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he shall say,

While we have time, let us do look, what he layeth out, it shall goud unto all men: and especially be paid him again. Prov. xix. 17. unto them that are of the house Blessed be the man that prohold of faith. Gal. vi. 10. videth for the sick and needy; the

Godliness is great riches, if a Lord shall deliver him in the man be content with that he hath: time of trouble.' Psalm, xli. 1. For we brought nothing into this " Whilst these sentences are in reading, world, neither may we carry any fit persons appointed for that purpose;

the Deacons, Church-wardens, or other thing out. 1 Tim. vi. 6,7. shall receive the Alms for the Poor, and

Charge them who are rich in other Devotions of the Peoplt, in a dethis world, that they be ready to

oent Basin to be provided by the Parish give, and glad to distribute; lay-l it to the Priest, who shall humbly present

for that purpose, and reverently bring ing up in store for themselves a and place it upon the Holy Table. good foundation against the time" And the Priest shall then place upon the

Table so much Bread and Wine as he to come, that they may attain shall think sufficient. After which done, eternal life. 1 Tim. vi. 17, 18, 19.

God is not unrighteous, that be Let us pray for the whole state will forget your works, and la- of Christ's Church militant. bour that proceedeth of love; ALMIGHTY and everliving which love ye have showed for -God, who, by thy holy Apoghis name's sake, who have minis- tle, hast taught us to make prayers tered unto the saints, and yet do and supplications, and to give minister. Heb. vi. 10.

thanks for all men : We humbly To do good and to distribute, beseech thee most mercifully [*10 forget not; for with such sacri- accept our alms and oblations, and!] fices God is well pleased. Heb. to receive these our prayers, xiii. 16.

which we offer unto thy divine Whoso hath this world's good, Majesty; beseeching thee to inand seeth his brother have need, spire continually the Universal and shutteth up his compassion Church with the spirit of truth, from him, how dwelleth the love unity, and concord : and grant of God in him? 1 John, iii. 17. that all they who do confess tby

Give alms of thy goods, and holy name may agree in the never turn thy face from any truth of thy holy word, and live poor man; and then the face of in unity and godly love. We bethe Lord shall

not be turned away seech thee also, so to direct and from thee. Tob. iv. 7.

dispose the hearts of all Christain Be merciful after thy power. rulers, that they may truly and If thou hast much, give plente- impartially administer justice, to cusly. If thou hast little, do thy the punishment of wickedness and diligence gladly to give of that vice, and to the maintenance of little : for so gatherest thou thy, thy true religion and

virtue. Give self a good reward, in the day of grace, O heavenly Father, to all necessity. Tob. iv. 8, 9. Bishops and other Ministers; that

He that hath pity upon the they may, both by their life and poor, lendeth unto the Lord: and doctrine, set forth thy true and

if there be no alms or oblations, then shall the words (to accept our alms and oblations, and) be left unscid

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lively Word, and rightly and duly hath given his Son our Saviour administer thy holy Sacrainents.|'Jesus Christ, not only to die for And to all thy people give thy us, but also to be our spiritual heavenly grace; and especially to food and sustenance in that holy this congregation bere present; Sacrament. , Which being so dithat with meek heart, and due vine and comfortable a thing to reverence, they may hear, and them who receive it worthily, receive thy holy Word ; truly and so dangerous to those who serving thee in holiness and righ- will presume to receive it unteoustiess all the days of their life. worthily; my duty is to exhort And we most huinbly beseech you in the mean season, to consithee, of thy goodness, O Lord, to der the dignity of that holy Myste. comfort and succour all those tery, and the great peril of the unwbo, in this transitory life, are in worthy receiving thereof; and so trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, to search and examine your own or any other adversity. And we consciences, (and that not lightly, also bless thy holy name, for all and after the manner of dissem. thy servants departed this life in blers with God; but so) that se thy faith and fear; beseeching may come holy and clean to such thee to give us grace so to follow a heavenly feast, in the marriage. their good examples, that with garment required by God in holy them we may be partakers of thy Scripture ; and be received as heavenly kingdom : Grant this, worthy partakers of that holy O Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, Table. our only Mediator and Advocate. The way and means thereto is, Amen.

First, to examine your lives and TWhen the Minister giveth warning for conversation by the rule of God's (which he shall always do upon the commandments; and wherein

so. Sunday, or some Holy day, immediately ever ye shall perceive yourselves preceding) he shall read this Exhorta- to have offended, either by will, tion following; or so much thereof as, word, or deed, there to bewail in his discretion, he may think conve

your own sinfulness, and to conDEARLY beloved, on -day fess yourselves to Almighty God,

next, I purpose, through God's with full purpose of amendment assistance, to administer to all of life. And if ye shall perceive such as shall be religiously and your offeuces to be such as are devoutly disposed, the

inost com- not only against God, but also fortable Sacrament of the Body against your neighbours; then ye and Blood of Christ; to be by sball reconcile yourselves uuto them received, in remembrande them; being ready to make restiof his meritorious Cross and Pas- tution and satisfaction, according sion; whereby alone we obtain to the uttermost of your powers, remission of our sins, and are for all injuries and wrongs done made partakers of the kingdom of by you to any other; and being Heaven, Wherefore it is our du likewise ready to forgive others ty to render most humble and who have offended you, as ye hearty thanks to Almighty God, would have forgiveness of your our heavenly Father, for thut bcfoffences at God's hand: For other


wise the receiving of the Holy a case would not be moved? Who Communion doth nothing else would not think a great injury but increase your condemnation. and wrong done unto him? Therefore if any of you be a Wherefore, most dearly beloved blasphemer of God, an hinderer in Christ, take ye good heed, lest or slanderer of his Word, an ye, withdrawing yourselves fronı adulterer, or be in malice or envy, this holy Supper, provoke God's or in any other grievous crimp ; indignation against you. · It is an repeni ye of your sins, or else easy matter for a man to say, I come not to that holy Table. wiil not communicale, because

And because it is requisite that I am otherwise hindered with no man should come to the Holy worldly business. “But such exCommunion, but with a full trust cuses are not so easily accepted, in God's mercy, and with a quiet and allowed before God. If any conscience; therefore, if there be man say, I am à grievous sinner, any of you, who by this means and therefore am afraid to come; cannot quiet his own conscience wherefore then do ye not repent herein, but requireth further com- and amend? When God calleth fort or counsel let him come to yoll, are ye not ashamed to say, me, or to some other Minister of ye will not come? When ye God's word, and open his grief; should return to God, will ye ex. that he may receive such Godly case yourselves, and say, ye are counsel and advice, as may tend not ready ? Consider earnestly to the quieting of his conscience, with yourselves, how little such and the removing of all scruple feigned excuses will avail before and doubtfulness.

God. They who refused the 5 Or, in case he shall see the People neg- feast in the Gospel, because they

ligent to come to the Holy Communior: had bought a farm, or would try instead of the former, he shall use this

their yokes of oxen, or because DEARLY beloved brethren, on they were married, were not so

L'intend, by God's excused, but counted unworthy of grace, to celebra e the Lord's the beavenly feast. Wherefore, Supper ; unto which, in God's according tò mine office, I bid behalf, I bid you all who are here you in the name of God, I call present ; and beseech you

for the you in Cbrist's behalf, I exhort you, Lord Jesus Christ's sake, that yeas ye love your own salvation, will not refuse to come thereto, that ye will be partakers of this being so lovingly called and bid. Holy Communion. And as the den by God himself. Ye know Son of God did vouchsafe to how grievous and unkind a thing yield up his soul by death upon it is when a man bath prepared the cross, for your salvation; so a rich feast, decked his table with it is your duty to receive the all kinds of provision, so that Communion in remembrance of there lacketh notbing but the the sacrifice of his death, as he guests to sit down; and yet they himself has commanded : Which who are called (without any if ye shall neglect to do, consider sause) most unthankfully refuse with yourselves, how great is your to come. Which of you in such ingratitude to God, and how sole



punishment hangeth over your ness and the shadow of death; heads for the same, when ye wil- that he might make us the chil. fully abstain from the Lord's Ta- dren of God, and exalt us to everble, and separate from your breth- lasting life. And to the end that ren who come to feed on the ban- we should always remember the quet of that most heavenly food. exceeding great love of our Mas. These things if ye earnestly con- ter and only Saviour Jesus Christ, sider, ye will by God's grace, re- thus dying for us, and the innuturn to a better mind; for the ob- merable benefits which by his pretaining whereof we shall not cious blood-shedding he hath obcease to make our humble peti- tained for us, he hath instituted

tions unto Almighty God, our and ordained holy Mysteries, as y heavenly Father.

pledges of his love, and for a conAt the time of the Celebration of the tinual remembrance of his death, Communion, the Priest shall say this to our great and endless comfort.

To him therefore, with the FaDEARLY beloved in the Lord, ther, and the Holy Ghost, let us

ye who mind to come to the give (as we are most bounden) Holy Communion of the Body continual thanks; submitting our and Blood of our Saviour Christ, selves wholly to his holy will and must consider how St. Paul ex- pleasure, and studying to serve horteth all persons diligently to lim in true holiness and righteous. try and examine themselves, beness, all the days of our life. Amen. fore they presume to eat of that|u Then shall the Priest say to those who Bread, and drink of that Cup. For come to receive the Holy Communion, as the benefit is great, if with a YE who do truly and earnestly, true penitent heart and lively faith

repent you of your sins, and we receive that holy Sacrament; are in love and charity with your so is the dangergreat, if we receive neighbours, and intend to lead a the same unvíorthily. Judge new life, following the commandtherefore yourselves, brethren, mepts of God, and walking from that ye be not judged of the Lord; benceforth in his holy ways; draw repeut ye truly for your sins past; near with faith, and take this holy have a lively and steadfast faith Sacrament to your comfort; and in Christ our Saviour; amend make your humble confession to your lives, and be in perfect cha- Almighty God, devoutly kneeling. rity with all men : so shall ye be" Then shall this general Confession be meet partakers of those koly Mys. maele, by the Priest and all those who

are minded to receive the Holy Commise teries. And above all things, ye nion, humbly kneeling, must give most humble and hearty ALMIGHTY God, Father of thanks to God the Father, the our Lord Jesus Christ, Maker Son, and the Holy Ghost, for the of all things, Judge of all men; redemption of the world by the we acknowledge and bewail our death and passion of our Saviour manifold sins and wickedness, Christ, both God and man; who which we from time to time most did humble himself, even to the grievously have committed, by death upon the cross, for us mise- thought, word, and deed, against : bie sinners, who lay in dark- thy divine Majesty ; proroking,

most justly thy wrath and indig-) If any man sin, we have an pation against us. We do ear- Advocate with the Fatber, Jesus nestly repent, and are heartily Christ the righteous; and he is sorry for these our misdoings; the the propitiation for our sins. 1 remembrance of them is grievous John, ii. 1, 2. unto us; the burthen of them is " After which the Priest shall proceedy intolerable. Have mercy upon

saying, us, have mercy upon us, most

Lift up your hearts. merciful Father; for thy Son our

Answer. We lift them up unto

the Lord. Lord Jesus Christ's sake, forgive us all that is past ; and grant,

Priest. Let us give thanks unto

our Lord God. that we may ever hereafter serve and please thee in newness of

Answer. It is meet and right life, to the honour and glory of so to do.

1 Then shall the Priest town to the Lord's thy name, through Jesus Christ

Table, and say, our Lord. Amen.

IT is very meet, right, and our I Then sholl the Priest (the Bishop, if he bounden duty, that we should be present) stand up, and turning to the People, say,

at all times, and in all places, give ALMIGH TÝ God, our heaven. thanks unto thee, O Lord, (*Holy

ly Father, who of his great Father,] Almighty everlasting mercy hath promised forgiveness

God. of sins to all those who with hearty

IT Here shall follow the proper Preface, repentance and true faith turn specially appointed; ' or else immedi

according to the time, if there be any unto him, have mercy upon you; ately shall be said or sung by the Pricst pardon and deliver you from alí|

and People, your sins; confirm and strengthen THEREFORE with Angels and you in all goodness ; and bring

Archangels, and with all the you to everlasting life, through company of heaven, we laud and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen." magnify thy glorious name; ever1 Then shall the Priest søy,

more praising thee, and saying, Hear what comfortable words Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of our Saviour Christ saith unto all Hosts, heaven and earth are full who truly turn to him. of thy glory : Glory be to thee, COME unto me, all ye that tra- O Lord Most High. Amen.

vel and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you. sl. Matt. xi. 28. PROPER PREFACES.

So God loved the world, that Upon Christmas Day, and seven Days he gave bis only begotten Son, to

after the end that all that believe in him BECAUSE thou didst give Jeshould not perish, but have ever sus Christ, thine only Son, to lasting life St. John, iji. 16. be born as at this time for us ;

Hear also what St. Paul saith. who, by the operation of the Holy

This is a true saying, and wor- Ghost, was made very man, of the thy of all men to be received, that substance of the Virgin Mary his Christ Jesus came into the world Mother; and that without spot of to save sinners. 1. Tim. i. 15. sin, to make us clean from all sin: Hear also vbat St. John saith Therefore with Angels, &c.

* Thore words (Holy Fatber] must be writtud on Trinity Sunday.

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