Golden Horrors: An Illustrated Critical Filmography of Terror Cinema, 1931-1939

McFarland, 3.9.2015 - 528 sivua
From the grindhouse oddities to major studio releases, this work details 46 horror films released during the genre’s golden era. Each entry includes cast and credits, a plot synopsis, in-depth critical analysis, contemporary reviews, time of release, brief biographies of the principal cast and crew, and a production history. Apart from the 46 main entries, 71 additional “borderline horrors” are examined and critiqued in an appendix.

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Golden horrors: an illustrated critical filmography of terror cinema, 1931-1939

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Horror film is an increasingly visible topic of research, as demonstrated by these two books, which attempt to balance textual analysis and historical inquiry with different degrees of success ... Lue koko arvostelu


The Films
Borderline Horrors Lost Films and Foreign Exclusions
The Ten Best Films from The Golden Age of Horror

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Psychometrist Bryan Senn’s work has appeared in Filmfax, Cult Movies, Shivers, Midnight Marquee Press and Monsters from the Vault. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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