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attempted to land their troops; I Constitution, of seventy-four guns, concluded the ships in sight were being within gun-shot, and closing those of which he had given me upon our starboard-quarter very intelligence, and made all the sail fast, the Indivisible almost on board possible to get from them. At sun- of us on our larboard-bow, and the rise my suspicions were realized; Dix Août on our larboard-quarter, we clearly distinguished four of our fore-yard and fore-topsail-yard them to be of the line, the other a shot away, all dur running and part large frigate, and their signal flags of our standing rigging cut to soon pointed them out to be ene- pieces, the fore-mast, mizen-mast,

At half-past five, two of the and main-yard badly wounded, our line of battle ships tacked by sig- deck lumbered with the wreck and nal, and stood on till they fetched sails, all hopes of making our es. into our wake, while the other two cape, or falling in with any succour, and the frigate stood upon the same cut off, and only one of the enemy's tack with us. At eight o'clock the ships apparently much damaged, I two ships and frigate having fore- thought farther resistance in our reached considerably on us, tacked crippled state would be exposing and stood towards us until they got the lives of valuable men without on our lee quarter, when they any advantage to their country retacked again. From their great sulting from it; with pain, theresuperiority of sailing, they closed fore, I ordered his majesty's colours with us so fast as to be nearly with to be struck, after an action of one in gun-shot by two P. M.; and as the hour and seven minutes. Most ships astern were coming up very sincerely, my lord, do I lament our fast, I determined on hearing down having been opposed to so very suand engaging the two ships and perior a force, as, from the steady frigate to leeward, hoping to dis- and gallant conduct of the officers able one of them before the whole and men I had the honour to comsquadron could be brought into ac- mand on this occasion, and with tion, and thereby effect our escape whom I had been acting nearly four by getting to leeward of them : at years on various services, I have three o'clock I bore up, and steered not a doubt of what would have to pass astern of the sternmost ship, been the issue of a contest on more all our steering-sails set on the star- equal terms. Our loss has been board side, when the enemy tacked principally in masts, yards, sails, and stood toward us: at half-past and rigging, having only two men three, the Indivisible, of eighty killed, lieutenant Davis, and seven guns, bearing rear-admiral Gan- men wounded (two of whom are theaume's flag, and the Dix Août, since dead of their wounds), the of seventy-four guns, being in enemy's intention being to disable closc order, and within half gun. us in our rigging, in which they sucshot of us, opened their fire, which ceeded too well: at the commencewas instantly answered, and a warm ment of this unequal contest, we action ensued. Their great supe- were eighty-six men short of comriority in point of sailing gave them plement, and had fifty-nine sick, every advantage of position, and those who returned from the army baffled all our attempt to get to before Alexandria having introleeward of them. At thirty-seven duced a bad fever into the ship. minutes past four, the Jean Bart and Four hundred men were put on


board the Swiftsure on the evening any part of their troops on the of her capture, many of the prison- coast of Egypt or Barbary, although ers removed, and the ship in so they attempted a debarkation at crippled a state as to render it ne Derne, on the 23d ult.: but from the cessary to take her in tow; the hostile appearance and reception of next day carpenters and seamen the natives they did not persevere, from all the ships were sent on and returned to their ships without board to repair her damages, and landinga single person. soldiers to complete her number to I feel it a duty I owe to admiral seven hundred; and with all their Gantheaume to mention to your exertions, and the advantage of lordship the handsome manner in smooth water, it was six days be which we have all been treated by fore they were able to make sail. the officers of his squadron, and by On the 4th of July, between Lam- him in particular: the strictest orders pidosa and Pantalaria, they fell in have been issued to preserve the with and captured the Mohawk, property of every individual; and letter of marque, from Bristol to he has done every thing in his powMalta, laden with various articles er to render the situation of the of merchandize ; on the 22d they officers and men as comfortable as anchored in this road, in general possible. Ben. HALLOWELL. very sickly, without having landed

The LONDON GENERAL BILL of CHRISTENINGS and BURIAL S, from December 9, 1800, to December 15, 1801.

S Males 9661 Buriak Females


this Year 3694. Died under 2 Years 5395/ 20 and 30 - 1481, 60 and 70. 1482 100 1,107 Betweer 2 and 5 2063 30 and 40 - 1924 70 and 80 - 10471 101

5 118 5 and 10 843 40 and 50 - 2128 80 and 90 - 481 102 1 |120 0 and 20 639 / 50 and 60 - 18171 90 and 100 - 64

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March 25. Lady Bruce, a daugh- May 21. Queen- of Sweden, a ter

princess. Lady of sir Hector Macken- 26. Lady of lord Francis Go. zie, bart. a daughter.

dolphin Osborne, a son. - Countess of Harborough, a 27. Hon. Mrs. Stanley, a daugh daughter.

ter. - Lady of sir Charles Watson, - Countess of Belmore, a still. bart. a daughter.

born child. April 6. Lady of William Baker, 30. Hon. Mrs. Ryder, a daughter, esq. M. P. a daughter.

June 2. Countess of Lucan, a son. - Lady of G. H. Rose, esq. Lady of sir Brooke Bridges, M. P. a son.

bart. a son and heir. Empress of Germany, a 3. Marchioness of Winchester, & princess.

20. Lady Caroline Stewart 6. Marchioness of Bute, a daughWortley, a son.

ter. ::24. Lady of lord viscount Belo 14. Marchioness of Donegall, s

still-born son. grave, a son.

25. Lady of the right hon. 17. Countess of Sutherland, a song George Canning, a son.

19. Lady Templetown, a daughLacly of the hon. William ter. Maule, a son and heir.

24. Lady of E. Wigley, esq. Lady Elizabeth Palk, a son. M. P. a daughter.

Viscountess Charleville, a 25. Lady of sir John Fagg, bart, son.

Lady le Despenser, a son. 29. Queen of Prussia, a prince.
Lady Anne Astley, a son. 30. Hon. Mrs. Grensell, a

Hon. Mrs. Locke, a daugh- daughter. ter.

- Lady of the hon. col. Creigh - Ladły of John Dennison, esq. ton, a daughter. M. P. a son.

Countess of Granard, a son. ? Muy 5. Lady of sir Home Pop- Lady Charlotte Baillie, a ham, a son.

daughter. 6. Lady of sir John Orde, a

Lady Burnett of Leys, a son daughter.

Lady Mary Murray, a son. 11. Hon. lady Dallas, a daughter. - Lady Helen Hall, a son.

17. Countess of Talbot, a daugh- - Lady of sir William Clayton, ter.

bart. a son. 21. Lady of 'H. Thornton, esq. July 3. Lady Folkstone, a daughM.P. a daughter.

ter. - Lady Lucy Bridgeman, a son 9. Lady Amberst, a daughter. and daughter.

10. Lady Lesbie, a daughter. Lady of sir J. Lawson, bart. Lady of R. S. Milner, esq. a daughter

M. P. ot a daughter.
Lady of B. Hobhouse, esq.

13. Duchess of Leeds, a daughM. Y. a daughter.

ter. - Lady of sir Charles Oakley, 19. Lady Elizabeth Halliday, a bari. a son.

daughter. Lady of sir G. Temple, a 26. Lady of John Agnes, esq. son,

M. P. a daughter.


a son.


bart. a son.

bart. a son.


a son.

a son.

July 26. Lady Augusta Leith, a September 24. Lady of sir John

Sinclair, bart. a son. - Lady of sir William Ramsay, - Hon. Mrs. Ramsay, a daugh

ter. daughter.

October 1. Hon. Mrs. Smith, a Lady of sir James Nasmyth, son.

3. Lady of sir H. Martin, bart. a August 2. Lady Charlotte Strutt,

4. Countess of Berkeley, a daugh. - Lady of sir William Beechy, ter. R. A. twins.

-- Hon. Mrs. Spiers, a daugli9. Lady of prince Augustus Fre. ter. derick, a daughter.

10. Lady of the hon. and rev. Lady Catharine Forester, Dr. Marsham, a son.

15. Lady Charles Somerset, a 14. Countess of Glasgow, a still-born son. daughter.

19. Lady Louisa Harley, a son. 16. Lady Harriet Gill, a son.

22. Viscountess Southwell, a son 18. Lady Amelia Kaye, a son.

and heir. - Lady of sir Duke Giffard, - Lady of lord Dunboyne, a bart. a son.

son and heir. Hon. Mrs. Charteris, a Lady of the riglit hon. W. daughter.

Forward, a son.
Countess of Caithness, a son. Lady of sir Charles Cotton,
Lady Charlotte Campbell, a bart. a son.

25. Lady Charlotte Greville, a 29. Hon. Mrs. R. Stopford, a son. September 4. Lady of sir H. 27 Lady of Wilbraham Bootle, Harpur, bart. a son.

esq. M. P. a son. 3. Lady Hervey, a daugliter. 28. Lady George Cavendish, a

9. Hon. Mrs. Dorrien Magens, a daughter.

November 8. Lady of sir Hugh 13. Lady Catharine Graham, a Dalrymple Hamilton, a daughter.

10. Lady of sir John Payne, bart. 15. Lady of John Dent, esq. a daughter. M. P. a daughter.

13. Hon. Mrs. captain Hunter, 21. Viscountess Dungannon, a

20. Lady of sir C. M: Pole, bart. 24. Lady of Charles Morgan, a still-born child. esq. M. P. a daughter.

Lady of col. Butler, M.P. a - Lady Elgin, a daughter. daughter.

Hon. Mrs. Henniker, a - Lady Anne Maxwell, a daughter,

daughter. Lady Limerick, a daughter. Viscountess Bantry, a son.

Lady Harriet French St. 29. Viscou:tess Deerhurst, a George, a daughter.

daughter. Lady Lawrence Dundas, a December 1. Countess of Albe. daughter.

marie, a son - Lady of Charles Smith, esq. 12. Countess of Oxford, a daugh M. P. a daughter.

ter. 1801.

(G) Decembro





a son.


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December 21. Hon. Mrs. Gun- 22. Lord Louvaine, to miss Louning, a son.

isa Wortley. - Viscountess Corry, a son and July 1l. Lord Ongley, to miss heir.

Burgoyne. 27. Countess Powlett, a daugh- 16. Lord Pelham, to lady Mary ter.

O borne. Lady Mulgrave, a son. 23. Lord Aylmer, to miss Louisa 28. Hon. Mrs. Rollo, a son. Call,

Aug. 1. Sir Edmund Carrington,

to miss Paulina Belli. MARRIAGES in the Year 1901. September 1. William Herrey,

esq. to lady Dorothea Arabella Jan. 1. Colonel Cotton, to lady Primrose. Anne Maria Pelham Clinton.

3. Lord Tara, to miss Powys. 8. Lord Downe, to miss Mar- 12. Hon. sir Edward Crofton, to garet Jean Ainslie.

lady Charlotte Stewart. 22. Arthur French St. George, October 8. Rev. sir John Ilead, esq. to the hon. Henrietta St. Law- bart, to miss Walker.

13. Thomas Wynn, esq. to lady Feb. 4. Hón. Charles Wyndham, Charlotte Bellasyse. to lady Anne Lambton.

- Sir John Riggs Miller, bart. 16. Sir John Coxe Hippisley, to miss Beauchamp. bart. to Mrs. Hippisley Coxe. 14. Lieutenaut-col. Cockburn,

March 13. John Joseph Henry, to the hon. Marianna Devereux. esq. to lady Emily Fitzgerald.

17. Sir John Murray, bart, to miss 21. Lord Morpeth, to lady Callender. Georgina Cavendish.

20. Hon. Montgomery Stewart, April 6. Hon. and rev. Pearce to miss Catharine Honeyman. Meade, to miss Elizabeth Percy. 21. Hon. George Irby, to miss

7. Right hon. lord Whitworthi, Rachel Ives Drake. to the duchess of Dorset.

Henry Parnell, esq. to the 13. Sir Edward Knatchbull, bart. hon, miss Dawson. to miss Hawkins.

- Hon. J. Cavendish, to lady
Sir John Arundel, to miss A. Gore.
Sarah Anne Sharpe.

J. Hubert Moore, esq. to
May 11. Colonel Orde, to lady lady Danboyne.
Louisa Jocelyn.

-. Sir Marcus Somerville, bart.
20. Hon. colonel W. Fitzroy, to to miss Marianne Meredith.
miss Clarke.

November 5. Right hon. Maurice 28. Captain Adam Drummond, Fitzgerald, to miss Latouche. to lady Charlotte Menzies.

10. George Ellis, esq. M. P. to June 3. Hon. Francis Nathaniel miss Parker. Burton, to the hon. Valentina Law- 27. Lord Francis Spencer, to less,

lady Frances Fitzroy. 13. Mr. sergeant Onslow, to lady December 14. Major Macleod, Drake.

to lady Arabella Annesley. 17. Lord John Thynne, to miss 22.' Lieutenant-col. Wood, to Mary Anne Master.

lady Caroline Stewart. 20. Joshua Edward Cooper, esq. Earl of Meath, to lady Me M. P. to miss Elizabeth Lindsay. lesina Adelaide Meade.


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