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War with Russia - continued.

War with Russia-continued.
peror of Russia proceeds to the Crimea Varna, 81; resignation of General Can-
to inspect the actual state of the armies, robert, 90; capture of a place d'arma,
[266]; the allies attack and take Kin- 94; the expedition to Kertch and the
burn, [276]; the light squadron again Sea of Azoff, 95, 96, 104; capture of the
sweeps the shores of the Sea of Azoff

, Mamelon, 97; failure of the attack on

the Redan and Malakoff, 105-109;
The Campaign in Asia.-Neglect death of Lord Raglan, 109; bombard.
and corruption of the Turkish officials ; ment of Sweaborg, the Russian account,
General Williams appointed British 130; battle of the Tchernaya, 131;
Commissioner with the Turkish army;

destruction of a Russian man-of-war,
his great and successful exertions to re- 143; capture of the Malakoff, 143;
medy these disorders (270]; Kars forti- fall of Sebastopol, 143; Prince Gort-
fied and provisioned ; the Russians lay schakoff's account, 145; cavalry engage-
siege to the place, cut off all the com- ment near Eupatoria, 152; defeat of the
munications, and starve the town ; but Russians at Kars, 157; capture of Kin-
General Mouravieff, alarmed by the ru- burn, 158 ; defeat of the Russians by
moured relief under Omar Pasha, orders Omar Pasha, 176.
a general assault; heroic conduct of the Incidents of the War.- Sailing of the
defenders, and the Russians are repulsed Baltic fleet, 60; completion of the Cri-
with prodigious loss (271); despatch of mean telegraph, 81; the Queen's address
General Williams (272); the Russians, to the Crimean army on the capture of
nevertheless, persevere in their blockade; Sebastopol ; form of prayer and thanks-
the garrison and inhabitants are reduced giving for the victory; reception of the
to famine, and surrender on favourable news in England, 146 ; trophies of Se-
terms [274]; the prisoners are treated bastopol, list of the cannon, shot, shell,
with chivalrous courtesy [278] ; pro- stores, &c. found in the city, 167; visit
ceedings of Omar Pasha's army; he of the young Emperor of Russia to the
lands at Redoute Kalé, and advances on army in the Crimea, 173; dreadful ex-
Kutais; defeats the Russians on the plosion in the French camp before
Ingour (277).

Sebastopol, 175. See Russia --VIENNA,
Telegraphic Despatches. — Defeat of THE CONFERENCES AT.
the Russians at Eupatoria, 39; death of WEATHER, Tos-State of the Weather at
the Emperor of Russia, 49; commence- the opening of the year, 1; severe wea-
ment of the bombardment of Sebastopol, ther in January, amusements in the
in April, 71 ; capture of eight mortars Parks, accidents, 23; dense fog in Lon.
by the French, 80; completion of the don, 175; the weather at the end of the
electric telegraph from Sebastopol to


year, 205,

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