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This edition of Old Testament Stories is intended chiefly for use in school and college classes, but it is hoped that the general reader may also find it to his liking. It has been prepared in accordance with the recommendation of the National Conference on Uniform Entrance Requirements in English, which has assigned readings from the "Old Testament, comprising at least the chief episodes in Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Daniel, together with the books of Ruth and Esther."

It has been the plan of the editor to group these episodes, as far as possible, around the great men and women of the Bible. By this arrangement, none of the interest of the incidents of each hero story, as a separate story, is lost; and much is gained by compelling the student to associate them in his mind as parts of one story or biography. Beyond an index of proper names giving meaning and pronunciation, no notes have been deemed necessary.

The text is that of the King James or Authorized Version. The italics and chapter and verse divisions of this version, however, have been discarded, and the text is grouped in paragraphs according to subjects. Besides omissions which were inevitable according to the plan of selection, the reader may note a few paraphrases and some omissions which were thought necessary in preparing the book for high school classes.

In the introduction is given a brief account of the Jewish nation in Palestine, of the origin and development of the Bible, of the lineage of our English versions, and of the Bible's in



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