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THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD. Here is to be noted, that the office ensuing is nol to be used for any unbaptized Adults, any who die excommunicate, or' who have laid violent hands upon theme

selves. T The Minister, meeting the Corpse at the entrance of the Church.Yard, and going

before it either into the Church, or towards the Grare, shall say, or sing, I Am the resurrection and the hope? Truly my hope is even in

life, saith the Lord ; he that tbee. believeth in me, though he were Deliver me from all mine ofdead, yet shall he live: And who-fences; and make me not a resoever liveth and believeth in me, buke into the foolish. shall never die. St.John, xi. 25, 26. When thou with rebukes dost I Know that my Redeemerliveth, chasten man for sin, thou makest

and that he shall stand at the his beauty to consume away, like latter day upon the earth : And as it were a moth fretting a garthough after my skin worms de- ment: Every man therefore is stroy this body, yet in my flesh but vanity. shall I see God; whom I shali Hear my prayer, O Lord; and see for myself, and mine eyes with thine ears consider my callshall behold, and not another. ing:Hold not thy peace at my tears. Job, xix. 25, 26, 27.

For I am a stranger with thee,

and a sojourner; as all my fathers We brought nothing into this

world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. The Lord recover my strength; before I go

O spare me a little, that I may gave, and the Lord hath taken lience, and be no more seen. away ; blessed be the name of the Lord.' 1 Tim. vi. 7. Job, i. 21. from one generation to another.

Lord, thou hast been our refuge, After they are come into the Church, Before the mountains were shall be said or sung the following Ar brought forth, or ever the earth them, taken from the 19th and 20th Psalms.

and the world were made, thou LORD, let me know my end, art God, from everlasting, and

and the number of my days; world without end. that I may be certified how long Thou turnest man to destrucI have to live.

tion ; again thou sayest, Come Behold, thou hast made my again, ye children of men. days as it were a span lung; and For a thousand years in thy mine age is even as nothing in re- sight are but as yesterday; seeing spect of thee; and verily every that is past as a watch in the night. man living is altogether vanity. As soon as thou scatterest them,

For man walketh in a vain sha- they are even as asleep ; and fade dow, and disquieteth himself in away suddenly like the grass. vain; he heapeth up riches, and In the morning it is green, and cannot tell who shall gather groweth up; but in the evening them.

it is cut down, dried up, and wiAnd now, Lord, what is mylthered.


For we consume au ay in thy for he hath put all things under displeasure ; and are afraid at thy his feet. But when he saith all wrathfui indignation.

things are put under him, it is Thou hast set our mirdeeds be- manifest that he is excepted which fore thee; and our secret sins in uid put all things under him And the light of thy countenance. when all things shall be subdued

For when ihou art angry, all unto him, then shall the Son also our days are gone : We bring our himself be subject unto him that years to an end, as it were a tale put all things under him, that God that is told.

may be all in all. Else what shall The days of our age are three. they do which are baptized for score years and ten; and though the dead, if the dead rise not at men be so strong that they come all ? Why are they then baptized to fourscore years, yet is their for the dead? And why stand strength then but labour and sor- we in jeopardy every hour? I row; so soon passeth it away, and protest by your rejoicing, which we are gone.

i have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I So teacb us to number our days, die daily. If after the manner of that we may apply our bearts unto men I have fought with beasts at wisdom.

Ephesus, what advantageth it me, Glory be to the Father, and to it the dead rise not ? let us eat the Son, and to the Holy Ghost : and drink, for to-morrow we die.

As it was in the beginning, is Be not deceived: Evil communinow, and ever shall be, world cations corrupt good manners. without end. Amen.

Awake to righteousness, and sin Then shall follow the Lesson, taken not: for some have not the knowout of the fiftecnth Chapter of the ledge of God. I speak this to your Eerst Epistle of Saint Paul to the Co

shame. But some man will say, 1 Cor. xv. 20. How are the dead raised up? and NOW is Christ risen from the with what body do they come ?

dead, and become the first Thou fool, that which thou sowest fruits of them that slept. For is not quickened, except it die. since by man came death, by man And that which thou sowest, thou came also the resurrection of the sowest not that body that shall be, dead. For as in Adam all die, but bare grain ; it may chance of eren so in Christ shall all be made wheat, or of some other grain. alive. But every man in his own But God giveth it a body as it order : Christ the first fruits ; af- hath pleased him; and to every terwards they that are Christ's, seed his own body. All flesi is at his coming Then cometh the not the same flesh ; but there is end, when he shall bave deliver-one kind of flesh of men, another ed up the kingdom to God, even flesh of beasts, another of fishes; the Father; when he shall have and another of birds. There are put down all rule, and all autho- also celestial bodies and bodies rity, and power. For he must terrestrial : But the glory of the reign till be bath put all enemies celestial is one, and the glory of under his fest. The last enemy the terrestrial is another. There that shall be destroyed is death": is one glory of the sun, and an


other glory of the moon, and an-10 death, where is thy sting? O other giory of the stars : For she grave, where is thy victory? The star differeta from another stat insting of death is sin, and the glory. So also is the recruitec- strength of sin is the law. But tion of the dead. It is sowat in thanks be to God, which giveth corruption; it is raised in incor is the victory through our Lord ruption : Il is sown in duhor Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beit is raised in siory: It is suas in loved brethren be ye steadfast, weakness; it is inised in power : unmoveable, always abounding It is soin' a naural body; it is in the work of the Lord; forasraised a spiritual body. There is much as ye know that your laa naturai bouy, and there is a bour is not ir vain in the Lord. spiritual body.' And. so it is writ-" Wian they come to the grave, w sile the ten, The first man Adam was worpse is made ready to be laid into the made a living soul, the last Adam

aith, soll be sung or said, was made a quickening spira. VAN, that is born of a woman, Howbeit, that was not first which hath but a short time to live, is spiritual, but that which is na- and is full of misery. He cometh tural; and afterward that which up, and is cut down like a flower; is spiritual. The first man is of he fleeto us it were a shadow, and the earth, eartiny: The second never continueth in one stay. man is the Lord from heaven. In the midst of life we are in As is the earthy, such are they death : Of whom may we seek for that are earthy: and as is the hea- succour, but of thee, O Lord, who veniy, such are they also that are for our sins art justly displeased? heavenly. And as we have borne Yet, O Lord God most holy, O the image of the earthy, we shall Lord most mighty, O holy and also bear the image of the hea- most merciful Saviour, deliver us venly. Now this I say, brethren, not into the bitter pains of eternal that flesh and blood cannot inberit death. the kingdom of God; neither doth Thou knowest. Lord, the se corruption inherit incorruption. crets of our hearts : shut not thy Behold, I show you a mystery : merciful ears to our prayers; but We shall not all sleep, but we spare us, Lord most holy, O God shall all be changed, in a moment, most mighty, O holy and merciful in the twinkling of an eye, at the Saviour, thou moșt worthy Judge | last trump: For the trumpet shall eternal, suffer us not, at our last sound, and the dead shall be rais- hour, for any pains of death to ed incorruptible, and we shall be fall from thee. changed. For this corruptible T. Then, while the earth shall be cast upon must put on incorruption, and the body by some standing, by, the Mithis mortal must put on immor

nister shall say, tality: So when this corruptible FORASMUCH as it hath pleas. shall have put on incorruption, ed Almighty God, in his wise and this mortal shall have put on Providence, to take out of this immortality, then shall be brought world the Soul of our deceased to pass the saying that is written, Brother, we therefore commit Death is swallowed up in victory. his Body to the ground; earth to

earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust : all those thy servants, who, having looking for the general resurrec- finished their course in faith, do tion in the last Day, and the life now rest from their labours. And of the World to come, through we heseech thee, that we, with all our Lord Jesus Christ ; at whose those wbo are departed in the irue second coming in glorious Ma- taith of thy holy name, may have jesty to judge the World, the our perfect consummation and Earth and the Sea shall give up bliss, both in body and soul, in their Dead; and the corruptible thy eternal and everlasting glory, Bodies of those who sleep in him through Jesus Christ our Lord. shall be changed, and made like Amen. unto his own glorious Body; ac O Merciful God, the Father of cording to the mighty working cour Lord Jesus Christ, who is whereby he is able to subdue all the resurrection and the life ; in things unto himself.

whom whosoever believeth, shall 1 Then shall be said, or sung, live, though he die; and whosoever I Heard a voice from heaven, liveth and believeth in him, shall

saying unto me, Write, from not die eternally; who also hath benceforth blessed are the dead taught us, by his holy Apostle St. who die in the Lord; even so saith Paul, not io be sorry, as men the Spirit; for they rest from without hope, for those who sleep their labours. Rev. xiv. 13.

in him ; we humbly beseech thee, * Then the Minister shall say the Lord's O Father, to raise us from the

OUR Father, who art in Hea- death of sin

unto the life of righven, Hallowed be thy Name; teousness; that when we shall deThy Kingdom come; Thy Will part this life, we may rest in him; be done on Earth, as it is in Hea- and that at the general resurrecyen: Give us this day our daily found acceptable in thy sight; and

tion in the last day, we may be bread; And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who receive that blessing, which thy trespass against us; And lead us

well-beloved Son shall then pronot into temptation ; But deliver nounce to all who love and fear us from evil. Amen.

thee, saying, Come, ye blessed

children of my Father, receive the # Then the Minister shall say one or both of the following Prayers at his disce. kingdom prepared for you froma

the beginning ví the world: Grant ALMIGHTY God, with whom this, we beseech ihee, o merciful

do live the spirits of those who Father, through Jesus Christ our depart bence in the Lord; and Mediator and Redeemer. Amen. with whom the souls of the faith- THE grace of our Lord Jesus ful, after they are delivered from Christ, and the love of God, the burden of the flesh, are in joy and the fellowship of the Holy and felicity ; we give thee hearty Ghost, be with us all evermore. thanks for the good examples of Amen.



The Thanksgiving of Women after Child-Birth,


THE CHURCHING OF WOMEN. ! This Service, or the concluding Prayer alone, as it stanils among the Occasioncul

Prayers and Thanksgivings, may be used at the discretion of the Minister. 1 The Woman, at the usual Time after her Delivery, shall come into the Church de

cently apparilled, and there shall kneel down in some convenierst place, as hath been accustomed, or as the Ordinary shall direct: And then the Priest shell say unto her, FORASMUCH as it liath pleased Lord's Prayer may be omitted, if this be Almighty God, of his good


Prayer. ness, to give you safe deliverance, and to preserve you in the great OUR Father, who art in Hea.. danger of child-birth ; you shall

ven, Hallowed be thy Name; therefore give hearty thanks unto Thy Kingdom come ; Thy Will God, and say,

be done on Earth, as it is in Hea I Then shall the Minister say the follow

ven; Give us this day our daily ing Hym, taken from the 16th Psalm. bread; And forgive us our tresDilexi, quoniam.

passes, as we forgive those who I Am well pleased that the Lord trespass against us; And lead us

hath heard the voice of my not into temptation ; But deliver prayer;

us from evil. Amen. That he hath inclined his ear

Min. O Lord, save this woman unto me: Therefore will I call thy servant : upon him as long as I live. Ans. Who putteth her trust in

I found trouble and heaviness, thee. and I called upon the name of the Min. Be thou to her a strong Lord : O Lord, I beseech thee, jtower, deliver my soul.

Ans. From the face of herenemy Gracicus is the Lord, and righ

Min. Lord, hear our prayer; teous ; yea, our God is merciiul. sins. And let our cry come unto

What reward shall I give unto thee. the Lord, for all the benefits that

Min. Let us pray. he hath done unto ine? O Alaughty God. we give thee I will receive thecup of salvation;

bunible thanks for that thou and call upon the name of the Lord. hast been graciously pleased to

I will pay my vows now in the preserve, through the great pain presence of all his people; in the and peril of child-birth, this wocourts of the Lord's house, evea man thy servant, who desires now in the inidst of thee, 0 Jerusalem. to offer her praises and thanksgiv. Praise the Lord.

ings unto thee. Grant, wo beseech Glory be to the Father, and to thee, most merciful Father, that the Son, and to the Holy Ghost she, through thy bely; may both

As it was in the beginning is faithfully live, and walk according now, and ever shall be, world to thy will in this life present, and without end. Amen.

also may be partakerofeveriasting T1 Then shall th: Minister say the Lord's glory in the life to come through

Prayer, with what follows: But the Jesus Cbrist our Lord. Amen. at The Wamun that cometh to give ie: thanks, must of it accustomedfferings,

which shill ke upplied by the Minis er and the Church-Werdens to the reliej of distressed BV uren in Child-bed: And if there be a Communion, it is convenicas

af she receive the Holy Communion.

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