The Russian Civil War

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"The best book ever written on the Russian civil war. A first-rate work of scholarly synthesis." —Robert McNeal

In St. Petersburg on October 25, 1917, the A commanding chronicle of the three Bolshevik Party stormed the capital city and turbulent years that brought the ironfisted seized the power over the Russian Provisional Soviet regime to political power. Government, which had been operating ineffectively since the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II eight months before. That October Revolution began the Russian Civil War, which in three years would cost the largest country in the world more than seven million lives.

It was an apocalyptic struggle, replete with famine and pestilence, but out of the struggle a new social order would rise: The Soviet Union. Mawdsley offers a lucid, superbly detailed account of the men and events that shaped twentieth century communist Russia. He draws upon a wide range of sources to recount the military course of the war, as well as the hardship the conflict brought to a country and its people—for the victory and the reconstruction of the state under the Soviet regime came at a painfully high economic and human price.

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Hands up: Who knew that American forces once invaded Russia?The Russian Civil War, writes Mawdsley (Modern History/Glasgow Univ.; Thunder in the East: The Nazi-Soviet War, 1941-1945, 2006, etc ... Lue koko arvostelu


Spreading the Revolution
Soviet Russia and the Central
The Allies in Russia October 1917November 1918
Siberia and the Urals FebruaryNovember 1918
Sovdepia and
Kolchaks Offensive November 1918June 1919
Kolchak JuneNovember
The Armed Forces of South Russia November
Sovdepia November 1918
The End of Denikin November 1919March 1920
Siberia November 1919October
The Soviet Zone
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Evan Mawdsley has written numerous books on Russian history, including The Soviet Elite from Lenin to Gorbachev; Thunder in the East: The Nazi-Soviet War 1941-1945 and The Stalin Years. He is Professor of Modern History at Glasgow University.

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