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considered in itself, is below the angelical ; count him unwise, that should contend more
this is to reflect dishonour upon the Lord of for a box of counters than for his box of evi-
glory. We must give equal honour to the dences.
Son as to the Father; we must believe A. 14. We hallow and sanctify God's
Christ's Deity; he is the picture of his Fa- name, by making as many proselytes as we
ther's glory, Heb. i. 3. If the Godhead be in can to him ; when, by all holy expedients,
Christ, he must needs be God; but the God-counsel, prayer, example, we endeavour the
head shines in him, Col. ii. 9, “ In him dwell-salvation of others. How did Monica, St
eth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily;" | Austin's mother, labour for his conversion!
therefore, he is God. How could these divine She had sorer pangs in travail for his new
titles be given to Christ, Omnipotency, Heb. birth, than for his natural birth. It is a hal-
i. 3,—Ubiquity, Matt. xxviii. 20,-a power lowing of God's name, when we diffuse the
of sealing pardons, Matt. ix. 6,-Co-equality sweet savour of godliness and propagate re-
with God the Father, both in power and dig- ligion to others; when not only we ourselves
nity, John v.21, 23,-how, I say, could these honour God, but are instruments to make
titles of honour be ascribed to Christ, if he others honour him ; certainly when the heart
were not crowned with the Deity? When is seasoned with grace, there will be an en-
we believe Christ's Godhead, and build our deavour to season others. God's glory is as
hope of salvation on the corner-stone of his dear to a saint as his own salvation ; and that
merit,—when we see neither the righteous- this glory may be promoted, he endeavours
ness of the law, nor of angels, can justify, the conversion of souls; every convert is a
but we flee to Christ's blood as to the altar member added to Christ. Let us thus hallow
of refuge,—this is an honouring and sancti- God's name by labouring to advance piety in
fying God's name. God never thinks his others; especially, let us endeavour that
name to be hallowed, unless his Son be ho- those who are nearly related to us, or are

under our roof, shall honour God, Josh. xxiv. A. 13. We hallow God's name by standing 15, “ As for me and my house, we will serve up for his truths. Much of God's glory lies the Lord.” Let us make our houses Bethels, in his truths ; God's truths are his oracles. places where God's name is called upon, Col. God intrusts us with his truths as a treasure ; iv. 15, “ Salute Nymphas, and the church we have not a richer jewel to intrust God that is in his house." Let the parent endeawith than our souls, nor God hath not a vour that his children may honour God, and greater jewel to intrust us with than his the master that his servants honour him ; truths. God's truths set forth his glory; read the word, drop holy instruction, perfume now when we are zealous advocates for God's your houses with prayer; the Jews had sacritruths, this is an honour done to God's name. fices in their family as well as in the taberAthanasius was called the bulwark of truth;' nacle, Exod. xii. 3. This is a hallowing he stood up in the defence of God's truths God's name, when we make proselytes to against the Arians, and so was a pillar in the him, and endeavour that all under our charge temple of God; better have truth without should honour and sanctify his name. peace, than peace without truth. It con- A. 15. We hallow God's name when we cerns the sons of Zion to stand up for the prefer the honour of God's name before the great doctrines of the gospel : the doctrine of dearest things. Ist. We prefer the honour the Trinity,—the Hypostatical union,—justi- of God's name before our own credit. The fication by faith,—the saints' perseverance. saints of old have, for the honour of God, We are bid to contend earnestly, Jude 3, to been willing to endure reproach, Ps. lxix. strive as in an agony for the faith, that is, the 7, “ For thy sake I have borne reproach.” doctrine of faith; this contending for the David cared not what reproach he suffered truth, brings great revenues to heaven's ex- so God's name might not suffer. The prochequer; this is a hallowing of God's name. phet Elijah was called in derision, the Contend for the truth ; some can contend for hairy prophet;' and the prophet Isaiah, “ the ceremonies, but not for the truth. We should bearer of burdens ;' and the prophet Zepha

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niah, 'the bitter prophet;' but they did bind | Gentiles through you," so by our holy and
these reproaches as a crown about their head; Bible-conversation we honour God's name.
the honour of God's name was dearer to A holy life speaks louder than all the anthems
them than their own honour. Moses esteem- and praises in the world; though the main
ed the reproaches of Christ greater riches work of religion lies in the heart, yet when
than the treasures of Egypt, Heb. xi. 26. our light so shines, that others behold it,
The apostles went away rejoicing that they now they glorify God; when our lives shine,
were counted worthy to suffer shame for the now God's name shines. The Macedonians
name of Christ, Acts v. 41,—that they were used one day in the year to wear the picture
graced so far as to be disgraced for the name of Alexander set with pearl and costly jewels:
of Christ. This is a hallowing God's name, so when we carry the picture of Christ about
when we are content to have our name us in our holy example, now we bring honour
eclipsed, that God's name may shine the to God's name.
more.-22. We prefer the honour of God's Use 1st. See the true note and character
name before our worldly profit and interest, of a godly person; he is a sanctifier of God's
Matt. xix. 27, “ We have forsaken all and name, “ Hallowed be thy name.” A true
followed thee.” When these two, God and saint doth ambitiously endeavour to advance
estate, come in competition, we will rather God's name. This is the question he asks
let estate go than God's love and favour. himself in every thing he is going about :
Thus that noble marquis of Vico parted with "Will this action tend to the honour of God's
a fair estate using these words, “ Let their name? Will this exalt God?" This was
money perish with them, that count all the St Paul's chief design, that Christ might be
gold and silver in the world worth one hour's magnified, Phil. i. 20. viz. that the crown
communion with Jesus Christ.—3d. We pre- upon his head might flourish. A godly man
fer the honour of God's name before our life, thinks it is scarce worth his while to live if
Rom. viii

. 36, “ For thy sake are we killed he may not bring some revenues of honour
all the day long." The honour done to God's to God's name.
name, is not by bringing that outward pomp Use 2d. I may here take up a sad lament.
and glory to him as we do to kings, but God's ation, and speak, as the apostle Paul, weep.
honour comes in another way, and that is by ing, Phil. iii. 18, to consider how God's
the sufferings of his people; when the world name, instead of being hallowed and sancti-
sees how entirely God's people love him, fied, is dishonoured. God's name--which is
that they will die in his service, this exalts more worth than the salvation of all men's
and honours God's name; God's crown doth souls-suffers deeply. We are apt to speak
flourish in the ashes of his martyrs. St Basil of our sufferings,—alas ! what are all our
speaks of a virgin, condemned to the fire, sufferings ? God's name suffers most. God's
who having her life and estate offered her, if name is the dearest thing he hath. How do
she would bow to the idol, answered, Valeat men stand upon their name and honour ?
vita, pareat pecunia-Let life and money God's name is this day dishonoured, it is like
go, welcome Christ. When God's glory the sun in an eclipse. Theodosius took it
weighs heaviest in the balance, and we are heinously when they threw dirt upon his sta.
willing to suffer the loss of all rather than tue; but now—which is far worse-disgrace is
God's name should suffer, now we do in a thrown upon the glorious name of Jehovah.
high degree hallow God's name.

God's name, instead of being hallowed, is A. 16. We do hallow and sanctify God's dishonoured by all sorts, 1. By heathens ; 2. name, by a holy conversation, 1 Pet. ii. 9, Turks ; 3. Jews; 4. Papists ; 5. Protestants. “ Ye are a royal priesthood, a peculiar

1. By heathens. They have a knowledge people: that ye should show forth the praises of a Godhead by the light of nature, Rom. of him who hath called you.” As an unholy i. 19, but they dishonour God, and sin against life doth dishonour God's name, Rom. ii. 24, the light of nature. The Egyptians worship “The name of God is blasphemed among the an ox; the Persians worship the sun; the

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Grecians and Romans, Jupiter; and the Par- " Who can forgive sin but God only?" (2). thians worship the devil.

The pope, by his indulgence, encourageth 2. God's name is dishonoured by the men to sin. What need the papists care Turks. They adore Mahomet their great what sins they commit, when they have a prophet, as one divinely inspired; Mahomet license and patent from the pope to bear was of an impure, vicious life; Mahomet them harmless ?–4th. Instead of hallowing plucks the crown from Christ's head denying God's name, they dishonour God's name, by his Deity.

their invocation to saints. We are to pray 3. God's name is dishonoured by the Jews only to God, Matt. vi. 6, “ Pray to thy who give not equal honour and adoration to Father;" not pray to a saint, or the Virgin God the Son, as to God the Father. They Mary, but pray to your Father in heaven; we expect a Messiah yet to come,-seculum may pray to none, but whom we may believe futurum; they believe not in Christ, they in, Rom. x. 14. The saints in heaven are blaspheme him, and slight righteousness im- ignorant of our grievances, Isa. Ixiii. 16, puted; they vilify the Christian sabbath.

Abraham be ignorant of us.”_5th. Instead 4. God's name is dishonoured by the Pa- of hallowing God's name, they dishonour it pists. Popery is a God-dishonouring religion; by their luxury and uncleanness; they allow they dishonour God's name, Ist. by their of stews. At Rome, fornication keeps open idolatry, which is spiritual adultery. Ezek. shop, and is in some cases preferred before xxiii. 37. Idolatry is to worship a false God, honourable matrimony,-urbs est jam tota or the true God in a false manner; this they lupanur.-6th. Instead of hallowing God's are guilty of. (1). They dishonour God by name, they dishonour it, by their blasphemies. their idolatry, in making graven images, and They give equal, nay, more honour to the giving the same honour to them as is due to Virgin Mary than to Christ; they ascribe God; images are teachers of lies, Hab. ii. 18, more to her milk, than to his blood; they they represent God in a bodily shape. (2). call her Scala Cæli,—the ladder of heaven ; By their idolatry in the mass; worshipping Janua paridisi,—the gate of Paradise. In the host, and offering it up as a sacrifice for their doxologies they say, “ Praise be to the sin. The apostle saith, Heb. x. 14. “ By Virgin Mary, and also to Christ.” What blasone offering he hath perfected for ever them phemy is this, to set the creature above the that are sanctified;" but as if Christ's offer- Creator! They say to her, O felix puerpera, ing on the cross were imperfect, they offer nostra piaris scelera! O happy mother of a him up daily in the mass, which is a dis- Son that purgest away our crimes ?--7th. Inhonour alone to Christ's priestly office.— stead of hallowing God's name, they dishonour 2d. The papist, instead of hallowing God's it, by their lies; their golden legend is an imname, dishonour God's name, by locking up posture, and is full of lying wonders. They the scriptures in an unknown tongue; they show John Baptist's forehead for a relic in as the Philistines pluck out the people's eyes, Spain, yet his whole head they affirm to be and then make sport with them; the Bible seen in St Sylvester's in Rome; they show is a shining light, but they draw a curtain St Peter's shadow at Rome : indeed we read over it; they take away the key of know- of St Peter's shadow, Acts v. 15, but it is ledge, Luke xi. 52, and hinder God's glory strange how the papists could catch his shaby hindering men's salvation.-3d. Instead dow, and keep it by them so long.—8th. Inof hallowing God's name, they dishonour it stead of hallowing God's name, they dishonour by giving men indulgences. They say, the it, by baptizing sin with the name of virtue. pope, as Peter's successor, hath power to Breach of oaths is with the papists a virtue. grant indulgences, by virtue whereof men If a man bath bound his soul to God by an are set free in the sight of God. (1). It is oath, yet to violate this oath is virtuous, if to steal a flower from the crown of heaven. it may propagate the Catholic cause. KillThe pope assumes a power to pardon, which ing those who are of a different religion, is is God's prerogative royal, Mark ii. 7, not only venial, but a virtue among catho

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Grad solics. Destroying two hundred thousand of the thy God.” The names of kings are not men218, Albigenses who were protestants, was com- tioned without giving them their titles of the pepo mended as a glorious action, honoured with a honour, high and mighty; but men speak then the triumph at Rome, and crowned with his holi- irreverently of God, as if he were like one of

ness's blessing. Is not this a high dishonour them, Ps. 1. 21, this is a taking God's name in ead vil hai to God, to gild over the foulest crimes with vain. (2). They swear by his name. Many Githe name of virtue and piety ?-9th. Instead seldom name God's name but in oaths. How Weert of hallowing God's name, they dishonour it, is God dishonoured, when men rend and tear 5.- Par by their damnable assertions; (1). The pa- his name by oaths and imprecations ! Jer.

pists affirm, that the pope is above scripture; xxiii. 10, “ Because of swearing the land
that he may dispense with it, and that his mourns." If God will reckon with men for
canons bind more than the word of God. idle words, shall not idle oaths be put in the
(2). They teach merit by good works; but if account-book ? “O but,” saith one, "I
a debtor cannot pay his creditor, how can he not help it,—it is a custom of swearing I
merit at his hands ? (3). That the scripture have got, and I hope God will forgive me!"
is not a perfect rule of faith and manners ; | Ans. Is this a good plea,-a custom of
therefore they eke it out with their traditions, swearing? This is no excuse, but an ag-
which they hold to be of equal authority.gravation of sin; as if one that had been
(4). They teach, that an implicit faith is accused for killing a man should plead with
saving; though one may have an implicit the judge to spare him because it was his
faith, and yet be ignorant of all the articles of custom to murder; this were an aggrava-
religion. (5). They say, that the inward acttion of the offence; will not the judge say,
of the mind is not required in God's worship; “ Thou shalt the rather die ?" so it is here.
diversion of the mind in duty, though one

2. As men dishonour God by their tongues, prays and never thinks of God, is no sin, so by their lives. What is it to say, “Halsaith Angelus and Sylvester, and other pa- lowed be thy name,” when in their lives they pists

. (6). The papists make habitual love profane his name? They dishonour God by to God unnecessary; it is not needful, saith their atheism, sabbath-breaking, uncleanness, Bellarmine, to perform any acts of religion perjury, intemperance, injustice. Men hang out of love to God. Stapleton and Cajetan out a flag of defiance against heaven ; as the affirm that the precept of loving God with all Thracians, when it thunders, shoot their our heart is not binding; by which they cut arrows against heaven, so men shoot their asunder the sinews and soul of all religion. sins as bearded arrows against heaven. SinThus

, instead of honouring God's name, the ners are hardened in sin,—they despise counpapists dishonour it. Let us pray heartily, sel,--they laugh at reproof,—they have cast that this Romisk religion may never again off the veil of modesty,—Satan hath taken get footing in this nation. God grant that such full possession of them, that when they this poisonful weed of popery may never be sin, they glory in their shame, Phil. iii. 19. watered here ; but that, it being a plant which They brag how many new oaths they have our heavenly Father hath not planted, it may invented,—how oft they have been drunk,

how many they have defiled; they declare 5. God's name is dishonoured by carnal their sin as Sodom; such horrid impieties protestants. How is God's name this day dis- are committed that a modest heathen would honoured in England ? His name is like the blush at. Men, in this age, sin at that rate, sun in an eclipse. Christians instead of hal- as if either they did not believe there were a lowing God's naine, reproach and dishonour hell, or as if they feared hell would be full it: 1st. By their tongues. 20. By their lives. ere they could get thither. Was God's name

1. By their tongues. (1). They speak ever so openly dishonoured ? All our preachirreverently of God's name. God's name is ing will not make them leave their sins. sacred. Deut. xxviii. 58, " That thou mayest What a black veil is drawn over the face of fear this glorious and fearful name: the Lord religion at this day! Vivimus in temporum

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be rooted up!

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fæcibus. SEN. “We live in the dregs of sometimes drunk with passion? If their sin time," wherein the common shore of wicked- be blaspheming, is not your sin murmuring the ness runs. Physicians call it (Gr. kachexia] " Are there not with you, even with you, sinsist when there is no part of the body free from against the Lord ?" The sins of God's chilo. "Tida distemper. England hath a kachexy; it is dren go nearer to his heart, than the sins of As all over disease; “ The whole head is sick, others, Deut. xxxii. 19, “ When the Lord the whole heart is faint," Isa. i. 5. As black saw it, he abhorred them, because of the vapours rising out of the earth, cloud and provoking of his sons and daughters." The darken the sun, so the sins of people in our sins of the wicked anger God; the sins of age, like hellish vapours, cast a cloud upon his own people grieve him; he will be sure God's glorious name. () that our eyes were to punish them, Amos iii. 2. “You only like limbecks, dropping the water of holy have I known of all the families of the earth; tears, to consider how God's naine, instead therefore will I punish you for all your of being hallowed, is polluted and profaned ! quities,” O that our head were waters, that And, may not we justly fear some heavy judg- we could make this place a Bochim, a place ments? Can God put up with our affronts any of weepers, that God's children might mix longer? Can he endure to have his name re- blushing with tears that they have so little proached? Will a king suffer his crown- hallowed, and so much eclipsed God's name! jewels to be trampled in the dust ? Do not | Truly God's own people have sinned enough we see the symptoms of God's anger? Do to justify God in all his severe actings against we not see his judgments hovering over us? them! Sure God is whetting his sword, he hath bent Use 3d. Of exhortation. Let us hallow his bow, and is preparing his arrows to shoot! and sanctify God's name. Did we but see a Qualis per arva leo fulvam minace fronte glimpse of God's glory, as Moses did in the concutiens jubam. Sen. The body politic is rock, the sight of this would draw adoration in a paroxysm, or burning fit; and may not and praise from us. Could we see " God face the Lord cause a sad phlebotomy? Seeing we to face,” as the angels in heaven dos-could will not leave our sins, he may make us lose we behold him sitting on his throne like a our blood. May we not fear that the ark jasper-stone, Rev. iv. 10,—we should preshould remove,-the vision cease,—the stars sently, at the sight of his glory, do as the in God's church be removed,—and we should twenty-four elders, Rev. iv. 10, 11, “They follow the gospel to the grave? When God's worship him that liveth for ever, and cast their name, which should be hallowed, is profaned crowns before the throne, saying, “Thou art among a people, it is just with God to write wort

O Lord, to receive glory, honour and that dismal epitaph upon a nation's tomb, power !” That we may be stirred up to this * The glory is departed.” And, that I may great duty, the hallowing, adoring and sancspeak to the consciences of all, and deal im- tifying God's name, consider, partially, it were well if only the profane 1. It is the very end of our being. Why did party were guilty; but, may not many pro- God give us our life, but that our living may fessors be called to the bar, and indicted of be a hallowing of his name? Why did he give this, that they have dishonoured God's name? us souls but to admire him; and tongues, but 2 Chron. xxviii. 10, “ Are there not with you, to praise him? The excellency of a thing is, even with you, sins against the Lord your when it attains the end for which it was made; God?” Are these the spots of God's children? the excellency of a star is to give light, of a Deut. xxxii. 5. If you are diamonds, have plant to be fruitful; the excellency of a Chrisyou no flaws? Have not you your vanities ? tian, is to answer the end of his creation, If your discourse be not profane, is it not which is to hallow God's name, and live to vain ? Have not you your self-seekings, rash that God by whom he lives. He who lives, censures, indecent dresses ? If the wicked of and God hath no honour by him, buries him. the land swear, do not you sometimes slander? self alive, and exposeth himself to a curse. If they are drunk with wine, are not you Christ cursed the barren fig-tree.

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