The Story of Russia

Rivingtons, 1885 - 268 sivua

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Sivu 137 - to save the Muscovite Empire, we must spare neither our lands nor our goods ; let us sell our houses, and put our wives and children to service ; let us seek a man who will fight for the orthodox faith, and march under his banner." To give up all, and to arm themselves, such was the word that was handed round. Minine and others gave the third of their possessions ; one woman who had 12,000 roubles gave 10,000 of them. Those who hesitated to contribute had to do it by force. Minine...
Sivu 128 - ... copiously, learnedly, and inarticulately. " I've just been down, Robin lad, to the Palace of Holyrood with a hamper, — and I know all about it : — And the King is to walk on a white satin carpet, flowered with gold, all the way from the Palace to the Castle, — in a Tartan plaid and philibeg, with his crown on his head, and his sceptre in his hand : — The true Scotch crown, lad, that lies in the Castle, — all diamonds and rubies, as thick as slate-stones. — And then he is to drink...
Sivu 115 - ... or staffs tipped with iron ; nor humiliate her unduly by whipping her before his men, but, without anger or violence, to correct her moderately in private. No woman dared to object to this chastisement ; the most robust would allow herself calmly to be beaten by a feeble husband. The Russian proverb says, " I love thee like my soul, and I dust thee like my jacket.
Sivu 230 - Here my head, be it good or bad, must decide for itself," and ordered a retreat through the town. Yet he felt that Moscow was- not
Sivu 89 - ... Vassili the Blind, an old monk had a revelation about it in Novgorod the Great. He came and said to his archbishop : " Truly it is to-day that the Grand Prince triumphs ; God has given him an heir ; I behold this child making himself illustrious by glorious deeds. He will subdue princes and peoples. But woe to Novgorod ! Novgorod will fall at his feet, and never rise up again.
Sivu 228 - ... his hand, the Emperor of Russia could only oppose the 150,000 of Bagration and Barclay de Tolly. He counted on the devotion of the nation. " Oh that the enemy," says a proclamation of the Tzar, " may encounter in each noble a Pojarski, in each ecclesiastic a Palitsyne, in each citizen a Minine. Rise, all of you ! With the cross in your hearts and arms in your hands, no human force can prevail against you.
Sivu 213 - ... methods, and abolished the Russian national uniform, convenient, soldier-like, and well suited to the climate as it was. The Russians did not recognize themselves in their Prussian costume, with pigtails, powder, shoe-buckles, shoes, gaiters, heavy caps, and uncomfortable hats. Old Souvorof shook his head and said, " There are powders and powders ! Shoe-buckles are not gun-carriages, nor pigtails exactly bayonets ; we are not Prussians, but Russians.
Sivu 251 - may do what he will : I cannot change." He could not change, he could only disappear. He was a man of another age, an anachronism in the new Europe. When, from his villa at Peterhof, he could follow the manoeuvres of the enemy's fleet ; when he heard raised against him the voice of the hitherto silent nation, then this proud heart bled...
Sivu 196 - ... was interdicted at Paris. Among the ideas of which she boasted, we meet with the following, which were certainly calculated to enrage Louis XV. : — " The nation is not made for the sovereign, but the sovereign for the nation. Equality consists in the obedience of the citizens to the law alone, liberty is the right to do all that is not forbidden by law.
Sivu 221 - ... to protect the Sheep, yet there was no reason for utterly suppressing the Wolves. Well, the meeting took place in the thick wood. They pondered, considered, harangued, and at last framed a decree. Here you have it, word for word; "As soon as a Wolf shall have disturbed a flock, and shall have begun to worry a Sheep, then the Sheep shall be allowed, without respect to persons, to seize it by the scruff of the neck, to carry it into the nearest thicket or wood, and there to bring it before the...

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