7
Chaplin, steam boilers, Oct. 5
Chapman, electric light, June 12
Chapins, weaving harness, Feb. 6
Chase, lozenge machine, Dec. 18
Chateauneuf, washing apparatus, Feb. 20
Chattaway, railway buffing, &c., Sept. 18
Chaudet, gutta percha, April 24
Chaunce, cotton machinery, Feb. 13
Chesterman, knives, Sept. 25
Chevron, fabric machinery, May 15
Childs, pipes and tubes, April 20
Chippindall, pencil case, April 17
Chippendale, steam boilers, May 11
Chittenden, fluid measuring, Aug. 17
Choisnet, moderateur lamps, July 13
Christie, portable dwelling, Nov. 13
Chubb, ship building, Mar. 20
Church, ordnance improvement, Jan. 12
Cirvi, musical instruments, Jan. 26.
Clabburn, shawls, &c., Feb. 6
Clark, anchors, June 8
Clark, globes, Sept. 7
Clark, lighting, Oct. 26
Clark, boots and shoes, Nov. 26
Clarke, glove colouring, Mar. 27
Clarke, looped fabrics, May 11
Clarke, metallic reels, Oct. 30
Clarke, looped fabrics, Oct. 30
Claudet, stereoscopes, May 8
Claudot, improved stucco, June 15
Clay, bar iron application, Aug. 14
Clay, forged iron, Sept. 18
Clay, bar iron, Dec. 14
Clayton, wood ornamenting, Mar. 20
Clegg, loom temples, July 31
Clewe, locomotive engines, &c., Sept. 10
Clowes, horse muzzle, Feb. 23
Coates, railways, July 6
Cochaud, gaseous liquids, Dec. 18
Cochran, potter's clay, Sept. 4
Cockcroft, fabric printing, Feb. 27
Cockcroft, letter box, Oct, 23
Coffin, stop-cocks, Aug. 3


Coignet, waterproof tissues, Oct. 19
Coleman, land rollers, &c., Aug. 28
Coles, boots and shoes, Dec. 28
Collett, power transmitting, May 25
Collier, pile fabrics, Jan. 16
Collier, pile fabrics, Jan. 19
Collier, looms, Mar. 20
Collier, weaving looms, July 31
Collier, plush, &c. weaving, Oct. 30
Collinge, spring hinges, Mar. 27
Collins, bricks and tiles, Mar. 27
Comstock, trip hammers, June 12
Coney, gun locks, June 1
Congreve, iron, Sept. 10
Conner, railway communicating, Sept. 28
Cook, weaving fabrics, Mar. 27
Cook, filings separating, July 3
Cook, ventilation, July 31
Cooke, food preservation, Nov. 20
Cooley, gloves, Feb. 13
Cooley, hats, Dec. 7
Cooper, earthenware pipes, April 5
Cooper, joiner’s braces, Sept.
Colt, cartridges, Aug. 14
Colt, fire-arms, Aug. 17
Corbitt, ventilation, &c., Sept. 25
Corner, brushes, Oct. 5
Cornforth, hooks and eyes, Dec. 28
Cornides, transparent gelatine, Mar, 23
Cornides, gold, &c. amalgamating, April 17
Cornides, glass covering, June 12
Cornides, leather, &c. coating, Oct. 2
Cossage, soap, July 16
Cossus, oil treating, Aug. 3
Cottam, iron bedsteads, June 22
Cottam, iron buildings, June 22
Cottam, hay racks, &c., Aug. 10
Coulson, morticing machinery, May 11
Coulson, sulphate of baryta, Aug. 28
Coulson, ventilating mines, Oct. 12
Court, rockets, June 5
Cowley, paper, Oct. 15
Cowper, hat felting, &c., Jan. 30
Cowper, silk waste spinning, April 3
Crabtree, wool combing, &c., Feb. 9
Craig, railway wheels, April 5
Craig, smoke consuming, April 20
Craig, railway axle boxes, May 18
Craig, railway buffer cases, June 22
Cram, coating composition, June 26
Crampton, furnaces, Sept. 25
Crane, products from peat, July 27
Crapelet, cannon tompions, June 12
Crews, disinfecting compounds, July 6
Crichton, rolling metals, Jan. 8
Crickmoy, fire-arms, May 18
Crosland, engine regulators, Feb. 6
Crosley, cannon waddings, April 5
Crossley, printing blocks, Mar. 13
Crowley, malleable cast iron, Oct. 2
Crozier, fire extinguisher, June 22


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