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234. Good-natured Species of Lies Account of a Freethinker ·

STEELE. 235. Account of the Trunkmaker in the Theatre ADDISON. 236. Letters on cruel Husbands-on improper Behaviour at Church

STEELE. 237. On the Ways of Providence

ADDISON. 238. On the Love of Flattery-Translation from Aristænetus

STEELE, 239. Various Ways of managing a Debate ADDISON 240. Grateful Letter on heroic Virtue-Country

Breeding—Behaviour of a Beau at the

STEELE. 241. Letter on the Absence of Lovers Remedies proposed

ADDISON. 242. Letters on improper Behaviour in a Stage

Coach-Story of a Lottery-Ticket--from
the Guardian of two Nieces

STEELE. 243. On the Beauty and Loveliness of Virtue ADDISON. 214. Letters on Raphael's Cartoons-on Female Apes

STEELE. 245. Simplicity of Character Letters on in

nocent Diversions-Absent Lovers-from
a Trojan

ADDISON. 246. Mischief of Mothers not nursing their Children ..

STEELE. 247. Different Classes of Female Orators

ADDISON. 248. On Beneficence, with Examples

STEELE. 249. Laughter and Ridicule

ADDISON. 250. On the Eyes

GOLDING. Complaint of Starers

STEELE. 251. Letter on the Cries of London

ADDISON. 252. Letters on the Eye-Cure for a bad Hus. band

STEELE. Female Oratory

Hughes. 253. On Detraction among bad Poets--Pope's Essay on Criticism ..


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