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December 22. Sir Charles Burrell 17. William Heberden, M.D. Blount, to miss Elvira Blount. F.R.S. & S.A.

Henry William Espinasse, June 7. Sir Francis Ford, bart. esq. to the hon. Mrs. G. Petre. 26. Hon. niss Anne Ryder. Sir Thomas Champneys, to

Elizabeth countess dowager miss Minchin.

of Glencair.

July 2. Lord Petre.

10. Sir Grilfth Boynton, bart. DEATHS in the Year 1801.

12. The lady of sir William

Young, bart. January 3. Earl of Aldborough. - William lord visc. Barrington.

-. Lavater, the celebrated phy- -- Lady Horatia, wife of lord siognomist.

Hugh Seymour. 4. Licutenant-gen. Goldsworthy, 13. Lady Winifred Maxwell AI. P.

Constable. 16. George, earl of Powis.

14. Hon. Frances Levison Gower. 21. Rev. sir Martin Stapylton, 20. Sir George William Prescot, bart.

bart. His excellency Ralph 25, Earl of Dartmouth. Heathcote, esq.

30. Sir Grey Cooper, bart. - Sir Gillies Payne, bart.

August 6. Lord Rossinore. February 9. Right hon. lady 13. Earl of Aberdeen. Charlotte Holwell Carr.

20. Sir William Plomer, knt. and 15. Right hon. lady Elizabeth alt. Douglas.

21. Hon. William Bishop. 18. Lady sir Charles Hardy. 30. Lady Mary Churchill.

Her royal highness the du- Sir George Warren, K. B. chess dowager of Brunswick.

September 3. Hon. Jolin Yorke, Lady Archer.

brother to the earl of Hardwicke. March f. Laily Newliaven. 7. Lady Louisa Isabella Bridge6. Lady Harriet Bennet. 7. Sir John Call, bart.

Marquis of Downshire. 10. Hon. Robert Aibuthoot. 13. Sir Christopher Sykes, bart,

16. Hon. John Bulkcley Coven- Lady Elisabeth Kemp. try Bulkeley.

20. Sir John Gresham, bart. 19. Lady of sir Richard Core, 21. Lari of Howth. bart. D.D.

22. Sir Vere Hunt, bart. . Hon. John David Colyear. 26. Lord Augustus Fitzroy. 23. Hon. John Joseph Yorke. October 7. Sir William Hay, bart.

25. Lieutenant-gen. sir Charles 10. His grace Dr. Fowler, archStuart, K. B.

bishop of Dublin. Paul I. emperor of Russia.

11. Lady John Russell. 29. Sir Ralph Abercromby, 13. The countess of Holderness, bart.

21. Hon. John Cochrane. 31. Lady Duntze.

22. Hon. Evelyn Pierrepoint. Lady Paul.

29. Stephen Thurston Adey, esq. April 9. Sir Howe Hicks, bart. M. P. 28. Hon. Frederick Vane.

Lady Hannah Stratford. Alay 3. General Cyrus Trapaud. November 1. Alexander Allar9. Sir Lambert Blackwell, bart. dyce, esq. M.P.

(G2) November

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November 3. Hon. captain Ha- esq. James Gambier, esq. sir Anmilton Lindsay.

drew Mitchell, K. B. vice-admirals 14. Hon. Louisa Townshend. of the blue-to be vice-admirals of 19. Lady Viscountess Galway. the white. 20. Larly Juliana Penn.

Januaryl. Christopher Parker, esq. 27. La ly Elizabeth Noel. Philip Patton, esq. Charles Morice - Earl of Miltown.

Pole, esq. John Brown, esq. John December it. Right hon. sir John Leigh Douglas, esq. William Swi. Parnell, bart.

ney, esq. Charles Edmund Nugent, 7. Marchioness of Antrim. esq. Charles Powell Hamilton, esq. 13. Lord Kensington.

Edmund Dod, esq. right hon. Hora23. Lady Elibank Mackenzie. tio lord Nelson, K. B. rear admirals Sir Duke Giffard, bart. of the red-to be vice-admirals of

the blue. PROMOTIONS in the Year 1801.

James Brine, esq. John Paken

ham, esq. sir Erasmus Gower, knt. January l. Richard Braithwaite, John Holloway, esq. John Blanket, esq. Philip Crosby, esq. Samuel esq. George Wilson, esq. sir Charles Cornish, e q. John Brisbane, esq. Henry Knowles, bart. hon. Thomas Charles Wolseley, esq. Samuel Pakenham, Robert Deans,esq. CuthCranston Goodall, esq. his royal bert Collingwood, esq. James Hawhighness William-Henry duke of kins Whitsher, esq. Arthur Kempe, Clarence, admirals of the blue-to esq. Smith Child, esq. right hon. be admirals of the white.,

lord Charles Fitzgerald, Thomas Robert Linzee, esq. sir Taylor, esq. John Thomas DuckJames Wailace, knt. William Peere worth, esq. rear-admirals of the Williams, esq. sir Thomas Pasley, white—toberear-admiralsof thered. bart, sir Thomas Rich, bart. James - John Knowles, esq. John Cumming, esq. sir John Colpoys, Willett Payne, esq. sir Robert K. B. Skeffington Lutwidge, esq. Calder, bart. James Richard DaArchibald Dickson, esq. George cres, esq. hon. George Berkeley, Montagu, esq. Thomas Dumaresa, Thomas West, esq. James Douglas, es q. right hon. George lord Keitli

, esą. Peter Aplin, esq. Henry Sa.. K. B.vice admirals of the red-to vage, esq. Bartholomew Samuel be admirals of ite bije.

Rowley, esq. sir Richard BickerThomas Mackenzie, esq. ton, hart. George Bowen, esq. Thomas Pringle, esq. sir Roger Robert Montague, esq. John FerCurtis, bart. sir Henry Harvey, gusson, esq. Edward Edwards, esq. K. B. Robert Van, esq. sir Wil- sir John Börlase Warren, bart. and liam Parker, bart. Charles Holmes K. B. rear-admirals of the blue-lo Calmady, esq. John Bourmaster, be rear-admirals of the white. esq. sir George Younr, Int. John The under-mentioned capHeniy, esq. Richard Rodney Bligh, tains were also appointed fagesq. vice-admirals of the white-to ollicers of his majesty's fieet, viz. be vice-admirals of the red.

-. Edward Tyrrel Smith, esq. Robert Biggs, esq. Francis Thomas Graves (1-1), esq. Thomas Parry, esq. Isaac Prescott, eq. Macnamara Ruifel, esq. Sylverius Johai Bazelev, esq. Christopher Moriarty, e q. sir Henry Trollope, Mason,

esq: Thoma, Spry, esq. sir knt.-10 be rcar-admirals of ihe Johın Orde, Lart. William Young, white.

January January1.HenryEdwin Stanhope, guards; John Henry Fraser, of the esq. Robert M Douall, esq. Billy With foot; W. D. M'Lean CleDouglas, esq. John Wickey, esq. phane, of the 3d foot-guards; John Inglis, esq. John Fish, e q Jali- Charles Barnet, of dit!o; George leel Breton (1st), esc. John Knight, marquis of Huntley, of the 92d esq. Edward Thornboroughi

, esq. foot; George Benson; hon. EdJames Kempthorne, est. Samson ward Finch, of the Coldstream Edwards, esq. George Campbell, guards; Isaac Gascoyne, of the esq. Thomas Hicks, esq. Henry 31th foot; George Frederick lord Cromwell, esq. Arthur ir Southampton, of ditto; and SteWilliam George Fairtax, kit. Tho- phen Poyntz, of the 1st regiment of màs Totty, esq. sir James Saumarez, life-guards; to be major-generals knt.-roberear-admiralsof the blue. in the army.

- Sir Edward Pellew, bart. January 1. Lieutenant-colonels: William Domett, esq. and sir Tho- James O'Moore, of the late Irish mas Troubridge, bart. to be colo- brigade; Thomas M Dermott, of nels of his majesty's marine forces, ditio; Eugene M'Carthy, of ditto; in the room of Edward Thornbo- Eduard Stack, of ditto; Hugh rough, esq. sir William.George Lyle Carmichael, of the 2d WestFairfax, knt. and sir James Sauma- India regiment; bon. John Broderez, knt. appointed flag-officers of rick; Henry Warde, of the 1st his majesty's fleet.

foot-guards; James Durham, of the - Licutenant-generals Benja- Fiteshire fencible infantry; hon. min Gordon, George Ainslie, James David Leslie, of the Tay ditto; Adeane, Edward Smith, Thomas James Leith, of the princess of Bland, Felix Buckley, Henry Walen's litto ; John Manners Kerr, Watson Powell, Thomas Stirling, of the 62d foot; Thomas Scott, of George Garth, and Richard Gren- the Scotch brigade; Quin John

generals in the army. Freeman, of the 16th fooi; Wila

Major-generals: Horatio liam Robertson, of the laté Perth Spry, W. Souter Johnstone, Harry fonsibles; Arthur Wolfe, of the Innes, Robert Donkin, James Bal- 701 toot; Matthew Baillie, of the four, James Francis Puik ns, Nor- late 13-14h foot; Tomkins Hilgrove man M.Leod, Alexander Campbell, Turner, of the 3d toot-guards : Francis D’Oyly, sir James Dulle, John Randall M.Kenzie, of the knt. Henry ford Mulgrave, Grice 75th foot; Chritopher Tilson, of Blakeney, Paulus Æmilius Irving, the 11th ditto; William Simson, of George Harris, Richard Vyse, the North Lowland fencibles; hon. William lord Cathcart, Banastre W. Mordaunt Maitland, of the Tarleton, sir Hugh Dalrymple, knt. Devon and Cornwall fencibles Gordon Forbes, Andrew Gordon, William Munro, of the Caithness John Floyd, Oliver Delancey, legion; James Campbell, of the John Graves Simcoe, and sir Jaines Cheshire tencib'es; Toomas Picton, Henry Craig, K. B. to be lieute- of the 561h 10t; John Gordon nant-generats in the army.

Camning, of the Loval Inverness - Colonels : John Stuart, of fencibles; John Crew, of the Lociathe royal artillery; lion. Robert ber fencibles; hon. George Lowrey Taylor, of the 5tii dragoon-guards; Cok, of Villette's regiment; Niara Gerrit Fisher, of the 9th foot; cuz Bere to !, of the late 1:51h Gcorge Alilner, of the 3d fuol- foot; Gonville Bromhcad, of the




to be


late 126th foot; Charles M'Donel, foot; George-H. Mason, of the late on half-pay of a late reginent of 102d ditto ; John-Granby Clay, of foot; George earl of Granard, of the 54th ditto; Alexander Colston, the late 105th foot; Mungo Noble, of the late 102d ditto; John Grey, of the 67th foot; Stafford Light of the 41st ditto; William Lockhart, burne, of the 53d ditto; Jolin-Henry of the 30th ditto; Archibald Butter, Loft, on hall-pay of the independs of the 18th light-dragoons; hon. ents; sir Williain Erskine, bart. of John Creighton, of the late 121th the late 133d foot; Nathanael W. foot; Dunbar-J. Hunter, of the Massey, of the 27th foot; Francis 19th foot; John Campbell, of the Moore, of the late 125th ditto; hon. late 2d battalion of the late 82d Robert King, of the late 127th dit- foot; Sydney Scroggs, of the 4th to; William-Henry Clinton, of the foot; Alexander-Cosby Jackson, of 1st foot-guards; George Dalrymple, the 40th ditto; Gage John Hall, of of the 19th foot; and John Taub- the 9th ditto ; Robert Ross, of the man, of the late 110th foot; to be 20th ditto; and George Wynyard, colonels in the army.

of the 27th light-dragoons; to be January 1. Majors: Peter Bea- lieutenant-colonels in the army. ver, of the 27th toot; William Sa- January 1. Geo. Buchan Hepburn, vary, of the 14th light-dragoons; esq. judge-admiral of Scotland, to Hampson P. Thomas, of the 61th be one of the barons of exchequer foot; Thomas M‘Mahon, of the in Scotland, vice Gordon, deceased, 27ih ditto; John Picton, of the 12th [Dublin, January 3. Richard earl ditto; hon. Edward Wingfield, of of Shannon, K. P. right hon. Isaac the 40th foot; Jolin Ford, of the Corry, chancellor of bis majesty's 80th ditto; Archibald Bothwell, of exchequer of this kingdom for the the 2d dragoons; Arthur Annesly, time being, right hon. Robert Stew. of the late 3 Ist light-dragoons; hon, art, commonly called lord viscount lord Hely Hutchinson, of the late Castlereaghi, chief secretary to the 1121h foot; Benjamin Rowe, of the lord lieutenant, or, in the absence of -50th foot; Kenneth M.Rae, of the the said chief secretary, the under 76th ditto; Edward Boland, of the secretary for the time being to the 40th ditto; Ilenry Hawley, of tlie lord lieutenant, or, in the absence 4.51h ditto; Edward Scott, of the of the said chiet secretary, the under 13th ditto; James Logan, of the secretary for the time being for the 51st ditto; William M Caski!), of civil department of the said chief. the late 92d ditto; Donald Robert- secretary's office; the right hon. son, of the 21st ditto; Thomas Pro- Lodge lord Frankfort, the right hon, byn, of the 18th ditio; John Gor- John Loftus Lofins, commonly called don, of the 38th ditto ; George lord viscount Loftus, and the right Wilson, of the 39th ditto; George hon. Maurice Fitzgerald, to be comMaddison, of the 65th ditto; John inissioners for executing the ofice Crowges, of the 55th ditto; John of treasurer of liis majesty's exWauchope, of the 19th citlo; Fre- chequer.] derick William Buller, of the esth 6. Invalids. Brevet lieut.-colonel ditto; Humphrey Davie, of the 5th James Fahy, to be commandant of ditto; Joan R. Broadhead, of the the independent companies of invalate 121st ditto; Thomas Bradford, lids at Alderney, vice Gordon.-of the Nortingiain feireibles; Tho- Brevet. Col. James Erskine, of the mas-G. Eirington, of the late 115th 15th light-dragoons, to be aide-du


the rifle corps.

camp to the king, vice Manning- master of the temporary cavalry lian, appointed to the command of barracks at Canterbury, vice Wilson.

January 20. Invalids. Capt. Wm. January 7. Sir Thomas Trou: Archer, from the invalids at Sheerbridge, hait. cart. in the royal navy, ness, to be captain ofan independent and colonel of his majesty's marine company of invalids at Chatham, vice forces; capt. Alexander-John Ball, Wadman, dec.; col.W. Swinburne, of the royal navy; capt. Samuel from the invalids at Fort George, to Hool, of the royal navy; and capt. be captain of an independent comBenjamin Hallowell, of the royal pany of invalids at Sheerness, vice navy; permitted to accept the rank Archer; andcapt. Benjamin Rogers, of commanders of the order of St. from the 53d foot, to be captain of Ferdinand and of Merit, which it is an independent company of invalids the intention of Ferdinand IV. king at Fort George, vice Swinburne.of the Two Sicilies, to confer upon Brevet. Major Boyle Travers, of them, and to bear the insignia of the late 114th foot, io be lieutenantcommanders of the said order.

colonel in the army: 10. Major-general T. Garth, from 27. Brevet. To be brigadier-ge. the 22d light-dragoons, to be colonel nerals in the West Indies only: of the Ist regiment of dragoons, vice col. David Cunynghame,of the 60th Goldswortiły, deceased.

foot; col. Patrick Wauchope, of 13. The dignity of a baron of the the 50th foot; col. Baldwin Leighunited kingdom of Great-Britain ton, of the 46th foot; and col. Marand Ireland to the most hon. Charles tin Hunter, of the 48th foot. Col. marquis of Drogheda, of the king. Tkomas Peter, inspecting field-ofdom of Ireland, K. P. and the heirs ficer. To be colonel in the army, male of his body lawfully begotten, lieut.-col. Rob. Barnard Sparrow, of by the name, style, and title of baron the Loyal Essex fencible infantry.-Moore, of Moore-place, county of Hospital-staff. Surgeon John Bafia, Kent; to the most hon. Charles from the Royal Irish fuzileers, to be marquis of Ely, of the kingdom of physician to the forces. Surgeon Ireland, K. P. by the naine, &c. of Wm. Henderson, from the 74th baron Loftus, of Long Loftus, in the foot, to be surgeon to the forces, county of York; to the right hon. vice Alex. Grant, deceased. Walter earl of Ormond and Upper 31. Right hon. William arclabia Ossory, of the kingdom of Ireland, shop of Armagh, sworn of his maK. P.' by the name, &c. of baron jesty's most honourable privy.counButler, of Lanthony, in the county of cil. Nionmouth; and to the right hon. February 3. Brevet. Lieut. col. John-Joshua earl of Carystort, of the count Bartholomew O'Mahony, of kingdom of Ireland, K. P. by the the late 6th regiment of the Irish name, &c. of baron Carysfort, of brigade, to be colonel in ihe army.the hundred of Norman-cross, in Hospital-stait. Surgeon W. Wood, the county of Huntingdon.

from the 61th foot, to be apothecary - Barracks. John Wilson, late to the forces. Hospital-mate Geo. barrack-master of the temporary Toosey, to he apothecary to the cavalry barracks at Canterbury, to forces, vice Travers, supersededi. be barrack-master of the permanent 10. Brevet. Col. Manners Kerr, cavalry barracks at Canterbury. of the 62d foot, to be brigadierJames-Am. Chaundy, to be barrack. general to the forces in the West

(G4) Indies

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