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Free List.-Continued. 520. Jalap. 521. Jet, unmanufactured. 522. Joss stick, or Joss light, 523. Junk, old. 524. Kelp. 525. Kieserite. 526. Kyanite, or cyanite, and kainite. 527. Lac-dye, crude, seed, button, stick, and shell. 528. Lac spirits. 529. Lactarine. 531. Lava, unmanufactured. 532. Leeches. 533. Lemon juice, lime juice, and sour-orange juice. See note in Schedule, title "Fruit juice,” page 407. 534. Licorice root, unground.

535. Lifeboats and life-saving apparatus specially imported by societies incorporated or established to encourage the saving of human life.

536. Lime, citrate of.
537. Lime, chloride of, or bleaching powder.
538. Lithographic stones not engraved.
539. Litmus, prepared or not prepared.
540. Loadstones.

541. Madder and munjeet, or Indian madder, ground or prepared, and all extracts of.

542. Magnesia, sulphate of, or Epsom salts.

543. Magnesite, or native mineral carbonate of magnesia.

544. Magnesium.
545. Magnets.
546. Manganese, oxide and ore of.
547 Manna.
548. Manuscripts.
549. Marrow, crude.
550. Marsh mallows.

551. Medals of gold, silver, or copper, and other metallic articles manufactured as trophies or prizes, and actually received or bestowed and accepted as honorary distinctions.

553. Meerschaum, crude or unmanufactured. 554. Milk, fresh.

555. Mineral waters, all not artificial, and mineral salts of the same, obtained by evaporation, when accompanied by duly authenticated certificate, showing that they are in no way artificially prepared, and are the product of a designated mineral spring; lemonade, soda-water, and all similar waters. See notes in Schedule, title “Mineral waters," page 458.

556. Minerals, crude, or not advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, not specially provided for in this Act.

Free List.-Continued. 557. Models of inventions and of other improvements in the arts, including patterns for machinery, but no article shall be deemed a model or pattern which can be fitted for use otherwise.

55772. Molasses testing not above forty degree polariscope test, and containing twenty per centum or less of moisture.

558. Moss, seaweeds, and vegetable substances, crude or unmanufactured, not otherwise specially provided for in this Act.

559. Musk, crude, in natural pods.
560. Myrobolan.
561. Needles, hand-sewing and darning.

562. Newspapers and periodicals; but the term “periodicals'' as herein used shall be understood to embrace only unbound or paper-covered publications, containing cur. rent literature of the day and issued regularly at stated periods, as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. See notes in Schedule, title "Periodicals," page 481. 564. Nux vomica. 565. Oakum.

566. Ocher and ochery earths, sienna and sienna earths, umber and umber earths, not specially provided for in this Act, dry.

567. Oil cake.

568. OILS: Almond, amber, crude and rectified amber. gris, anise or anise seed, aniline, aspic or spike lavender, bergamot, cajeput, caraway, cassia, cinnamon, cedrat, chamomile, citronella or lemon grass, civet, cotton seed, croton, fennel, Jasmine or Jasimine, Juglandium, Juniper, lavender, lemon, limes, mace, neroli or orange flower, enfleurage grease, nut oil or oil of nuts not otherwise specially provided for in this Act, orange oil, olive oil for manufacturing or mechanical purposes unfit for eating and not otherwise provided for in this Act, ottar of roses, palm and cocoanut, rosemary or anthoss, sesame or sesamum seed or bean, thyme, origanum red or white, valerian; and also spermaceti, whale, and other fish oils of American fisheries, and all fish and other products, of such fisheries: petroleum, crude or refined: Provided, That if there be imported into the United States crude petroleum, or the products of crude petroleum produced in any country which imposes a duty on petroleum or its products exported from the United States, there shall be levied, paid and collected upon said crude petroleum or its products so imported, forty per centum ad valorem.

569. Opium, crude or unmanufactured, and not adulterated, containing nine per centum and over of morphia.

Free List.- Continued. 570. Orange and lemon peel, not preserved, candied, or otherwise prepared.

571. Orchil, or orchil liquid. 573. Ores, of gold, silver, and nickel, and nickel matte. See notes in Schedule, title “Ore, lead,” page 471. 574. Osmium.

575. Paintings, in oil or water colors, original drawings and sketches, and artists' proofs of etchings and engravings, and statuary, not otherwise provided for in this Act, but the term “statuary" as herein used shall be understood to include only professional productions, whether round or in relief, in marble, stone, alabaster, wood, or metal, of a statuary or sculptor, and the word "painting,” as used in this Act, shall not be understood to include such as are made wholly or in part by stenciling or other mechanical process. See notes in Schedule, title “ Art,” pages 341 to 343. 576. Palladium.

577. Paper stock, crude, of every description, including all grasses, fibers, rags, waste, shavings, clippings, old paper, rope ends, waste rope, waste bagging, old or refused gunny bags or gunny cloth, and poplar or other woods, fit only to be converted into paper.

578. Paraffine.
579. Parchment and vellum.

580. Pearl, mother of, not sawed or cut, or otherwise manufactured.

581. Pease, green, in bulk or in barrels, sacks, or similar packages.

582. Peltries and other usual goods and effects of Indians passing or repassing the boundary line of the United States, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe: Provided, That this exemption shall not apply to goods in bales or other packages unusual among Indians. See notes in Schedule, title “Indians," page 427.

583. Personal and household effects not merchandise of citizens of the United States dying in foreign countries.

584. Pewter and britannia metal, old, and fit only to be remanufactured.

585. Philosophical and scientific apparatus, utensils, instruments and preparations, including bottles and boxes containing the same; statuary, casts of marble, bronze, alabaster, or plaster of Paris; paintings, drawings, and etchings, specially imported in good faith for the use of any society or institution incorporated or established for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for encouragement of the fine arts, and not intended for sale.

See notes in Schedule, titie “Societies,” pages 517 to 520.

Free List.-Continued. 586. Phosphates, crude or native.

587. Plants, trees, shrubs, and vines of all kinds commonly known as nursery stock, not specially provided for in this Act.

See notes in Schedule, title “Plants,” page 484. 588. Plaster of Paris and sulphate of lime, unground. 589. Platina, in ingots, bars, sheets, and wire.

590. Platinum, unmanufactured, and vases, retorts, and other apparatus, vessels, and parts thereof composed of platinum, adapted for chemical uses.

591. Plows, tooth and disk harrows, harvesters, reapers. agricultural drills, and planters, mowers, horserakes, cultivators, threshing machines and cotton gins: Providid, That all articles mentioned in this paragraph if imported from a country which lays an import duty on like articles imported from the United States, shall be subject to the duties existing prior to the passage of this Act.

See note in Schedule, title “Agricultural implements,” page 331. 592. Plumbago.

593. Plush, black, known commercially as hatters' plush, composed of silk, or of silk and cotton, and used exclusively for making men's hats.

594. Polishing-stones, and burnishing-stones.

595. Potash, crude, carbonate of, or “black salts.' Caustic potash, or hydrate of, including refined in sticks or rolls. Nitrate of potash, or saltpeter, crude. Sulphate of potash, crude or refined. Chlorate of potash. Muriate of potash.

596. Professional books, implements, instruments, and tools of trade, occupation, or employment, in the actual possession at the time of persons arriving in the United States; but this exemption shall not be construed to include machinery or other articles imported for use in any manufacturing establishment, or for any other person or persons. or for sale, nor shall it be construed to include theatrical scenery, properties, and apparel, but such articles brought by proprietors or managers of theatrical exhibitions arriring from abroad for temporary use by them in such exhibitions and not for any other person and not for sale and which have been used by them abroad shall be admitted free of duty under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; but bonds shall be given for the payment to the United States of such duties as may be imposed by law upon any and all such articles as shall not be exported within six months after such importation: Provided, That the Secretary of the Treasury may in his discretion extend such period for a further term of six months in case application shall be made therefor.

See notes in Schedule, title “Effects," page 394.

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Free List.-Continued. 597. Pulu. 598. Pumice.

600. Quills, prepared or unprepared, but not made up into complete articles.

601. Quinia, sulphate of, and all alkaloids or salts of cinchona bark.

602. Rags, not otherwise specially provided for in this Act.

603. Regalia and gems, statues, statuary, and specimens or casts of sculpture where specially imported in good faith for the use of any society incorporated or established solely for educational, philosophical, literary, or religious purposes, or for the encouragement of fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school, seminary of learning, or public library in the United States; but the term “regalia” as herein used shall be held to embrace only such insignia of rank or office or emblems, as may be worn upon the person or borne in the hand during public exercises of the society or institution, and shall not include articles of furniture or fixtures, or of regular wearing apparel, nor personal property of individuals. See notes in Schedule, title “Societies, pages 520 to 522. 604. Rennets, raw or prepared.

605. Saffron and safflower, and extract of, and saffron cake.

606 Sago, crude, and sago flour. 607. Salacine.

608. Salt in bulk, and salt in bags, sacks, barrels, or other packages, but the coverings shall pay the same rate of duty as if imported separately: Provided, That if salt is imported from any country whether independent or a dependency which imposes a duty upon salt exported from the United States, then there shall be levied, paid, and collected upon such salt the rate of duty existing prior to the passage of this Act.

See notes in Schedule, title “Salt," pages 500 to 502.
609. Sauerkraut.
610. Sausage skins.

61. Seeds; anise, canary, caraway, cardamom, coriander, cotton, croton, cummin, fennel, fenugreek, hemp, hoarhound, mustard, rape, Saint John's bread or bene, sugar beet, mangel-wurzel, sorghum or sugar cane for seed, and all flower and grass seeds; bulbs and roots, not edible; all the foregoing not specially provided for in this Act.

612. Selep, or saloup.

613. Shells of all kinds, not cut, ground, or otherwise manufactured.

614. Shotgun barrels, forged, rough bored. 615. Shrimps, and other shellfish, canned or otherwise. See note in Schedule, title “ Abelone meat," page 329.

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