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ledge, and hang it as a jewel upon their ear. in Christ, from whose infinite wisdom both
Those that Christ teacheth, say, as, Isa. ii. men and angels light their lamp.
3, “Come let us go up to the mountain of 3. See the misery of man in the state of
the Lord, and he will teach us of his ways, nature. Before Christ come to be their pro-
and we will walk in them;" and, as Acts x. phet they are enveloped with ignorance and

“We are all here present before God, to darkness. Men know nothing in a salvifical hear all things commanded."

sanctified manner, they know nothing as 6. Christ, when he teacheth, doth not only they ought to know, I Cor. viii. 2. This is illuminate, but animate. He doth so teach, sad. 1. Men in the dark cannot discern coas he doth quicken, John viii. 12, “I am the lours : so in the state of nature they cannot light of the world;" he that follows me discern between morality and grace,--they shall have lumen vitæ,—the light of life. take one for the other, pro dea nubem.-2. By nature we are dead, therefore unfit for In the dark the greatest beauty is hid, -let teaching; who will make an oration to the there be rare flowers in the garden, and picdead? But Christ teacheth them that are tures in the room, yet in the dark their dead, he gives the light of life. As when beauty is veiled over,—so, though there be Lazarus was dead, Christ said, “Come such transcendent beauty in Christ as forth:” and he made the dead to hear, “ La. amazeth the angels, a man in the state of zarus came forth :" so when Christ saith to nature sees none of this beauty. What is the dead soul, come forth of the grave of un- Christ to him, or heaven to him ? The veil belief, he hears Christ's voice, and comes is upon his heart.-3. A man in the dark is forth, it is the light of life. The philosophers in danger every step he goes: so a man in say, calor et lux concrescunt,--light and heat the state of nature is in danger, every step, increase together.

"Tis true here, where of falling into hell. Thus it is before Christ Christ comes with his light, there is the heat teacheth us; nay, the darkness in which a of the spiritual life going along with it. sinner is, while in an unregenerate state, is

Use lst. Of information. 1. See here an worse than natural darkness, for natural argument of Christ's Divinity: had he not darkness affrights, Gen. xv. 12,

“ An horror
been God, he could never have known the of great darkness fell upon Abraham,” but
mind of God, or revealed to us those arcani the spiritual darkness is not accompanied
cælis--those deep mysteries, which no man with horror,-men tremble not at their con-
or angel could find out. Who but God can dition,-nay, they like their condition well
anoint the eyes of the blind, and give not only enough, John iii. 19, “ Men loved darkness.”
light, but sight? Who but he, who hath the This is their sad condition, till Jesus Christ
key of David, can open the heart ? Who but comes as a prophet to teach them, and to
God can bow the iron sinew of the will? He turn them from darkness to light, and from
only who is God can enlighten the con- the power of Satan to God.
science, and make the stony heart bleed. 4. See the happy condition of the children

2. See what a cornucopia, or plenty of of God, they have Christ to be their pro-
wisdom is in Christ, who is the great doctor phet, Isa. liv. 13, “ All thy children shall be
of his church, and gives saving knowledge taught of the Lord;" 1 Cor. i. 30, “God is
to all the elect. The body of the sun must made to us wisdom.” One man cannot see
needs be full of clarity and brightness, which by another's eyes; but believers see with
enlightens the whole world : Christ is the Christ's eyes,_-" In his light they see light;">
great luminary, “ in whom are hid all trea- Christ gives them the light of grace and light
sures of knowledge,” Col. ii. 3. The middle of glory.
lamp of the sanctuary gave light to all the

Use 2d. Labour to have Christ for your other lamps : Christ diffuseth his glorious prophet; he teacheth savingly, he is an inlight to others. We are apt to admire the terpreter of a thousand, he can untie those learning of Aristotle and Plato : Alas! what knots which puzzle very angels. Till Christ is this poor spark of light to that which is teach, we never learn any lesson; till Christ


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is made to us wisdom, we shall never be wise than ever he was to do so upon a blind to salvation.

body. Quest. What shall we do to have Christ 2. There are none so dull and ignorant for our teacher ?

but Christ can teach them. Every one is Ans. See your need of Christ's teaching. not fit to make a philosopher's scholar of, You cannot see your way without this morn- ex omni ligno non fit Mercurius; but there ing-star. Some speak much of the light of is none so dull, but Christ can make a good reason improved : Alas! the plumb-line of scholar of. Even such as are ignorant, and reason is too short to fathom the deep things of low parts, Christ teacheth them in such of God,--the light of reason will no more a manner, that they know more than the help a man to believe, than the light of a great sages and wise men of the world. candle will help him to understand. A man Hence that saying of St. Augustine, surcan no more by the power of nature reach gunt indocti, et rapiunt cælum,—the unChrist, than an infant can reach the top of learned men rise up, and take heaven; they the pyramids, or the ostrich fly up to the know the truths of Christ more savingly than stars. See your need of Christ's anointing the great admired Rabbies. The duller the and teaching, Rev. iii. 18.

scholar, the more is his skill seen that teachA. 2. Go to Christ to teach you, Ps. xxv.5, eth. Hence it is, Christ delights in teaching “ Lead me in thy truth, and teach me." As the ignorant, to get himself more glory, Isa. one of the disciples said, “Lord teach us to xxxv. 5, “ The eyes of the blind shall be pray,” Luke xi. 1: so Lord, teach me to profit. opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unDo thou light my lamp, 0 thou great prophet stopped.” Who would go to teach a blind of thy church! Give me a spirit of wisdom or a deaf man? Yet such dull scholars Christ and revelation, that I may see things in ano- teacheth. Such as are blinded with ignother manner than ever I saw them before ; rance, they shall see the mysteries of the teach me in the word to hear thy voice, and gospel, and the deaf ears shall be unstopped, in the sacrament to discern thy body, Ps. 3. Wait upon the means of grace which xiii. 3, “Lighten mine eyes," &c. Cathe- Christ hath appointed. Though Christ teachdram habet in cælo qui corda docet in terra. eth by his Spirit, yet he teacheth in the use Aug. “He hath his pulpit in heaven who of ordinances. Wait at the gates of wisdom's converts souls.” And that we may be en- door; ministers are teachers under Christ, couraged to go to our great prophet: Eph. iv. 11, “Pastors and teachers." We

1. Jesus Christ is very willing to teach read of pitchers and lamps within the pitchus. Why else did he enter into the calling ers, Judges vii. 16. Ministers are earthen of the ministry but to teach the mysteries vessels, but these pitchers have lamps within of heaven? Matt. iv. 23, “Jesus went them to light souls to heaven. Christ is said about teaching and preaching the gospel of to speak to us from heaven now, Heb. xii. the kingdom, and healing all manner of 25, viz. by his ministers, as the king speaks sickness and all manner of disease among by his ambassador. Such as wean themthe people.” Why did he take the office selves from the breast of ordinances, seldom prophetical upon him ?--Why was Christ so thrive; either they grow light in their head, angry with them that kept away the key of or lame in their feet. The word preached is knowledge ? Luke xi. 52.-Why was Christ Christ's voice in the mouth of the minister, anointed with the spirit without measure ? and they that refuse to hear Christ speaking --but that he might anoint us with know in the ministry, Christ will refuse to hear ledge. Knowledge is in Christ as milk in them speaking on their death-bed. the breast for the child. ( then go to 4. If you would have the teachings of Christ for teaching ! None in the gospel Christ, walk according to that knowledge came to Christ for sight but he restored which you have already. Use your little their eye-sight ; and sure Christ is more knowledge well, and Christ will teach you willing to work a cure upon a blind soul, more, John vii. 17. “If any man will do

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his will, he shall know of my doctrine, whe-Spirit,—that you can say as he, John ix. 25, ther it be of God, or whether I speak of my- "One thing I know, that whereas I was self.” A master seeing his servant improve a blind, I now see,"--O how thankful should little stock well gives him more to trade with. you be to Christ, who hath revealed his Fa

Use 3d. If you have been taught by Christ ther's bosom secrets unto you! John i. 18, savingly, be thankful ; it is your honour to “ No man hath seen God at any time; the have God for your teacher, and that he should only begotten Son which is in the bosom of teach you and not others, is matter of admi- the Father, he hath declared him.” If Alexration and gratulation. O how many know- ander thought himself so much obliged to ing men are ignorant! They are not taught Aristotle for the philosophical instructions of God; they have Christ's word to enlighten he learned from him ; O how are we obliged them, but not his Spirit to sanctify them. But to Jesus Christ, this great Prophet, for openthat you should have the inward as well as ing to us the eternal purposes of his love, and the outward teaching,—that Christ should revealing to us the mysteries of the kingdom anoint you with the heavenly unction of his of heaven !

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Quest. XXV. How doth Christ execute pire, to mediate between a guilty creature, the office of a priest?

and an holy God. Ans. In his once offering up of himself a Quest. How could Christ suffer, being sacrifice to satisfy divine justice, and recon- God? cile us to Gud, and in making continual inter- Ans. Christ suffered only in the human cession for us.-Heb. ix. 26, “ Now once in nature. the end of the world hath he appeared to put

Quest. But if only Christ's humanity away sin by the sacrifice of himself.” suffered, how could this suffering satisfy for

Quest. What are the parts of Christ's sin ? priestly office.

Ans. The human nature being united to Ans. Christ's priestly office hath two parts, the divine, the human nature did suffer, the his satisfaction and intercession.

divine did satisfy. Christ's Godhead, as it I. His satisfaction. And this consists of did support the human nature that it did not two branches : 1st. His active obedience, faint, so it did give virtue to his sufferings. Matt . iii

. 15, “ He fulfilled all righteousness. The altar sanctifies the thing offered on it, Christ did everything which the law required; | Matt. xxiii. 19: so the altar of Christ's divine his holy life was a perfect commentary upon nature sanctified the sacrifice of his death, the law of God; and he obeyed the law for and made it of infinite value. us.—2d. His passive obedience. Our guilt

Quest. Wherein doth the greatness of being transferred and imputed to him, he did Christ's sufferings appear ? undergo the penalty which was due to us ;

Ans. 1st. In the sufferings of his body. he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice He suffered truly, not in appearance only; of himself. The paschal-lamb slain, was a the apostle calls it mors crucis,-the death type of Christ who was offered up in sacrifice of the cross, Phil

. ii. 8. Tully, when he for us. Sin could not be done away without speaks of this kind of death, quid decam in blood, Heb. ix. 22, « Without blood is no re

crucem tollere? Though he was a great mission.” Christ was not only a lamb with orator he wanted words to express it. The out spot, but a lamb slain.

thoughts of this made Christ sweat great Quest. Why was it requisite there should drops of blood in the garden, Luke xxii

. 44. be a priest ?

It was an ignominious, painful, cursed death. Ans. There needed a priest to be an um Christ suffered in all his senses : 1. In his

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eyes ; they beheld two sad objects, he saw | God is appeased, but a propitiation, whereby
his enemies insulting, and his mother weep. God becomes gracious and friendly to us.
ing.--2. In his ears ; his ears were filled Christ is our mercy-seat, from which God
with the revilings of the people, Matt. xxvii. gives answers of peace to us.
42, “ He saved others, himself he cannot 3. Christ died that he might make good
save."--3. In his smell ; when their drivel his last will and testament with his blood;
fell upon his face.-4. In his taste; when there were many legacies which Christ be-
they gave him gall and vinegar to drink, bit- queathed to believers, which had been all
terness and sharpness.--5. In his feeling; null and void, had not he died, and by his
his head suffered with thorns, his hands and death confirmed the will, Heb. ix. 16. A
feet with the nails. Totum pro vulnere cor- testament is in force after men are dead ; the
pus; now was this white lily dyed of a pur- mission of the Spirit, the promises, those
ple colour.–2d. In the sufferings of his soul. legacies, were not in force till Christ's death;
He was pressed in the wine-press of his Fa- but Christ by his blood hath sealed them, and
ther's wrath. This caused that vociferation believers may lay claim to them.
and outcry on the cross, “ My God, My God,” 4. He died that he might purchase for us
cur deseruisti ? Christ suffered a double glorious mansions, therefore heaven is called
eclipse upon the cross, an eclipse of the sun, not only a promised, but a “purchased pos-
and an eclipse of the light of God's counte-session,' Eph. i. 14. Christ died for our
nance. How bitter was this agony! The preferment; he suffered that we might reign;
evangelists use three words to express it: he hung upon the cross that we might sit upon
“He began to be amazed,” Mark xiv. 33 ; the throne. Heaven was shut, &c. crux
“ He began to be faint ;” “To be exceeding Christi, clavis Paradisi,--the cross of Christ
sorrowful,” Matt. xxvi. 37. Christ felt the is the ladder by which we ascend to heaven.
pains of hell in his soul, though not locally, His crucifixion is our coronation.
yet equivalently.

Use 1st. In the bloody sacrifice of Christ,
Quest. Why did Christ suffer? see the horrid nature of sin ; sin, it is true, is

Ans. Surely not for any desert of his own, odious as it banished Adam out of paradise, Dan. ix. 26, “ The Messiah shall be cut off, and threw the angels into hell ; but that but not for himself :" it was for us, Isa. liii. which doth most of all make it appear horrid, 6. Unus peccat, alius plectitur; he suffer- is this, that it made Christ veil his glory, and ed, that he might satisfy God's justice for us. lose his blood. We should look upon sin We, by our sins, had infinitely wronged God; with indignation, and pursue it with a holy and, could we have shed rivers of tears, of. malice, and shed the blood of those sins which fered up millions of holocausts and burnt- shed Christ's blood. The sight of Cæsar's offerings, we could never have pacified an bloody robe, incensed the Romans against angry Deity; therefore Christ must die, that them that slew him. The sight of Christ's God's justice may be satisfied.--It is hotly bleeding body should incense us against sin; debated among divines, whether God could let us not parley with it, let not that be our not have forgiven sin freely without a sa- joy, which made Christ a man of sorrow. crifice. Not to dispute what God could Use 2d. Is Christ our priest sacrificed? have done, yet when we consider God was See God's mercy and justice displayed. I resolved to have the law satisfied, and to have may say as the apostle, Rom. xi. 22, “ Be. man saved in a way of justice as well as mer- hold the goodness and severity of God.” cy, theni, I say, it was necessary that Christ 1. The goodness of God in providing a sashould lay down his life as a sacrifice. crifice : had not Christ suffered upon the

1. To fulfil the predictions ofscripture, Luke cross, we must have lain in hell for ever, xxiv. 46, “ Thus it behoved Christ to suffer.” satisfying God's justice.--2. The severity

2. To bring us into favour with God. It of God: though it were his own Son, the is one thing for a traitor to be pardoned, and Son of his love, and our sins were but imanother thing to be made a favourite. Christ's puted to him, yet God did not spare him, blood is not only called a sacrifice, whereby Rom. viii. 32, but his wrath did fame

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against him. And if God were thus severe Christ's priestly office.--2. Christ's sacrifice to his own Son, how dreadful will he be one is meritorious; he not only died for our exday to his enemies ? Such as die in wilful ample, but to merit salvation; the person impenitency, must feel the same wrath as who suffered being God as well as man, did Christ did; and because they cannot bear it put virtue into his sufferings; and now our at once, therefore they must be enduring it sins are expiated, and God appeased. No

sooner did the messengers say, “Uriah is L'se 3d. Is Christ our priest, who was sa- dead,” but David's anger was pacified, 2 crificed for us ? Then see the endeared affec- Sam. xi. 21. No sooner did Christ die, but tion of Christ to us sinners. “The cross,” God's anger was pacified.-3. This sacrifice saith Austin, “ was a pulpit, in which Christ is beneficial. Out of the dead lion Samson preached his love to the world.” That Christ had honey; it procures justification of our should die, was more than if all the angels persons, acceptance of our service,-access had been turned to dust; and that Christ to God with boldness,-entrance into the should die as a malefactor, having the weight holy place of heaven, Heb. x. 19.

Per latus of all men's sins laid upon him, that he should Christi patescit nobis in cælum, Israel passdie for his enemies, Rom. v. 10. The balm-ed through the Red Sea to Canaan; so tree weeps out its precious balm, to heal through the red sea of Christ's blood, we those that cut and mangle it: Christ shed his enter into the heavenly Canaan. blood, to heal those that crucified him. And Use 5th. Of exhortation. 1. Let us fidu. that he should die freely: it is called the of cially apply this blood of Christ; all the fering of the body of Jesus,' Heb. x. 10. And virtue of a medicine is in the applying; though his sufferings were so great that they though the medicine be made of the blood of made him sigh, and weep, and bleed; yet God, it will not heal, unless by faith applied. they could not make him repent, Isa. liii. 11, As fire is to the chymist, so is faith to the " He shall see of the travail of his soul, and Christian ; the chymist can do nothing withbe satisfied.” Christ had hard travail upon out fire, so there is nothing done without the cross, yet he doth not repent of it, but faith. Faith makes Christ's sacrifice ours, thinks his sweat and blood well bestowed, Phil. iii. 8, “ Christ Jesus my Lord.” It is because he sees redemption brought forth not gold in the mine that enricheth, but gold to the world. O infinite, amazing love of in the hand; faith is the hand that receives Christ! A love that passeth knowledge, Eph. Christ's golden merits. It is not a cordial ii. 19, that neither man nor angel can pa- in the glass refresheth the spirit, but a corrallel! How should we be affected with this dial drunk down. Per fidem Christi sanlove! If Saul was so affected with David's guinem sugimus, CYPR. Faith opens the kindness in sparing his life, how should we orifice of Christ's wounds, and drinks the be affected with Christ's kindness in parting precious cordial of his blood. Without faith with his life for us? At Christ's death and Christ himself will not avail us. passion, the very stones did cleave asunder, 2. Let us love a bleeding Saviour, and let Mat

. xxvii. 51, " The rocks rent." Not to us show our love to Christ, by being ready to be affected with Christ's love in dying, is to suffer for him. Many rejoice at Christ's have hearts harder than rocks.

suffering for them, but dream not of their Use 41h. Is Christ our sacrifice ? then see suffering for him; Joseph dreamed of his the excellency of his sacrifice. It is perfect, preferment

, but not of his imprisonment. Heb

. x. 14, “By one offering, he hath per- Was Christ a sacrifice ?--Did he bear God's fected them that are sanctified." Therefore, wrath for us ?-We should bear man's wrath how impious are the Papists, in joining their for him.

Christ's death was voluntary, Ps. merits and the prayers of saints with Christ's xl. 7, “ Lo, I come to do thy will, o God;" sacrifice? They offer him up daily in the Luke xii. 50, “ I have a baptism to be bapmass, as if Christ's sacrifice on the cross tised with, and how am I straitened till it be were imperfect; this is a blasphemy against accomplished ! Christ calls his sufferings a

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