The British Palladium: Or, Annual Miscellany of Literature and Science for the Year ..., Nide 3

D. Steel., 1753

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Sivu 16 - Two principles in human nature reign; Self-love, to urge, and reason, to restrain; Nor this a good, nor that a bad we call, Each works its end, to move or govern all: And to their proper operation still Ascribe all good; to their improper, ill.
Sivu 53 - Point ; which is this, that it is worfe taken if a Man pays in more than his Proportion, than if he had not contributed his full Quota, provided he be not too far deficient : For the Prevention of which, let us have Horace's Caution continually in our Eye, The indifcrtet iiiith blind A'verjton run Into one fault, tahen they another jhun.
Sivu 53 - Oppofition, to a Man of tolerable Senfe, will be the ftrongeft Reproof for his Inadvertency : Whereas a Perfon of a loquacious Difpofition, may often efcape open Cenfure from the Refpect due to his Quality ; or from an Apprehenfion in thofe with whom he converfes, that a Check would but increafe the Evil; and, like, curbing a hard-mouthed Horfe, ferve only to make him run. the fafter: From whence the Perfon in fault is often rivetted in his Error, by miftaking a filent Contempt for profound Attention,...
Sivu 40 - Before the sparkling lamps on high Were kindled up, and hung around the sky! Before the sun led on the circling hours, Or vital seeds produced their active powers, Before the first intelligences strung Their golden harps, and soft preludiums sung To Love, the mighty cause whence their existence sprung, Th' ineffable DIVINITY, His own resemblance meets in thee.
Sivu 44 - Artificial Teeth, set in so firm as to eat with them, and so exact, as not to be distinguishable from natural. They are not to be taken out at night, as is by some falsely suggested, but may be worn years together ; yet they are so fitted, that they may be taken...
Sivu 44 - Person who wears them at pleasure, and are an Ornament to the Mouth, and greatly help the Speech : Also Teeth are cleaned and drawn by Samuel Butter and William Green, Operators, who apply themselves wholly to the said Business, and live in Racquet Court, Fleet Street, London.
Sivu 25 - She gives in large recruits of needful pride ; For as in bodies, thus in fouls, we find What wants in blood and fpirits, fwelFd with wind : Pride, where Wit fails, fteps in to our defence, And fills up all the mighty void of fenfe...
Sivu 1 - Containing Many Useful and Entertaining Particulars. Peculiarly Adapted to the ingenious Gentlemen engaged in the delightful Study and Practice of the Mathematics".
Sivu 43 - When they are all dipped, well fcoured with foap, and cleanfed from the tallow, let them be weighed, (or they may be all weighed, before dipping) and fay, as the weight of them, all in pounds is to. the late-found fuperficies of them all in fquare inch...
Sivu 16 - A fharp accufer, but a helplefs friend! Or from a judge turn pleader, to perfuade The choice we make, or juftify it made ; Proud of an eafy conqueft all along, She but removes weak paffions for the ftrong, So, when fmall humours gather to a gout, The doftor fancies he has driv'n them out.

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