The Sociology of Sports: An Introduction

McFarland, 11.2.2009 - 340 sivua
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Ranging widely in its scope, this sociological exploration emphasizes the positive aspects of sports in analyzing how they affect and are affected by the mores, values, and general culture of a nation. It provides a thorough study of the relationships between sports and such societal forces as violence, gender, race, religion, mass media, economics and others, commenting as well on the role of sports in high school and college life. American sports receive the fullest treatment, but the authors do not neglect the international aspects of sport in this student-friendly study. Also included is a brief history of sports from antiquity to the present.

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Tietoja kirjoittajasta (2009)

Tim Delaney has taught graduate and undergraduate sport sociology courses; has published numerous books, articles and book reviews; and has twice served as president of the New York State Sociological Association. He lives in Auburn, New York. 

Tim Madigan is assistant professor of philosophy at St. John Fisher College and lives in Rochester, New York. He is on the editorial board of Philosophy Now magazine and was formerly editorial director of the University of Rochester Press.

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