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1 When the day appointed by the Bishop is come, after Morning Prayer is ended,

there shall be a Sermon, or Exhortation, declaring the Duty and Office of such as come to be admitted Priests; how necessary that Order is in the Church

of Christ, and also how the People ought to esteem them in their office. G A Priest shall present unto the Bishop./9 And if any great Crime or Impedi.

sitting in his Chair near to the holy ment be objected, the Bishop shall Table, all those who are to receive cease from Ordering that Person, unthe Order of Priesthood that day, til such time as the Party accused

shall be found clear of that Crime. oach of them being decently habited, and shall say:

* Then the Bishop (commending such

as shall be found meet to be Ordered, REVEREND Father in God, to the Prayers of the Congregation) I present unto you these per shall with the Clergy and People

present, say the Litany, with the Pray. sons present, to be adınitted to

ers as is before appointed in the Forin the order of priesthood.

of Ordering Deacons; save only, that

in the proper suffrage there added, 1 The Bishop.

the word Deacons shall be omitted,

and the word Priests inserted instead TAKE heed that the persons of it.

whom ye present unto us, be T Then shall be said the Service for the apt and meet for their learning Communion, with the Collect, Epistle, and godly conversation, to exer

and Gospel, as followeth. cise their ministry duly to the

The Collect. honour of God, and the edifying ALMIGHTY God, giver of all

good things, who by thy holy I The Priest shall answer:

Spirit hast appointed divers Or.

ders of Ministers in the Church, Have inquired concerning mercifully behold these thy ser

them, and also examined them, vants now called to the Office of and think them so to be.

Priesthood; and so replenish them 1 Then the Bishop shall say unto the with the truth of thy Doctrine, People:

and adorn them with innocency Good People, these are they of life, that both by word and good

whom we purpose, God wil- example they may faithfully serve ling, to receive this day unto the thee in this Office, to the glory of Holy Otfice of Priesthood: For thy name, and the edification of after due examination, we find thy Church, through the merits not to the contrary, but that they of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who are lawfully called to their Func- liveth and reigneth with thee and tion and Ministry, and that they the Holy Ghost, world without are persons meet for the same. end. Amen. But yet if there be any of you, The Epistle. Ephes. iv. 7. who knoweth any impediment or UNTO every one of us is given notable crime in any of them, for grace according to the mea. the which he ought not to be re-sure of the gift of Christ. Whereceived into this holy Ministry, let fore he saith, When he ascended him come forth in the name of up on high, he led captivity capGod, and show what the crime tive, and gave gifts unto men. er irpediment is.

!(Now that he ascended, what is

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it but that he also descended first his voice. And a stranger will into the lower parts of the earth ? they not follow, but will fiee from He that descended, is the same him; for they know not the voice also that ascended up far above of strangers. This parable spake all heavens, that he might ill all Jesus unto them, but they underthings.) And he gave some Apos- stood not what things they were tles, and some Prophets, and which he spake unto them.' Then some Evangelists, and some Pas- said Jesus unto them again, Ve- tors and Teachers, for the per- rily, verily, I say unto you, I am fecting of the Saints, for the work the door of the sheep. All that of the Ministry, for the edifying ever came before me are thieves of the Body of Christ; till we all and robbers; but the sheep did come, in the unity of the faith and not hear them. I am the door; of the knowledge of the Son of by me if any man enter in, be God, unto a perfect man, unto shall be saved, and shall go in the measure of the stature of the and out, and find pasture. The fulness of Christ.

thief cometh not but for to steal, q After this shall be read for the Gos- and to kill, and to destroy: I am

pel, part of the ninth Chapter of Saintcome that they might have life, Mutthew, as followeth. St. Matt. ix. 36.

and that they might have it more WHEN Jesus saw the multi-abundantly: I am the good Sheptudes, he was moved with his life for the sheep. But he

herd : the good Shepherd giveth compassion on them, because they that is an hireling, and not the fainted, and were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd.

Shepherd, whose own the sheep Then saith he unto his disciples, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth;

are not, seeth the wolf coming, The barvest truly is plenteous, and the wolf catcheth them, and but the labourers are few : Pray ye therefore the Lord of the har. scattereth the sheep. The hirevest, that he will send forth la-lling fleeth because he is an hire

ling, and careth not for the sheep. bourers into his barvest. I or else this that followeth, out of the

I am the good Shepherd, and know tenth Chapter of Saint John. my sheep, and am known of St. John, 1. 1.

mine. As the Father knoweth VERILY, verily, I say unto you, me, even so know' I the Father:

He that entereth not by the and I lay down my life for the door into the sheep-fold, but sheep. And other sheep I have, climbeth up some other way, the which are not of this fold; them same is a thief and a robber. also I must bring, and they sball But he that entereth in by the bear my voice: and there shall door, is the shepherd of the sheep. be one fold, and one Shepherd. To him the porter openeth, and Then the Bishop shall say unto them the sheep hear his voice ; and he calleth his own sheep by name, YE have heard, brethren, as and leadeth them out. And when well in your private examinahe putteth forth his own sheep, tion, as in the exhortation which he goeth before them, and the was now made to you, and in the shreep follow him; for they know holy lessons taken out of the Gas.

as followeth.

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pel, and the writings of the Apos- that there be no place left among tles, of what dignity, and of how you, either for error in religion great importance this office is, or for viciousness in life. whereupto ye are called. And Forasmuch then as your Office now again we exhort you in the is both of so great excellency, and name of our Lord Jesus Christ, of so great difficulty, ye see with that ye have in remembrance, how great care and study ye ought into how high a dignity, and to to apply yourselves, as well to show how weighty an office and charge yourselves dutiful and thankful ye are called : That is to say, to unto that Lord who hath placed be Messengers, Watchmen, and you in so high a dignity; as also to Stewards of the Lord; to teach, beware that neither you your and to premonish, to feed and selves offend, nor be occasion that provide for the Lord's family; to others offend. Howbeit ye cannot seek for Christ's sheep that are have a mind and will thereto of dispersed abroad, and for his chil- yourselves; for that will and ability dren who are in the midst of this is given of God alone: therefore naugbty world, that they may be ye ought, and have need to pray saved through Christ for ever. earnestly for his Holy Spirit. And

Have always therefore printed seeing that ye cannot by any in your remembrance, how great other means compass the doing of a treasure is committed to your so weighty a work, pertaining to charge. For they are the sheep the salvation of man, but with docof Christ, which he bought with trine and exhortation taken out his death, and for whom he shed of the holy Scriptures, and with his blood. The Church and Con- a life agreeable to the same : congregation whom you must serve, sider how studious ye ought to is his spouse, and his Body. And be in reading and learning the if it shall happen that the same Scriptures, and in framing the Church, or any member thereof, manners both of yourselves, and do take any hurt or hinderance of them that specially pertain unto by reason of your negligence, ye you, according to the rule of know the greatness of the fault, the same Scriptures: and for this and also the horrible punishment self-same cause, how ye ought that will ensue. Wherefore oon-to forsake and set aside, as much sider with yourselves the end of as ye nay, all wordly cares and the Ministry towards the children studies. of God, towards the Spouse and We have good hope that ye Body of Christ; and see that ye bave well weighed these things never cease your labour, your with yourselves long before this care and diligence, until ye have time ; and that ye have clearly done all that lieth in you, accord- determined, by God's grace, to ing to your bounden duty, to bring give yourselves wholly to this all such as are or shall be commit-Office, whereuoto it hath pleased ted to your charge, unto that God to call you : so tbat, as inuch agreement in the faith and koow. as lieth in you, ye will apply yourledge of God, and to that ripeness selves wholly to this one thing, and perfectness of age in Christ, and draw. all your cares and stu

dies this way; and that ye wil!|and have so determined, by God's
continually pray to God the Fa- grace.
ther, by the mediation of our only

The Bishop.
Saviour Jesus Christ, for the hea: WILL you then give your faith-
venly assistance of the Holy

ful diligence, always so to Ghost ; that by daily reading and minister the Doctrine and Saweighing the Scriptures, ye may craments, and the discipline of wax riper and stronger in your Christ, as the Lord hath comMinistry; and that ye may so en- manded, and as this Church bath deavour yourselves from time to received the same, according to time to sanctify the lives of you the commandments of God; so and yours, and to fashion them that you may teach the people after the rule and doctrine of committed to your cure and Christ, that ye may be whole charge, with all diligence to keep

some and godly examples and and observe the same> di patterns for the people to follow.

Answer. I will so do, by the And now, that this present Con. help of the Lord. gregation of Christ may also understand your minds and wills in

The Bishop. these things, and that this your WILL you be ready with all promise may the more move you faithful diligence to banish to do your duties; ye shall an- and drive away from the Church swer plainly to these things, allerroneous and strangedoctrines which we, in the name of God, contrary to God's word; and to and of bis Church, shall demand use both public and private moof you touching the same. nitions and exhortations, as well

to the sick as the whole within Do you think in your heart, that you are truly called, ac-land occasion shall be given?

your cures, as need shall require, cording to the will of our Lord

Answer. I will, the Lord be.
Jesus Christ, and according to the ing my helper.
Canons of this Church, to the Or.

The Bishop.
der and Ministry of Priesthood ?
Answer. I think it.

WILL you be diligent in pray.
The Bishop.

ers, and in reading the holy

Scriptures, and in such studies - A ARE you persuaded that the

as help to the knowledge of the holy Scriptures contain all Doctrine required as necessary the world and the flesh ?

same, laying aside the study of for eternal salvation through faith

Answer. I will endeavour 80 in Jesus Christ ? and are you de- to do, the Lord being my helper. termined, out of the said Scriptures to instruct the people com.

The Bishop. mitted to your charge, and to teach WILL you be diligent to frame nothing, as necessary to eternal and fashion your own selves, salvation, but that which you shall and your families, according to be persuaded, may be concluded the Doctrine of Christ; and to and proved by the Scripture ? make both yourselves and them Anower. I am so persuaded, as much as in you'lieth, whole


some examples and patterns to Thou the anvinting Spirit art, the flock ci Christ?

Who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart.

Thy blessed Unction from above, Answer. I will apply myself is comfort, life, and fire of love : thereto, the Lord being my helper. Enable withi perpetual light

The dulness of our blinded sight:
The Bishop:

Anoint and cheer our soiled face WILL you maintain and set With the ubrurdance of thy grase: forwards, as much as lieth Keep far our foes. give peace at home ;

Whire thou art Guide, no ill can come. in you, quietness, peace, and love Teach us to know the Father, Son, among all Christian people, and And The , of both to be but one : especially among them that are This may be our endless song ;

That through the ages all along, or shall be committed to your l'raise to thy eternal merit, charge ?

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

1 Or this : Answer. I will so do, the Lord being my helper.

COME,Holy Ghost, eternal God, The Bishop.

Both from the Father and the Son,

The God of peace and love; WILL you reverently obey visit our minds, into our hearts

your Bishop, and other chief Thy heavenly grace inspire ; Ministers, who, according to the That truth and Godliness we may Canons of the Church, may have Thou art the very Comforter the charge and government over In grief and all distress; you; following with a glad mind The heavenly Gift of God most High;

No tongue can it express; and will their godly admonitions,

The fountain and the living spring and submitting yourselves to their Of joy celestial; godly judgments ?

The fire so bright, the love so sweet, Answer. I will so do, the Lord

The Unction spiritual.

Thou in thy gifts art manifold, being my helper.

By them Christ's Church doth sinnd: I Then shall the Bishop, standing up, In faithful hearts thou writ'st thy laza, say,

The finger of God's hand. ALMIGHTY God, who hath According to iby promise, Lord,

given you this will to do all That, through thy help, God's praises may these things, grant also unto you

Resound in every place. strength and power to perform Send down thy heavenly lighti,

O Holy Ghost, into our minds the same; that he may accom- Kindle our hearts with fervent zeal, plish his work which he hath be To serve God day and night: gun in you, through Jesus Christ Our weakness strengthen and confirm,

For, Lord, thou know'st us frail; our Lord. Amen.

That neither devil, world, nor flesh 1 After this, the Congregation shall be

Against us may prevail. desired, secretly in their prayers, to Put back our enemies far from us, make their humble supplications to

And help us to obtain God for all these things: for the which Peace in our hearts with God and man, prayers there shall be silence kept for

The best, the truest gain; a space.

And grant that thou being, O Lord,

Our leader and our guide, 1 After which, shall be sung or said by We may escape the snares of sin,

the Bishop, the persons to be ordained Priests all kneeling, Veni, Creator Such measures of thy powerful grace

And never from thee slide. Spiritus ; the Bishop beginning, and the Priests and others that are pre- That thou may'st be our Comforter

Grant, Lord, to us, we pray; sent answering by verses, as followeth. At the last dreadful day. COME Lodret at forts inspire, or strife and of dissension

And lighten with celestial fire Dissolve, O Lord, the bands

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