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6 Till we attain those blissful realms The Song of the Angels. For the Nati Where now our Saviour reigns;

vity of our bless at Lord and Saviour. To rival these celestial choirs
Luke, ii. vers. 5--15.

In their immortal strains !
MILE shepherds watch'd their

flocks by night,

Al. seated on the ground,
The angel of the Lord came down,

On the Sufferings of our blessed Lord

and Saviour. And glory shone around. 2 • Lear not, said he', for mighty dread


TROM whence these direful omens llad seized their troubled mind;

round, • Glad ridings of great joy I bring

Which heaven and earth amaze? • To you, and all mankind.

Wherefore do earthquakes cleave the 3. To you, in David's town, this day

ground? • Is born, of l'avid's line,

Why hides the sun his rays ? • The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord; 12 Well may the earth astonish'd shalie, • And this shall be the sign:

And nature sympathize! • The Heavenly Babe you there shall The sun a5 darkest night be black ! find,

Their waker, Jesus, dies! • To human view display'd,

3 Behrid fast streaining from the tree • All meanly wrapp'd in swathing bands, His all-atoniog blood? "Ani in a manger laid.'

Is this the Infinite? 'tis he, 6 Thuspake the Seraph, and forthwith My Saviour and my God! Appeari a shining throng

4 For me these pangs his soul assail, Of Auris, praising God, who thus For me this death is borne:

Address id joyful song: My sir gave sharpness to the nail, 6. All glory be to God un high,

And pointed every thorn. • And to ihe earıb he peace;

5 Let sin no more my soul enslave, * Good-will, benceforth, from heaven Break, Lord, its tyrant chain; to mit

O save me, whom thou cam'st to save, • Begin, and never cease.'

Nor bleed, nor die in vain!

The Soog of Men responsive to the Song

of the Angels.

On the R surrection.
What anes ne antler, raise?
THILF Angels thus, 11 Lord, rejoice, SINSECTibice for all,

INCE Christ our Passover is slain, O may relose there ustess tongues, Let all, with thankful hearts, agree wien we forget to raise!

To keep the festival: 2 Then let us swell responsive notes,

2 Not with the leaven, as of old,
And join ihe heavenly throng;

Of sin and malice fed;
For angels no such love have known But with unfeign'd sincerity,
As we', to wake their song.

And truth's unleaven'd bread.
3 (oed-will to sinful dust is shown, 3 Christ being raised by power Divine,
And peace on earth is given;

And rescued from the grave,
For lo th' incarpaie Sitiour romes Shall die no more; death shall on him

With news of joy from bravi! No mere doninion have.
4 Merey and truth, with sweet accord, For that he lied, 'twas for our sins
His rising brams adorn;

He once vouchsafer! to die: Let heaven and earth in concert sing, ut that he lives, he lives to God • The proniisad Gild is born!

For all eternity. 5 Gior to find in highest strains, So count yourselves as dead to sin, lo hichest worlds is paid;

Put graciously restored,
Br glory ther, 'yus proclaim'il, and made, henceforth, alive to Goch,
And by our lives display'd;

Through Jesus Christ our Lorch

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For the same.

For the same.
FRIST from the dead is raised, and HE come! let every knee be bent,

Sing, ye redeem'd, with one consent,
The First Fruits of the tomb;

The Comforter is come.' For, as by man came death, by man

2 What greater gift, what greater love, Did resurrection come.

Could God on man bestow ? 2 For, as in Adam all mankind

Angels for this rejoice above, Did guilt and death derive;

Let man rejoice below! So, by ihe righteousness of Christ,

3 Hail, blessed Spirit! may each soul Shall all be made alive.

T'hy sacred influence feel; 3 If then ye risen are with Christ,

Do thou each sinful thought control,
Seek only bow to get

And fix our wavering zeal!
The things which are above, where 4 Thou to the conscience dosi convey

Those checks which we should know
At God's right band is set.

Thy motions point to us the way;

'Thou giv'st us strength to go.


FOR THE HOLY COMMUNION. Inspire the souls of thine ;

, come, From the Revelation of St. John. Till every heart which thou hast made *T-00;weos all glory, honour,

Be fill'd with grace divine. 2 Thou art the Comforter, the gift

Art worthy to receive; Of God, and fire of love;

Since all things by thy power were The everlasting spring of joy,

made, And unction from above.

And by thy bounty live. 3 Thy gifts are manifold, thou writ'st 12 | And worthy is the Lamb all power, God's law in each true heart;

Honour, and wealth to gain, The promise of the Father, thou

Glory and strength; who for our sins

A sacrifice was slain ! Dost heavenly speech impart. 4 Enlighten our dark souls, till they

s & All worthy thou, who hast redeemid,

And ransom'd us to God,
Thy sacred love embrace;
Assist our minds, by nature frail,

From every nation, every coast,
With thy celestial grace.

By thy most precious blood. 5 Drive far from us the mortal foe,

4 $ Blessing and honour, glory, power, And give us peace within,

By all in earth and heaven, That, by thy guidance blest, we may

To him that sits upon the throne,

And to the Lamb be given. Escape the snares of sin.

HYMN X. 6 Teach us the Father to confess,

For the same.
And Son, from death revived,
And thee with both., O Holy Ghost,
Who art from both derived."

And does thy cup with love o'er

flow? HYMN VII.

Thither be all thy children led,

And let them thy sweet mercia
For the same.

know! COWE H011

. Spjuich elave moverse 2 Hai, sacred Feast, which Jesus millors Kindle a flame of sacred love

Thrice happy he who here partakes In these cold hearts of ours.

That sacied. stream, that heavenly 2 See how we grovel here below,

food! Fond of these earthly toys;)

s Why are its dainties all in vain Our souls bow heavily they go,

Before unwilling hearts display'd' To reach eternal joys!

Was not for you the victim slain? 3 In vain we tune our lifeless songs, Are you forbid the children's bread! In vain we strive to rise !

14 O let thy table honour'd he, Hosannas languish on our tongues, And furnish'd well with joyful guests! And our devotion dies.

And may each soul salvation see,
4 Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove, That here its boly pledges tastes!

With all thy quickening powers;
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, Chap. iv. Chap. v. 12. Ckap.v. a
And that shall kindle ours.

Vor. 13.

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5 Drawn by thy quickening grace, 018 No more alarms from ghostly foes, . Lord,

No cares to break the long repose; In countless numbers let them come, No midnight shade, no clouded sun, And gather from their Father's board, But sacred, high, eternal noon.

The bread that lives beyond the tomb ! 90, long expected year! begin; 6 Nor let thy spreading Gospel rest, Dawn on this world of woe and sini

Till thro' the world thy truth has run, Fain would we leave this weary road, Till with this bread all men be blest To sleep in death, and rest with God. Who see the light, or feel the sun!

For the same.

The Christian's Hope.
A Marence as vibrane rodar to God, Wenx bising from the bed and deatles
And, to affect this glorious change, I see my Maker face to face;
Did Jesus shed his blood ?

O how shall I appear! 2 0 for a song of ardent praise, 2 If yet, while pardon may be found, To bear our souls above!

And mercy may be sought, - What should allay our lively hope, My heart with inward horror shrinks, Or damp our flaming love!

And trembles at the thought; 3 Then let us join the heavenly choirs, 3 When thou, O Lord, shalt stand dis To praise our heavenly King!

closed O may that love which spread this board, In Majesty severe, Inspire us while we sing

And sit in judgment on my soul; 4 Glory to God in highest strains, O how shall I appear! And to the earth be peace;

4 But thou hast told the troubled mind,
Good-will from heaven to men is come; Who does her sins lament,
And let it never cease!

The timely tribute of her tears

Shall endless woe prevent.

5 Then see the sorrow of my heart, ON THE NEW YEAR.

E'er yet it be too late ;
WE God of life, whose constant care And hear my Saviour's dying groans,

With blessings crowns each opening To give these sorrows weight.

6 For never shall my soul despair My scanty span doth still prolong, Her pardon to procure, And wakes anew mine annual song, Who knows thy only Son has died, 2 llow many precious souls are fled To make her pardon sure. To the vast regions of the dead, 7 Great God! with wonder and with Since to this day the changing sun

praise Through his last yearly period run! On all thy works I look ; 3 We yet survive; but who can say, But still thy wisdom, power, and grace, •Or through this year, or month, or day, Shine brighter in thy book. * I shall retain this vital breath, 8 The stars, that in their courses roll, • Thus far, at least, in league with Have mucb instruction given; death ?'

But thy good word informs my soul - 4 That breath is tline, eternal God; How I may soar to heaven.

Tis thine to fix my soul's abode; 9 The fields provide me food, and show It holds its life from thee alone,

The goodness of the Lord; On earth, or in the world unknown. But fruits of life and glory grow 5 To thee our spirits we resign,

In thy most holy word. Make them and own them still as thine; 10 Here are my choicest treasures hid, So shall they live secure from fear, Here my best comfort lies, Though death should blast the rising Here my desires are satisfy'd, year.

And here niy hopes arise. 6 Thy children, panting to be gone, 11 Lord, make me understand thy law, May bid the tide of time roll on,

Show what my faults have been; To land them on that happy shore, And from thy Gospel let me draw Where years and death are knuwn no Pardon for all my sin.

12 Here would I learn how Christ has 7 No more fatigue, no more distress,

Nor sin, nor bell shall reach that place;. To save my soul from hell;
No groans to mingle with the songs, Not all the books on earth beside
Resounding from immortal tongues : Such heavenly wonders tell.

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13 Then let me love my Bible more,

HYMN XV. And take a fresh delight, By day to read these wonders o'er, On the Glory of God in the Starry Hes And meditate by night.

* vens: Being a Travlation of Partof

the 19th Psalm of David.
On Gratitude to God.

VI E spacious firmament on high,

With all the blue ethereai sky, WH THEN all thy mercies, O my God, And spangled heavens, a shining frame, My rising soul surveys,

Their great original proclaim. Transported with the view, I'm lost 2 Th' unwearied -un, from day to day,

In wonder, love, and praise ! Does his Creator's power display, 2 0 how shall words with equal warmth ind publishes to every land The gratitude declare,

The work of an Almighty hand. That glows within my ravish'd heart ! 3 Soon as the evening shadts prevail, But thou canst read it there.

The inoon takes up the wondrous tale; 3 Thy providence my life sustain'd, And nightly, to the listening earth, And all my wants redrest,

Repeats the story of her birth; When in the silent womb I lay, 4 Whilst all the stars that round her And hung upon the breast.

burn, 4 To all my weak complaints and cries and all the planets in their turn, Thy mercy lent an ear,

Confirm the tidings as they roll, E’er yet my feeble thoughts bad learni And spread the truth from pole to pole.

To form themselves in prayer. 5 What though in solemn silence all 5 Unnumber'd comforts to my soul Move round the dark terrestrial ball; Thy tender care bestow'd,

What though no real voice nor sound Before my infant beart conceived Amidst their radiant orbs be found;

From whom those comforts flow'd. 6 In reason's ear they all rejoice, 6 When in the slippery paths of youth And utter forth a glorious voice, With heedless steps I ran,

for ever singing as they shine, Thine arm, unseen, convey'd me safe, The hand that made us is divine.'

And led me up to man. 7 Through hidden dangers, toils, and

HYMN XVI. deaths, It gentiy clear'd my way,

On the Providence of God: taken chiefly And through the pleasing snares of vice, from the 23Psalm of David. More to be fear'd than they. thou

And feed me with a shepherd's care; With

health renew'd my face ; His presence shall iny wants supply, And when in sins and sorrows sunk, And guard me with a watchful eye;

Revived my soul with grace. 2 My noon-day walks he shall atiend, 9 Thy bounteous hand with worldly bliss And all my midnight hours defend; Has made my cup run o'er;

When in the sultry glebe I faint, And in a kind and faithful friend Or on the thirsty mountain pant. Has doubled all my store.

3 To fertile vales and dewy meads 10 Ten thousand thousand precious My weary wandering steps he leads, gifts

Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow, My daily thanks employ;

Amid the verdant landscape flow. Nor is the least a cheerful heart, 4 Though in the paths of death I tread,

That tastes those gifts with joy. With gloomy horrors overspread; 11 Through every period of my life My steadfast heart shall fear no ili, Thy goodness I'll pursue ;

For thou, O Lord, art with me still: And after death, in distant worlds, 5 Thy friendly crouk shall give me aid, The glorious theme renew.

And guide me through the dreadful 12 When nature fails, and day and night shade: Divide thy works no more,

Though in a bare and rugged way, My ever grateful heart, O Lord, Through devious lonely wilds 1 stray, Thy mercy shall adore.

6 Thy bounty shall my pains beguile, 13 Through all eternity to thee The barren wilderness shall smile, A joyful song I'll raise;

With sudden greens and herbage For oh! eternity's too short

crown'd, To utter all thy praise.

And streams shall murmur all around,

8 When worn with sickness, oft bast Thered my pasture sebable prepare

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SAHis power and grace shall be our


For the Mercies of Redemption.

Which may be used at Sea or on Land.

ORD! for the just thou dost provides praise

Eternal wisdom is their guide,
Shall air transported voices raise!
What ardent love and real are due,

Their help Omnipotence.
While heaven stands open to our view!

2 Though they through foreign lands

should roam, 2 Once we were fall'n, and 0 how low!

And breathe the tainted air
Just on the brink of endless woe;
When Jesus, from the realms above,

In burning climates, far from home;
Borne on the wings of boundless love, 13 Thy goodness sweetens every soil,

Yet thou, their God, art there. S Scatter'd the shades of death and

Makes every country please;
And spread around his heavenly light! Thou on the snowy hils dost smile,

And smooth'st the rugged seas !
By him what wondrous grace is shown
To souls impoverish'd and undone !

When waves on .waves, to heaven 4 He shows, beyond these mortal shores,

upreard, A bright inheriiance as ours;

Defyd the pilot's art;
Where saints in light our coming wait, When terror in each face appear'd,

And sorrow in each heart;
To share their holy, happy state!

15 To thee I raised my humble prayer, HYMN XVIII.

To snatch me from the grave!

I found thine ear not slow to hear, For Public Mercies and Deliverances.

Nor short thine arm to save! ; 6 Thou gav'st the word--the winds did

cease, song ,

The storms ohey'd thy will, From bim alone all mercies flow; The raging sea was hush'd in peace, His arm alone subdues the foe!

And every wave was still ! 2 Then praise this God, who bows his * For this my life, in every state,

A life of praise shall be; Propitious to his people's prayer , And death, when death shall be my And though eliverance he may stay,

sate, Yet answers stili in his own day.

Shall join my soul to thee. 3 o may this goodness lead our land,

Still saved by thine Almighty hand,

Prayer and Hope of Victory.
The tribute of its love to bring
To thee, our Saviour and our King; Now may

, the God of grace and i 4 Till every public temple raise

Attend his people's humble cry ; A song of triumph to thy praise;

Defend them in the needful hour, And every peaceful private home

And send deliv'rance from on high. To thee a temple shall become.

2 In his salvation is our hope, 5 Still be it our supreme delight

And in the name of Israel's God To walk as in thy glorious sight;

Our troops shall lift their banners up, B Still in thy precepts and thy fear,

Our navies spread their flags abroad. Til life's last hour, to persevere. 3 Some trust in horses train'd for war,

And some of chariots make their

On God's Dominion over the Sea. Our surest expectations are
OD of the seas! thine awful voice

From thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts!

And let our trust be firm and strong, And one soft word of thy command

Till thy salvation shall appear, Can sink them silent in the sand. 2 The smallest fish that swims the seas,

And hymns of peace conclude our song,

Sportful, to thee a tribute pays;
And largest monsters of the deep,

For the Use of the Sick.
At thy command, or rage or sleep.


THEN dangers, woes, or death are S Thus is thy glorious power adored

nigh, Among the watery nations, Lord! Past mercies teach me where to fly : Yet men, who trace the dangerous Thine arm, Almighty God, can aid, waves,

When sickness grieves, and pains ine Forget the mighty God who saves!




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