Guinness World Records 2000

Guinness World Records
Bantam, 2.5.2000 - 576 sivua
The unmatched authoritative collection of world class facts, figures and feats from around the globe. This newly revised 2000 edition contains in depth reports, incredible photographs, fascinating features, wacky record attempts, and information for hopeful record-breakers. A survey of the world's most extraordinary human achievements and natural phenomena, this astounding collection will continue to entertain millions.
Including exciting new records as seen on the amazing TV series "Guinness World RecordsTM: Primetime!
The must-have, fun-to-read guide to every amazing fact, figure, and feat for the dawn of the new millennium!
From the fastest car to the most recently discovered element, from the wonders of nature to the wild world of extreme sports, Guinness World Records is the undisputed authority for every record that's worth knowing--fastest, tallest, smallest, most expensive--with photos to back them up!
Read about it here:
The hotel that's rebuilt completely--every year: the igloo that sleeps up to 150 guests!
Rush pizza delivery--in 9 hours: the New Zealand pizza parlor that airlifts pies to Antarctica!
Space--the final resting place: the mass funeral that launched the ashes of Timothy Leary and Gene Roddenberry into orbit!
The world's most popular reference book
Incredible new knowledge section
More sports records than ever
Entertainment, medical, Internet, and crime records

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In this edition they removed a lot of fascinating categories about the natural world and added a bunch of arbitrary human-defined records relating to sports - a subject which IMO belongs in its own ... Lue koko arvostelu


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