Sivut kuvina

obey the king, and his ministers : to submit myself to all my governors, teachers, spiritual pastors, and masters: to order myself lowly and reverently to all my betters : to hurt nobody by word nor deed : to be true and just in all my dealing: to bear no malice nor hatred in my heart: to keep my hands from picking and stealing, and my tongue from evil speaking, lying, and slandering : to keep my body in temperance, soberness, and chastity: not to covet nor desire other men's goods ; but learn and labour truly to "get my own living, and to do my duty in that state of life, unto which it shall please God to call me.

Question. My good son, know this, that thou art not able to do these things of thyself, nor to walk in the commandments of God, and to serve him, without his special grace, which thou must learn at all times to call for by diligent prayer. Let me hear therefore, if thou canst say the Lord's Prayer.

Answer. Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation ; but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Question. What desirest thou of God in this prayer?

Answer. I desire my Lord God our heavenly Father, who is the giver of all goodness, to send his grace unto me, and to all people; that we may worship him, serve him, and obey him, as we ought to do. And I pray unto God, that he will send us all things that be needful both for our souls and bodies; and that he will be merciful unto us, and forgive us our sins; and that it will please him to save and defend us in all dangers ghostly and bodily ; and that he will keep us from all sin and wickedness, and from our ghostly enemy, and from everlasting death. And this I trust he will do of his mercy and goodness, through our Lord Jesu Christ. And therefore I say, Amen, So be it.

So soon as the children can say in their mother tongue the Articles of the Faith, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, and also can answer to such questions of this short Catechism, as the Bishop (or such as he shall appoint) shall by his discretion appose them in; then shall they be brought to the Bishop by one that shall be his godfather or godmother, that every child may have a witness of his confirmation.

r get mine own living 1552.

s My good child 1552.

| And the Bishop shall confirm them on this wise.

I CONFIRMATION. Our help is in the name of the Lord. Answer. Which hath made both heaven and earth. Minister. Blessed is the name of the Lord. Answer. Henceforth world without end. Minister. The Lord be with Minister. Lord, hear our

prayer. Answer. And with thy spirit. Answer. And let our cry

come to thee.


Let us pray. ALMIGHTY and everliving ALMIGHTY and everliving God, who hast vouchsafed to God, who hast vouchsafed to regenerate these thy servants of regenerate these thy servants by water and the Holy Ghost, and water and the Holy Ghost, and hast given unto them forgive- hast given unto them forgiveness of all their sins; Send down ness of all their sins; Strengthen from heaven, we beseech thee, them, we beseech thee, (O Lord) (O Lord,) upon them thy Holy with the Holy Ghost the ComGhost the Comforter, with the forter, and daily increase in manifold gifts of grace; the spi- them thy manifold gifts of rit of wisdom and understand- grace; the spirit of wisdom ing; the spirit of counsel and and understanding; the spirit ghostly strength; the spirit of of counsel and ghostly strength; knowledge and true godliness; the spirit of knowledge and true and fulfil them (O Lord) with godliness ; and fulfil them (O the spirit of thy holy fear. Lord) with the spirit of thy holy Answer. Amen.

fear. Amen. Minister. Sign them (O Lord) and mark them to be thine for ever, by the virtue of thy holy cross and passion. Confirm and strength them with the inward unction of thy Holy Ghost mercifully unto everlasting life. Amen.

Then the Bishop shall cross them in the

forehead, and lay his hand upon their head, saying,

N. I sign thee with the sign of the cross, and lay my hand upon thee, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

And thus shall he do to every child, one after another. And when he hath laid his hand upon every child, then shall he say,

The peace of the Lord abide with you.

Answer. And with thy spirit.

Then the Bishop shall lay his hand upon

every child severally, saying, Defend, O Lord, this child with thy heavenly grace, that he may continue thine for ever, and daily increase in thy Holy Spirit more and more, until he come unto thy everlasting kingdom. Amen.

Let us pray.

Then shall the Bishop say, Almighty everliving God, which makest us both to will and to do those things that be good and acceptable unto thy Majesty; We make our humble supplications unto thee for these children, upon whom (after the example of thy holy apostles) we have laid our hands, to certify them (by this sign) of thy favour and gracious goodness toward them. Let thy fatherly hand (we beseech thee) ever be over them ; let thy Holy Spirit ever be with them; and so lead them in the knowledge and obedience of thy word, that in the end they may obtain the 'life everlasting ; through our Lord Jesus Christ, who with thee and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. Amen.

Then shall the Bishop bless the children, thus saying, The blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be upon you, and remain with you for ever. Amen.

everlasting life 1552.

u Then the Bishop shall 1552.

xThe Curate of every parish, once in six weeks at the least, upon warning by him

given, shall, upon some Sunday or holyday, half an hour before Evensong, openly in the church instruct and examine so many children of his parish sent unto him, as the time will serve, and as he shall think convenient, in some part of this Catechism. And all fathers, mothers, masters, and dames, shall cause their children, servants, and apprentices, (y which are not yet confirmed,) to come to the church at z the day appointed, and a obediently hear and be ordered by the Curate, until

such time as they have learned all that is here appointed for them to learn. 1 And whensoever the Bishop shall give knowledge for children to be brought afore

him to any convenient place for their confirmation, then shall the Curate of every parish either bring or send in writing the names of all those children of his parish which can say the Articles of their Faith, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments; and also how many of them can answer to the other questions con

tained in this Catechism. | And there shall none be admitted to the holy communion until such time as bhe

be confirmed.

The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony.

First the banns must be asked three several Sundays or holydays, cin the service

time, the people being present, after the accustomed manner. And if the persons that would be married dwell in divers parishes, the banns must

be asked in both parishes; and the Curate of the one parish shall not solemnize matrimony betwixt them, without a certificate of the banns being thrice asked,

from the Curate of the other parish. At the day appointed for solemnization of matrimony, the persons to be married shall

come into the body of the church, with their friends and neighbours : and there the Priest shall thus say:

DEARLY beloved friends, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of his congregation, to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony; which is an honourable estate, instituted of God in Paradise, in the time of man's innocency, signifying unto us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his church; which holy estate Christ adorned and beautified with his presence, and first miracle that he wrought, in Cana of Galilee; and is commended of Saint Paul to be honourable among all men: and therefore is not to be enterprised, nor taken in hand unadvisedly, lightly, or wantonly, to satisfy men's carnal lusts and appetites, like brute beasts that have no understanding ; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and

* The Curate of every parish, or some other at his appointment, shall diligently, upon Sundays and holydays, half an hour &c. 1552. y (which have not learned their Catechism) 1552. z the time appointed 1552. obediently to hear 1552. b he can say the Catechism, and be confirmed 1552. c in the time of service 1552. in the fear of God; duly considering the causes for the which matrimony was ordained. One cause was the procreation of children, to be brought up in the fear and nurture of the Lord, and praise of God. Secondly, it was ordained for a remedy against sin, and to avoid fornication; that such persons as be married might live chastely in matrimony, and keep themselves undefiled members of Christ's body. Thirdly, for the mutual society, help, and comfort, that the one ought to have of the other, both in prosperity and adversity. Into the which holy estate these two persons present come now to be joined. Therefore if any man can shew any just cause why they may not lawfully be ejoined so together, let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace.

And also speaking to the persons that shall be married, he shall say, I require and charge you, (as you will answer at the dreadful day of judgment, when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed,) that if either of you do know any impediment why ye may not be lawfully joined together in matrimony, that ye confess it. For be ye well assured, that so many as be coupled together otherwise than God's word doth allow, are fnot joined of God, neither is their matrimony lawful.

At which day of marriage, if any man do gallege any impediment why they may not

be coupled together hin matrimony; and will be bound, and sureties with him, to the parties ; or else put in a caution, to the full value of such charges as the persons to be married ido sustain, to prove his allegation : then the solemnization must be deferred unto such time as the truth be tried. If no impediment be al. leged, then shall the Curate say unto the man,

N. Wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour, and keep her in sickness and in health ; and, forsaking all other, keep thee only to her so long as you both shall live?

The man shall answer, I will.

Then shall the Priest say to the woman, N. Wilt thou have this man to thy wedded husband, to live

b causes for which 1552. c One was the 1552.

d such persons as have not the gift of continency, might marry, and keep 1552. e joined so to. gether 1552. f not joined together by God 1552. & allege and declare any impediment 1552.

h in matrimony, by God's law or the laws of this realm: and will be bound and sufficient sureties with him, 1552. i doth sustain 1552.

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